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28.2.Fated Reunion

The Demon King heaved a sigh, and then looked at me again.


「――【Our Name is Jilbagias】」


I unsheated the obsidian knife that I got back then from my belt.


「――【I’m Jilbagias, Son of My Father, Gordesgias and My Mother, Platyfia.】」

「So that’s it.


「But, Your Majesty.」

「【Naming】 can’t be invoked with a fake name.」


The Demon King was laughing as he said so while standing slowly from his throne.


「And he is the only demon race called Jilbagias.

That’s the end of this story.」

「… Yes.

I’m too impertinent.」


Lazriel had no choice but to back down.


「Let me to tell you again, welcome, Jilbagias.」


Demon King beckoned at me with his hand to follow him, and then looked at Platy.


「――It must be hard on you too, Platy.」


Against all expectations, his tone was really gentle when he said those words to Platy.

―― Or rather, he really did call her by her pet name! But wait, he did the same with Lazriel too! I reflexively looked at my mother again.


「It’s nothing, Your Majesty.

I’ve been waiting for the coming of this day after all.

I’m truly impressed…」


Platy was also replying with a face that looked like a maiden in love….

So I averted my gaze from her.

I mean it felt like my image of her was slowly crumbling down when I saw her making an expression that she had never shown me before.


「Now then, Jilbagias.

Go to enjoy a meal with your father.」


But, Platy, whose maiden expression returned to the normal one in the next moment then spoke to me with her usual expression.


Yup, that’s the dangerous smile that I’m familiar with.


「Yes, mother.」


Well, I’m sure that I was making the same expression as I replied to her now.


Demon King and I left the mothers behind in the throne room to finish their business.


「… What’s the matter, are you worried about your mother」


The Demon King asked me with a teasing tone upon seeing me looking back as we walk along the corridor.


What a marvellous sense of distance.

Rather than the feeling of neutrality, it’s more like…


「… Nope, I’m just wondering what kind of banter that happened between the Queens in the throne room right now.」


I was curious but, let’s act normally for now.



That’s, you know… A terrifying realm that not even me, a Demon King, wants to get close with.

That’s why I leave as soon as possible as to not get caught in the middle of their carnage.」


Demon King replied with a wide grin on his face.

Dammit, I don’t understand anymore.

The only thing I could do was reply with a cramped smile on my face.


We kept walking along the private sector inside the palace.

Different from the throne room which was filled with ornaments right from the entrance, this place was more simple and gave a sense of calmness.


「――This is something that I told to all of my children when I take them for the first time in the palace.」


Suddenly, the Demon King decided to break the ice.


「I was, the second son of the previous Demon King, My Father.」


… Hou.


「My big brother, the eldest son, wasn’t a proper man.

He was too proud of his status as the eldest son of the Demon King, forgetting his pride and fell into depravity.

It seems he thinks that the throne will come to his lapel even if he does nothing.

And that rotten personality―― Was the reason why I killed him.」


And told me as if spitting his thoughts.


「Since he rarely trained his skill, I only needed two moves to kill him.

The same goes for my older sister.

She did nothing but cover herself with jewellery that was bought at exorbitant prices.

And yet, she still dares to get the throne on top of that.

Thus, I killed her in just two moves.」


He turned around slowly.


It felt like his sharp eyes were looking into me.


「Jilbagias, only the strongest one can become the Demon King.」


His regal aura overflowed from his body as the Demon King told me so.

「The reason I’m telling you this isn’t to instigate conflict between you and your siblings.

In fact, I see that kind of internal strife between family members as the height of stupidity.

But, if you ever saw that Your Siblings―― Be it your brother or sister are behaving inappropriately as the candidate of Demon King, cease all your hesitation.」

「――Yes, father.」


I nodded upon hearing the Demon King’s remark.


Don’t worry.

Be it my siblings, or the Demon King―― I wouldn’t show a shred of hesitation.


「But well, just act normally.

