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Chapter 958 Troublesome Skill

Grey was one of the talents Sylvia brought back, not just that, but he was the one with the weakest cultivation stage amongst all of them.

Generally speaking, fighting across stages amongst geniuses was rare, after all, they were all geniuses who could fight across stages themselves.

If Grey managed to actually defeat his opponent even after being in such a lower stage, then his talent was top-notch and far above others.

While the Elders were still making their conclusions about Grey, the battle got to its peak.

Actually, there was no need for it to be this long.

They were only challenging for a spot, so when one of them realized they were not a match for the other, they would naturally give up, but Greys opponent didnt want to give up.

He felt this was a battle he wouldve won easily.

But Grey was not only beating him, but he was also completely subduing him which was out of his expectations.

He couldnt accept this result!

He decided to fight with Grey to the end.

‘I dont believe I wont get the chance to counter. He thought to himself.

As if Grey could tell what was in his mind.

“Theres no need for you to hang on for so long.

You can not beat me.

Even if you plan to exhaust me, Im afraid that wont work as well.”

While saying this, Grey didnt stop attacking.

Forget the fact that the young man was in the Ninth stage of the Sage Plane, even those at the Peak of the Sage Plane would not last as long as Grey when it came to the elemental essence reserve in their bodies.

Grey had eight elements, this alone meant that he needed a large amount of essence just for cultivation alone.

He can save as much as eight times what a normal Fifth stage Sage Elementalist could save up.

If this wasnt even enough to outlast a Ninth stage Sage Plane Elementalist, then Grey could just give up his spot.

Of course, even if he didnt fight a war of attrition, he was still confident in his abilities to defeat the other party.

There was no need in fighting a war of attrition with the young man.

Hearing Greys words, the young man sneered.

There was no way he was going to believe it.

His eyes moved anxiously, as things were, he would lose if he didnt change the tide of the battle.

With a powerful roar, his aura exploded out and spatial distortions started to appear all over the platform.

Even if Grey was freakish, there was no way he could neglect such an attack.

He retreated back as he made sure none of the attacks hit him.

This gave the young man the chance he had been waiting for.

Without saying anything, he charged at Grey, his intentions clear.

This time, ruthlessness flashed across his eyes.

If Grey didnt give up, then he shouldnt blame him for killing or even fatally injuring him.

The young man unleashed a lightning attack on Grey.

Grey, expecting this, moved to the side to dodge the attack.

However, he noticed the spatial distortion closing in on him so he was forced to block the attack head-on.

With the spatial distortions in the platform, using the space element to teleport away was very risky, hence he didnt dare to do it.

With no other option, he threw a fireball at the incoming lightning bolt.

The two attacks collided, and caused a small explosion.

The spatial distortions close to the area of the explosion seemed to roar out and greedily absorbed the explosion.

Greys expression changed when he saw this.

The spatial distortions increased in size, and Grey could actually sense a destructive aura around it.

‘Is it possible that it can release attacks He looked at the spatial distortions with an inquisitive look.

This one was different from Voids spatial distortions which were purely destructive, at least he hadnt seen it absorb other attacks before.

All it did was wipe out all existence of the opponent.

The young man, finally gaining the advantage, didnt want to let it go.

He had already concluded that he would best Grey until he begged for mercy, well, thats if he did not admit defeat first.

Being subdued by a Fifth stage Sage Plane Elementalist infuriated him.

The other party had stepped on his pride as a genius.

Even the other Ninth stage Elementalists in the place seemed to be looking down on him at the moment.

When they fought against the Eighth stage Elementalists, although the battle was long, they werent overpowered at any time.

It was mostly their opponents who were trying to hang on.

Grey didnt know what was going through the head of the young man, and honestly, he didnt care.

His interest was piqued when the spatial distortions started to absorb these attacks and seem to be preparing one themselves.

Void taught him how to use this spatial distortion attack, so he wanted to see if he could learn how the young man did his.

The young man unleashed a wide-range lightning attack that covered the entire platform.

Grey raised his head to look at the sea of lightning before creating an earth dome to block the attack.

He had only used two elements since the start of the battle, so the young man thought he only had the space and fire elements, seeing Grey use the earth element, he was a little surprised, but it wasnt uncommon to see Elementalists with more than two elements.

Grey blocked the attack with the help of his earth element before he shot out a fire arrow at his opponent.

The speed of the arrow was beyond words and even the young man who was already in the Ninth stage didnt see it on time.

However, he didnt get to the Ninth stage just by cultivating alone, he had also gone through multiple battles.

With a wave of his hand, a powerful destructive force shot out of one of the spatial distortions close to him and destroyed the fire arrow that was sent in his direction.

Grey didnt stop here, he continued attacking, but the young man did the same thing, blocking the attacks with the spatial distortions.

He even started to willingly let the spatial distortions swallow up the attacks.

As Grey continued attacking, the strength of the spatial distortions continued to increase.

Greys expression became ugly as he saw this.

It was okay if it was only for a few spatial distortions, but more than ten which were previously the size of a fist had grown even larger than his head.

The auras they emitted were not something he could dare to joke with.

‘Looks like I underestimated this guys ability. He shook his head.

He had been too confident and felt that he would be able to forcefully break each of the spatial distortions with his attacks.

But things were not as he thought they were.

These people werent regarded as geniuses for nothing.

They each had special techniques that made them different from others.

He was witnessing it now.

Just when Grey was still thinking of how he underestimated his opponent, the young laughed out loudly.

“Admit defeat now, if not, youll not get the chance again even if you want to.” He said arrogantly.

Grey didnt bat him an eye, instead, his focus was on these spatial distortions.

Things are a little more complicated now.

He could even sense a thread of danger from each of them.

These few things could take his life if he was not careful.

On the side of the Burchard Family.

An Elder laughed, “Sylvia, you should tell that kid to admit defeat now.

Even those Peak Sage Plane Elementalists over there dont have any confidence against Aldrin at the moment.”

Sylvia didnt say anything as she watched.

Of the people she brought over, one of them had gotten a spot.

It was already a good thing, but she had high hopes for Grey.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Aldrin.

Without sufficient information about this particular young man, it was very difficult to defeat him, especially with this technique of his.

‘Ill admit defeat on his behalf if he cant hold on anymore.

She didnt want to give up now, even though she knew the chances of Grey winning were slim, she felt it was best to give Grey a chance.

“Dont worry, he can still hold on.” She turned to the Elder.

The Elder didnt pressure her into making a decision, Grey would lose sooner or later, so it didnt matter if it was now, or if it was later.

Back on the platform.

Things were not going well for Grey.

With so many spatial distortions on the platform, he had to be sensible with the way he moved around as he tried to dodge Aldrins attacks.

Also, he had stopped attacking for the time being, he needed to come up with a plan to destroy these things.


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