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4.The Baby Hiding His Killing Intent

Good day everyone, this is the two-year-old child who is trying his best to hide his murky killing intent toward the demon king army, Jilbagiass-desu.

Two years had elapsed since I got reincarnated.

Though I could get over it during my baby era with baby language, you didn’t expect me to do that forever, right

I mean, I’m gonna be screwed for sure if someone is suspicious of my un-demon-race-like speech and conduct.

Thus, I did my best to observe my surroundings and learn how to act like a “Proper” demon.

Well, my body has been growing really well in the last two years… Honestly, the growth rate surprised even me.

I mean, I’m as big as a five-year-old human child right now.

I could jump and run around without any problem either.

According to what I heard, the demon race had extremely rapid growth which only stopped when they turned fifteen.

These fu*cking demon race… ain’t you guys too fu*cking broken with your long lifespan and early rapid growth I mean, look at those elves with too much lifespan to count, their growth was rather slow, right learn one thing or two from your fellow long lived species will ya…

But in my case, seeing that the people around me were the ones who were surprised seeing my growth rate, I guess you could say that my case was special even in the demon race.

My goal, namely 『I want to become adult as soon as possible and kill the demon king』 might be the main reason for my accelerated growth.

But then, this case didn’t seem to be limited to the demon race, 『A Being With Powerful Magical Power』 could distort reality itself.

And the current me, a demon race, was the race who was born with the second-highest magical power after the elves.

But then, this kind of thing might not happen in normal situations since a normal baby didn’t have an ego like me.

Well, not that I’m rejecting this change since it means that I could beat the demon king faster in this way.

Since I had nothing to do as a baby, all I did during my spare time was meditate and another session of meditation!

And then, I who had finally graduated from my wet nurse was facing a new challenge.

「Young master! It’s study time after breakfast you know!」

Namely, the girl who woke me up this morning, or should I call her ―― Devil-like girl.

She was wearing a fit, red and black butler’s attire.

Two horns protruded from her forehead.

Her face looked docile but her pair of extremely sharp double fangs peeked from between her lips indicated otherwise.

In addition, she was also floating in the air with a pair of a bat, or dragon-like wings growing from her back.

Her trademark was the monocle that made one of her eyes look bigger.

This devil goes by the name of 『Sofia』.

According to the person herself, she seems like a mid-rank devil who governs over knowledge.

So her rank and strength were growing based on the knowledge that she learned―― With the amount of knowledge she had which made her equal to a walking library, she was the best candidate for my tutor.

Sofia, who made a contract with this body(Jilbagiass)’s mother, would surely force me to sit in the devilish-like study chair.

「The abyss of wisdom has been waiting for you, young master! Well then, we’ll start with the basics of writing, reading, and calculation!」


I denied vehemently with demon race-like pride.


「I don’t want to study.」

I couldn’t hide my displeasure.

I was always running around back during the childhood era of my previous life or during my hero training was really bad with a desk job.

I mean, even if they called us “Hero”, we were no different from slightly more powerful soldiers, so having minimum ability to read, write and calculate was enough for us.

I mean, rather than wasting my time in the study, I rather spend my time exploring the demon king castle.

Who knows, there might be a secret path that I could use.

「You can’t become a demon king with strength alone, you also need a good head on your shoulders you know!」

Sofia was trying to motivate me with such remarks, but sorry my goal wasn’t to become a demon king, it was to KILL the demon king…

「Uhm, what should i do now… the demon race is truly befitting of their name, the kind who… 『Won’t do if you tell them to do something』…」

After muttering so while pressing her hand on her forehead, Sofia,

「Then Young Master, please do some exercises! We’re going to do some exercises!」

「Yosh, let’s explore the castle!」

「Yup, it’s no good after all!」

Sofia was truly at wit’s end when I declared so cheerfully.

My bad.

My hatred for learning combined with the demon race’s knowledge had literally killed my interest in studying!

「… Haah.

It can’t be helped then, let’s have a meal for now…」

After Sofia snapped her fingers, the servants carried a wagon containing our meal into my room.

The lineup of the personnel was varying from night elf, beastfolks, or imps.


Devils couldn’t betray their contractor, night elf and beastfolks were chosen due to their extremely high loyalty.

For the time being, they’re my bodyguard(meat shield).

The wake-up meal was quickly arranged on the table beside the bed.

『Wake up Meal』―― that was an unfamiliar phrase for human.

Well, it was actually the breakfast but, since I was a demon, a nocturnal race who sleeps around the morning, or afternoon~dusk.

In short, this wake-up meal wasn’t a 『Breakfast』, it was either 『Lunch』 or 『Dinner』 which was really confusing for a former human like me.

Different from vampires or undead, the demon race had no problem basking in the sunlight.

It was only their constitution that made their bodies work better during the night, and sluggish during the day.

When I looked at the windows, the scarlet light of the setting sun had already dyed my room in crimson colour.

From what I knew from the employees, I knew that the majority of the employees in the demon king castle were nocturnal, and the peak of activity in this place was right in the middle of the night…

Nevertheless, I forced myself to eat the 『Dinner』 while yearning for breakfast and the refreshing morning sun.

As a side note, today’s menu was a roast chicken leg.

The herb used for its garnish matches it very well.

Freshly baked, fluffy bread, a heap of fruit for dessert topped with honey.

How luxurious.

Though I was filled with guilt for enjoying this kind of luxury while humankind was living in fear, it would still end up in the other demon race’s belly if I refuse to eat this meal.

Thus, I… Will make this part of my preparation to defeat the demon king!!

「I’m glad that young master isn’t a picky eater.」

Sofia always had this dumbfounded, and admiration look on her face whenever she saw me eat with gusto.

Since the reason I ate was to avenge my parents, I always ate with gusto.

My revenge target was my own current father though.


「… Where’s my mother」

「The lady suddenly had to leave for a sudden territory inspection.」

Normally, I always ate with my mother in her room but, it turned out there was such a reason for me to have a meal by myself.

Well, thanks to that I’m spared from her noisy rumbling about the study, study, and study… I mean, what the fu*ck aren’t you demons supposed to be 『It’s all about power』, right! As for exercise, they couldn’t even complain since I was a little bit too active.

「And by the way she left a message for you, 『Please study properly to become demon king』.」

Though Sofia added that extra remark, I decided that I NEVER HEARD ABOUT IT.

Well then, since I’m already full, now it’s time to get dressed and explore the demon king castle.

「Young master, I know that being active is important but, we’ve to use this chance when you’re still――」


――Sofia might think that I was a mere rascal.

But, that was perfect camouflage.

Whether it was the information about the demon king castle or the life in the demon king castle, all of it was priceless information.

My goal might be to defeat the demon king by myself but, in the worst situation, I had to hand over the information about the demon king’s castle to panhumanity alliance.

Well, I would be in deep shi*t if they knew that I made contact with panhumanity alliance.

Thus, I had to look for a safe way to hand over that information.

I really couldn’t wait for the time when I could move far more freely.

I had no idea how many years it would take for me to be able to do that but… please do your best to survive until then, humanity.


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