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32. Bloodstained Glory

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Good day, this is Jilbagias who thought that he could use the proof of the hero, the holy magic, and ended up scalding his fingertip.


Since Sofia returned immediately with a stack of papers, I started reading the documents about the other princes calmly as if nothing happened.


――The holy magic experiment.

I was really glad that I used my left-hand instead of my dominant right hand.

I mean, I wouldn’t be able to hide it during combat training or my study if I used my dominant right hand.


And thanks to the fact that I used the chantless version, the power was lowered even further.

The natural healing of the demon race should be able to take care of this degree of the wound in a short while.


I wouldn’t have any other option but to use the transpose curse if the wound was bigger―― Which would mean more trouble.

A first-rate healer like Platy would notice at a glance the difference between a scalding wound and a wound caused by holy magic.


When that happened, no matter what kind of reason I came up with, there was no way there would be a user of the holy attribute inside the demon king castle.

Yeah, I barely saved my ass.


「… But, why are you looking for their military exploits at this time」


Sofia took a blank paper as she asked, glaring toward blank space.


「Just curious.」


I replied honestly.


「I saw that the my other siblings are powerful, so I want to know how much more powerful they are in reality.」

「I see, that’s nice judgement.」


A wave of powerful magical power fired off from Sofia’s eyes, by the next moment, I saw row upon row of text appearing in the space above the paper.

It seems that was her exclusive magic as a devil of knowledge.

She could transcript the knowledge that she learned on an object.


「That’s convenient for sure.

Ain’t even need a pen.」

「By the way, I still need a pen you know.」


Sofia took another paper while sending the transcribed paper to me.


「I could transcribe all the words in my memories but, I still need to write each sentence that comes on my own.

In that situation, writing with a pen is much faster.」


By the way, Sofia’s writing speed was so damn fast.

She could write quickly and beautifully much faster than the fastest scriber human.


「Even so, since it was magical power seared on the space, races with weak magic capabilities won’t be able to read it.

It can’t be used to deal with hob goblin’s paperwork either.」


Sofia harrumphing angrily as if she recalled some unpleasant memories.


「In addition, I can’t put a signature either in case the paperwork needs one.

In short, I still need a pen.」


After I finished reading the first one, I took the newly printed document while nodding to her.


I was currently reading the military exploits of the 3rd demon king’s child, Diagias… Though I was far more interested with that green bast*ard, Sofia who was completely ignorant of that gave me in accordance to age, so she started from Aiogias first.


Since it really couldn’t be helped, I just read it patiently.


His military exploits were―― Brilliant.

Aiogias who had already been awarded with archduke peerage had the qualification to inherit the demon king title.


The same goes for Rubyfia.

The number of alliance armies who died in their hands had reached four digits.

Upon further study, those numbers didn’t seem to be correct.


Four digit… Even in my previous life which was filled with fierce battles, I only reached three digits.


Well, I only entered “Active Duty” in my teens after all, Aiogias’ first campaign was when he was sixteen, and he had been running around the battlefield for fifty years after that―― So the number of his victims might be valid.


Moreover, he mainly used magic to kill humans.

That sounds like an easy job, while I as a hero had to stake my life on the line every time I fought a devil or demon race…!


Rubyfia seems to use extremely powerful fire magic.

Her military exploits could be summed up as 『Hot Pursuit』.

She tried to overtake Aiogias.

The most noticeable report was her burning a castle or fortress.

I vaguely recalled in my old memories the name of several fortresses felled by Rubyfia.


I remember that my senior hero… was also killed in action in a battle against her.

The problem was I couldn’t remember their face or name…


And then, Diagias.

Though it was obvious from his 『The Girls are waiting for me』 remark right after the meal, he really did have dozens of demon race girls, night elves, beastfolk girls, even devils waiting upon him.

I ended up laughing my ass off when I read that the report really was just an indirect list of complaints about him bringing all his girls to the frontline.


But, his strength was the real deal.

His duke peerage wasn’t just for show.

I mean, he was under fifty and already amassed 『High Peerage』 which surpasses the ex-patriarch of Orgi clan, count Warg.


He seems to be using thunder magic, and though his kill count isn’t as high as Rubyfia or Aiogias, he clearly fought much more 『Formidable Opponent』 such as a elf spellcaster, a sword saint, and even a hero.


And the most terrifying thing about him was the fact that he was never injured.

I mean, even the two above him with much more victories under their belts had the records of being injured in the battlefield.


Diagias’ military exploits were few in number.

