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19.2.It Called Persuasion

Sofia gasped painfully, just like a little animal paralyzed by a snake’s poison.


「What’s your goal」

「I want… Knowledge.

I want to raise my power…」

「Then, you surely don’t want to die, right」

「I… don’t want to die~.

I’ve yet to finish reading the books in the library.

I want to know the truth of the world, and someday, become a demon god.」


Sofia tears dropped like rainfall.


「Ooh, I understand you very well of your goal.

That thirst for power.

The brat of that time has truly grown into a splendid devil…」


As she patted Sofia’s head, Ante―― Contrary to her gentle smile, her expression was simply too――


「The content of the contract is by no means a good thing.

But, it’ll bring a change.

Worth enough to drag me out of my palace, it’s also a fact.」


She kept whispering to Sofia, slowly but surely injecting poison into the poor young devil.


「――But as a matter of fact, it’s contradicting that woman’s goal.

As an intelligent devil, you surely understand this, right」

「… Yes.」

「Then, let me repeat my question.

Do you really have to tell that woman about this matter」

「… No, it’s better to not telling her about this」



Ante nodded in satisfaction upon hearing Sofia who wrung her voice to answer the question.


「Good child.

After this, you shall be a good child who serves your master… and Our contractor.」



According to Platy, the devil shouldn’t be able to break the contract but, it seems that wasn’t by any means absolute.


Well, everything that happened after this isn’t related to me.


「By the way, that woman treated me as a high-rank devil.」


Ante suddenly turned toward me as if telling me to take over from here.



She is introducing herself as the devil of constraint, Ante.」

「W… WHAT! H-How can you allow such blasphemy… to a Demon God!」


Sofia’s eyes opened wide.

Ante for some reason looked excited instead.


What Was it actually that bad for a Demon God For some reason, I felt a slightly different sense of value between us…


Anyhow, Ante who managed to convince Sofia then went back into my body.


Good grief… the supposed introduction turned into one hell of a meeting…


――Was what I felt as I looked at Sofia who sat on the ground, looking as if her soul was leaving her body.


I was completely at loss at what you’re trying to do in midway but, what’s the meaning of this, Ante



That child knows.

She knows that the contents of my contract will cause some sort of backlash to Hell.』


… You mean the destruction of the dark portal


『Not to that extent but, she knows that it’s not something good for Hell.

Fortunately, Sofia has no deep attachment to Hell.

Thus, it really isn’t big deal for her to overlook this matter.』


Since Sofia was truly enjoying her life in the material world, what would become of Hell was none of her concern.

Such a devilish solution.


But, preventing the information from leaking to Platy was truly a big deal.

Does this mean there’s a way to bypass the contract


『Nope, that’s impossible.

It’s just sophism.

If there’s one in a millionth chance that this information will cause a disadvantage to her contractor, she has the obligation to report immediately.』





『Bu~t, this girl―― This adorable little devil is willing to bend her own recognition to save her life.

This matter is a serious blow for a devil of knowledge like her who pursues the truth of this world… not to mention that she wants to become a demon god someday but, doing that makes her even further away from her goal.

That’s why she’s crying.

Well, the end is still far though…』



『For a devil, forcefully misinterpreting a contract is a huge taboo, and she chose profit over her contract.

This girl has already broken the taboo.』


Ante continued on with a small laugh.


『Thanks to that, I also reaped a huge profit…』


――Sofia was sitting quietly with a vacant look in her eyes.

I saw her figure overlapping with mine.


In fact, I who contracted with the Demon God of Taboo might be as pitiful as her.


But―― I’m prepared for that.


My ultimate goal was the destruction of the demon kingdom.

And to that end―― I wouldn’t care about what’s gonna happen to me.


Ante would be my ally until I destroyed the dark portal.


I didn’t give a shi*t about anything beside that.


Yes, even if the only thing that was waiting for me at the end of that was――




When I was pondering about such things, the door of my room flung open along with the sound of loud footsteps.


Platy entered the room with an indignant look on her face.


What… now Her face… It looked like a completely enraged yakuza who knew that the hostile organization that was about to be raided by them had been working together with another hostile organization.


「――Things are getting more troublesome.」


Seriously, one pain in the a*ss problem after another


「The subordinates of your siblings saw me when I was reporting the matter of your return.」


Platy explaining the situation with undisguised wrath on her face.


「It seems they mistook the grown up you as another demon… in the end, they said that I who has been waiting for your return for too long has finally gone mad and mistook another demon… as Jilbagias!」


This was the first time I heard Platy speak in this kind of creepy voice, her creepiness increased by three folds.



It was as if her hatred and anger were seeping out from her entire being.


「That’s why, Jilbagias!」


「Things are going to turn for the worst if you can’t prove your lineage.」





Sofia who sat lifelessly until now stood at once upon hearing Platy call her name.


「It’s a change of plan.

Teach Jilbagias how to use magic.」


Do you need magic training to prove your lineage What the hell was that Though it’s been five years since I was reborn as a demon prince, there are still so many things that I don’t understand about the demon race…


『Things getting really interesting no~w』


The demon god was the only one laughing in this kind of situation


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