You should’ve realized that I’m referring to the 『Worst Case』, right」


The Demon King asked with a smile on his face as he placed his hand on the gate to a certain room.


「Are you nervous, Jilbagias」


Waiting beyond this door were my brothers and sisters huh


I shrugged my shoulders and gave my honest reply.


「I’m looking forward to this event more than the meeting with you, Father.」

「You’ve said it now, eh.」


He flicked my forehead, and opened the door.


It was a round table.


The Demon King’s seat was obvious at glance.

It looked like the throne in the throne room, but this one was clearly more comfortable to sit in, it was a splendid jet-black chair.


And then, the other seats already had demon races who sat carefreely in them.


「Finally, I’ve been tired of waiting.」


Sitting right beside the Demon King’s seat was a blue-haired man with a fearless smile on his face.

The exact impression of him should be 『Dandy』, a handsome dude whose appearance rivals me.

But, the lines of muscles were enough to tell me that he was a trained warrior.

And his face somehow reminds me of Lazri―― Oh screw that, they literally had the same hair color.


―― This man was the 1st Demon King’s Child.

Aiogias of 『Ice Prison』



This one turned out to be a cheeky one.」


The one who commented this time was sitting on the opposite side of Aiogias, also right beside the Demon King’s seat.

She was a beautiful warrior whose hair reminded me of crimson flame, she spoke while supporting her chin with her hands.

She was observing me from head to toe with eyes that were akin to a predator.

It felt like she was evaluating me as her prey.


――She was the 2nd Demon King’s Child.

『Pyroclastic Flow』, Rubyfia.


「… Tch, I wish the next one is a girl though.」


The man who sat right beside Rubyfia was the one who made such a remark.

The handsome young man with platinum blonde hair had only taken a single glance at me before averting his gaze as if losing his interest.

Though he looked like a handsome, delicate and frail actor who would make every woman swoon over him despite him being a Demon Race―― A single glance at his magical power that resembled a giant vortex was enough to convince me that he was by no means weak.


―― He was the 3rd Demon King’s Child.

『Boundless Love』 Diagias.

Otherwise known as, 『Sex Maniac』 Diagias.


And there was a vacant seat.

That should be the seat of the 4th Demon King’s Child, right


「… Geez-munch munch-, let’s start quickly-munch munch-, I’m really famished.」


Contrary to the remark, she was the only one who had already stuffed her mouth with food.

The girl with purplish-red hair was stuffing something like ham and fruits that had already been prepared on the table into her mouth.

She was supposed to be a charming girl, without the mess around her mouth that is.


―― She was the 5th Demon King’s Child.

Spinezia of 『Gluttony』.


「… Guu.」


And then, sitting on the opposite side of her was an extremely sleepy looking girl who had already leaned on the backrest of her chair.

With her light brown hair, she looks a bit too plain for this line up that is composed of handsome and beautiful… And there she goes, already asleep.

She was the youngest before me, appearance wise, her age looked not that much different from mine.


―― She was the 6th Demon King’s Child.

『Sleeping Princess』 Topazia.


「――Woops, my bad for temporarily leaving my seat.」


And then, a roguish voice of a young man could be heard from behind.

So that seat wasn’t actually vacant, eh And when I turned around――


I received a shock as if my head was struck by a hammer.


Dark red, fire, and smoke.

Those nightmarish memories flooded into my brain.


The one who stood there was―― A youth of the demon race with emerald hair.

There was a tinge of arrogance on his face.

His eyes were oozing out with an air of craftiness, like that of a viper.

The owner of the rare, curly hair even in demon race was looking at me with a confused look on his face while scratching his hair.


「Is this our aforementioned little brother」








The demon race who burned my village… and killed the father of my previous life――


「The introduction has started, eh I’m the Great Emergias, remember that.」


―― He was the 4th Demon King’s Child.

Emergias of 『Envy』.


Dear MC, Jilbagias


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