Nevertheless, his military exploits were truly excellent.

He was far more efficient compared to his two older siblings――


And since he joined the Rubyfia faction, did that mean this guy had no interest in the demon king’s throne


「This one is the military exploit of the 4th Demon King’s child.」


… Finally.


I took the report with a composed look on my face.


4th Demon King’s Child, Emergias.

His first campaign was when he was 14 years old.

Meaning that he went out to the front line before becoming an adult eh.

He invaded the small kingdom in the frontier―― Wilken dukedom.

He felled Gwarneri city, and various small settlements around that area―― Eculund village, Lindvar village, Turin village――


Tanklet village.


As if somekind of switch flipped inside my head, I felt that a missing hole in my memories found its piece.


This is it.


I remember it now.

The name of the village chief was Tanklet.

It is said to be a pioneering village from a few generations ago.

My birthplace.

Tanklet village.

Every single house was a log house.

The sound of lumberjack’s axe.

The smell of soil and forest that I missed so much―― All those memories revived at once――



「… Uhm, Master.

Are you okay」


Garounya, who stood behind me, called out to me with a worried look on her face.


I cried before I knew it.


「… Just some dust caught in my eyes.」


I rubbed off my tears along with my melancholy at once.


I had to get a grip on myself.

Yeah, it turned out it was really you, Emergias.

The bastard who destroyed my birthplace.


Though I’ve confirmed it was him by voice, the one written in this paper was definitive evidence.


My interest toward his miliaty exploits almost vanished as soon as I confirmed the fact.

But, I still read the rest of the report written in the paper.

His struggle in the frontline, victory, injuries, comeback after recuperating, struggle, injured again―― Compared to the previous three, his exploits did look filled with flaws.


――Then, I heard footsteps from outside.



How was your meal with His Majesty」


Platy entered the room.


「It was truly a valuable experience, Mother.」


I replied with a wide grin on my face, putting aside the report in my hand.


「It seems I can see father at work after next week’s meal.」

「Well, that’s wonderful.」


Platy flipped her folding fan and used it to cover her smile.

As if to tell me, good job.


「His Majesty loves a diligent person.」

「The other prince said the same thing.」


Platy squinted her eyes upon hearing that.


「What do you think about them」

「Both Aiogias and Rubyfia tried to coerce me to join their faction.」


I shrugged my shoulders.


「Both of them shrunk back when I told them “Are you guys really at wit’s end to the point of wanting a five years old kid to help you” though.」


Platy’s eyes opened wide in wonder, even her night elf’s maid couldn’t hold her chuckle upon hearing that.

How rare, even though they never showed any unnecessary expressions before.


「M-My deepest apologies!」


The maid bowed repeatedly while apologizing to us.

She was obviously still trying to hold back her laugh though.

At glance, I confirmed that the lips of the other night elves were also twitching non-stop.

It seems my remark hit their sore spot.


「There really is no better retaliation then that eh.」


Platy expressed her admiration.


「It’s clear at this point that the other party won’t pursue this topic for the time being.

It’s a splendid first step before forming the 3rd faction, well done Jilbagias.」

「Thank you for the praise.」

「Any other feeling back then」

「… It’s more about the individual.

The eldest brother and sister aside, the others are…」


I stopped.


They were pretty mild mannered during the meal, a completely un-Demon King-like family in my imagination.


But, I knew very well that the dining table was made from a mountain of corpses and bloodshed.


I will never forget about that, and had no intention to forget either.


「In my opinion, they’re strong, in fact, stronger compared to the report.

As a side note, I asked Sofia to prepare their battle reports just a while ago.」


Platy’s eyes then looked at the battle reports on my table.


「Surely, knowing it directly is worlds apart from hearsay.」

「Mother, if I’m aiming to become the Demon King…」


I asked Platy again, just for confirmation.


「Indeed, a battle to death against them is―― Inevitable.」


A clash to the death is unavoidable.」


Platy frowned upon hearing that.


「Are you scared」

「Nope… I already said before that I never want to become Demon King, I just want to become stronger.」


I was fully aware that I was revealing a daring smile right now.


「Indeed but… I guess seeing the reality made you even more motivated.」


I’ve never said anything about motivation though.




Platy who closed her folding fan was revealing the same, ferocious smile as mine.


「I’m going to enjoy this, Jilbagias.」


Back at you, Platy.

I’m gonna enjoy this too.


… Till THAT fateful day comes, that is.


Diagias, Jil-Kun’s comrade in arms… Even though they’re sibling


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