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35.2.If There’s a Hell

It was almost as tough as mock combat against Platy… The furry and adorable beastfolk and I were doing such training while taking each other’s situation into consideration.


I can’t go all out against Garounya, and Garounya couldn’t use her fangs and claws to show her maximum potential either.

Though it somehow turned into wrestling, by the end of that lesson… I could find white furs on almost every part of my clothes.


「Come to think about it, there’s a book written in human language… In that book, it seems that the act of brushing an animal’s fur has some sort of healing effect.

Jilbagias-sama, I think it’s worth a try for when you’re worn out mentally.」


Sofia who did paperwork normally, or was reading a book during her freetime suddenly said so as if she just remembered about that matter.


She was looking at Garounya while she said so.


Being treated like an animal was an insult for the beastfolk but, well, this was a demon kingdom, and Sofia was a devil.

This wasn’t the first time I saw beastfolk being treated as low-rank races in the open.


「I see…」


The matter of the book aside, I tried to beckon to Garounya.

The fluffy beastfolk girl approached in silence and sat right in front of me.

She was clearly different from the beastfolk that I knew in my previous life, she washed herself everyday, and smelled nothing like a beast.


「Sorry but, let me try.」


She was crying.

And since I had no idea what to do, the first thing I did was brush her cheek.



Ooh… This sensation… Garounya’s ice blue eyes were shaking non stop.


「Ah, tell me if you don’t like it.

I won’t force you.」


It’s not like I hate it but…」


Was this her discretion Was she serious about this I tried to look into her eyes to confirm the answer but she didn’t seem to dislike it.

She just looked, slightly embarrassed.

It’s an “OK” sign I guess.


If I’m not wrong, this fur should feel nice around… This place…


『Hey, have you just dismissed me from my job』


I’m not.

In fact, I enjoyed your head pat but, honestly, it doesn’t feel bad to be on the side of the one who gives a pat.


Or, do you want me to pat your head next time






「… What’s matter, Master」


No, it’s nothing.」


I keep petting Garounya.


Somehow… I feel really melancholic.


When I was a child in my previous life… back in my birthplace, yes, in Tanklet village…


I remember that the village chief raised a pet cat.

Everyone loves the cats since they help us to hunt the mice.


The cat wasn’t as obedient as Garounya, they’re far more brazen, the color of the cat’s fur was different from Garounya too, though I had forgotten the memory about that particular fact, I remember that the color of their fur was different.


But, once in a while, in the afternoon when the weather was good, I would touch them.


If I’m not wrong, I scratched… the back of their head…




Or below their chin…




How nostalgic…


It was as if I’m back to those peaceful days, the days in which I could fluff them in the sunny days back in my birthplace.

I get this feeling that someone was right next to me during those times… well, I might be alone, with my friends, or my family back then but…


But, the fur of a white tiger clan feels really nice and fluffy.

Now I understand why those people hunted down Garounya’s clan for their fu―― Wait, understand aside, it was still an inhuman act and unforgivable act.


The beastfolks still couldn’t forget their antagonism with the human countries from the west of the continent which had already become history after a long war against the demon kingdom.

According to what was written in the history book, the blood feud had been repeated over and over again, there were many such cases such as the hunting of the white tiger clan by humans just for their fur.


And white tiger clan was only one of the numerous cases, the humans of those kingdoms had literally gone past the point of no return by making an enemy of numerous beastfolks’ clans… If I could go to the past, the first thing I would do would be to smack those idiotic humans on the back of their head.


Garounya was such a nice girl but she was indifferent when it came to humans.

Her expression didn’t even flinch when she saw the human slave become the victim of transpose curse, rather it’s more like she said something along the lines of “Serve you right!”.


The reason for that was because Garounya had been told by her parents since her childhood that humans were her enemy, there was no need to consider them as her ally.


If I had to say, what Garounya felt about humans was… about the same as what I felt about the devil or demon race in my childhood or previous life.

She might not even bat an eye even if humanity perished…


Back then, even when I was still a child in my previous life, I knew that the future in which the human race and demon race coexisted together was nothing more than a pipe dream.

But… Well, I guess it was impossible either way.


Well, it was actually simple enough to imagine the future in which both sides were duking it out but… The problem was what would happen to the beastfolk clans under the demon kingdom once the demon kingdom got defeated.


I couldn’t help but think that white tiger clan would be living in peace within the Reiju-clan’s territory.


… No, let’s stop thinking about such a distant problem for now…


「Nevertheless, do I look that exhausted to you, Sofia」


I tried to ask jokingly as a change of pace.


「With all due respect, very much.」


Sofia replied with an extremely serious look on her face, and didn’t even try to crack a joke.


「I think your current condition is only natural after such rigorous training but… Maybe it’s slightly worrying.」

「I see…」




I… Had to become stronger both in body and mind.


I mean, I couldn’t win against my siblings and Demon King with just brute strength.


For that reason… More healing…!




I kept brushing.


「Moreover, you’ll have another dinner with His Majesty and your siblings tomorrow right If I’m not wrong, you’ll also be invited to see His Majesty at work too.

I think you’ve to make sure that your physical condition was fit for tomorrow.」


My hand that was brushing Garounya’s ears stopped moving at once.


「Tomorrow Already」

「Yes, it’s tomorrow.」


One week had passed eh… Nay, it might not even be one week yet…


The food was something that I was looking forward to but… I was depressed.

Reason being I… Had to meet those guys again.


「… Let’s go to sleep early today.」


I couldn’t help but heave a sigh.

I hugged Garounya, enjoying her fluffy furs as much as I wanted.


I really wanted to forget all my troubles right now.


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