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Chasing Love (We fight for love and we dont give up) 1. Confidence

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GETTING ready for college is the laziest part of being a student. Taking shower, make a good breakfast, curled my hair, put on make-up, and the outfit comes finally.

An Independent person like me must be tired of doing all these things but I have to, even if you complain so many times.

"Emi!" my two friends are shouting while Im making my way to the University.

All students stared at us like we were celebrities and those stares always make my moves slow even though I know that it is not my intention to go to hyacinth university.

"wow Emi its amazing to be your friend look at yourself you are famous," said Janelle.

"yes right I honestly feel like Im a celebrity in that place hahaha!" my friend Denise insists.

I already know all of this but I don mind at all. They keep calling me gorgeous, beautiful, and pretty cause of my physical appearance but I know that most of the girls are always jealous and angry to see me.

"well shes beautiful but she has an attitude," said one of the girls on the left gossiping about me.

"I don like her though"

"shes a bitch"

"I can believe all men have a crush on her just because she has a good face".

I heard what Denise and Janelle didn . they only heard the compliments but I am the only one who heard dissing and insults.

My feet continued walking just like I heard nothing, my mind says "I don care" but I can shout.


Sitting on the third Row backmost chair while my right palm is in my chin to cheek in a boredom gesture. Staring at the board and listening to the music in my headset.

I suddenly noticed an empty chair beside me.

On the first semester I checked there was not here, now in the second semester they put it in here. The curiosity came in.

"the professor is coming! " mate shouted

They rapidly were on chairs and fixed themselves.

Professor felix our math advisor came along with unfamiliar guy. The guy caught my attention.

He has a good taste of fashion, he wears white shirt with denims on, a pants with vans. He has a long hair but it was tied well, I guess it could be reaching his neck.

I quickly looked at the empty chair beside me, So this it what it was there for.

"good morning all, you have a new classmate starting this second semester, please introduce yourself" professor asked the boy.

"hello everyone Im kyoto garcia but please call me kyoo" said introducing himself while he was smiling.

Kyoto? It is a unique and rare then.. Ive never heard about that before, it sounds Japanese name but he doesn look like one of them, he has a good gesture and face, girls seemed amazed and got chills over him.

" okay now kyoo, your chair is over there beside Ms. Emi torres"

He walked toward me and not the chair.

He smiled and said "so you are emi, im happy to sit beside you" then he seated.

I don know why my body and mouth suddenly stopping and I said nothing. It means that I was surprised? Maybe, and the classmates started to tease us.


"Emi what do you think about him?" janelle has asked while we were eating lunch in the cafeteria.

"Him?!" I asked.

"she means that transferee guy kyuu uhh kru… kyo…---

"kyoto " I just cleared what denise wanted to say.

"Whoa you remember" denise replied looking at me

" its not that hard to remember his name" I protest.

Its not that really hard because the name was unique for me, I just don understand why I feel annoyed cus of him.

I breathed and looked around then theres two persons I saw, its Jerome my Ex together with his girlfriend kate.

Jerome looked so good on his brown pullover hoodie. The side swept hairstyle suit him. I still find him attractive and I know this is not good. Kate wearing pink dress. Its very simple but I admit that it suit well with her short hair.

They were really sweet and lovely to each other, how hard they were suited like wow! What a good sight!. Everyone knows well that hes my ex and everyone thought that he cheated on me because of my bad attitude but no one knows that I still love this guy.

Jerome cheated on me because of kate. I still have no idea how he fell in love with a simple girl like her. Yes, she is modest but sounds boring. Theres only one thing I might be sure. Kate is not an ordinary girl.

"Excuse me im going to comfort room"

I said moving on.

Everytime I see jerome I always excused myself to my friends to leave to hide the pain in my chest, everyone knows Im really strong and never been afraid.

"oh god did you see her face when she saw jerome?" the voice comes inside the toilet room.

"haha! Her ex right? Well she deserves to be cheated because of her attitude. Maybe they had sex and after that jerome left her haha" other voice replies.

The evil voices wants me to become satan for them to rip their tongue, Im just washing my hands while waiting they will finally come out and yes! Here they go.

Their faces got shocked when they saw me in the mirror, Im still washing my hands.

"is it so good , gossiping someone like me?" I asked without even turning round to them.

"Em.. Emi you…" they stopped talking and so did I, I got my tissue and wipe my hands, they looked scared.

"next time when you want to say something to me just call me "

I threw my calling card and I left.

Yes I know,….. I know I have a bad attitude but they are just judging me and they know nothing at all about me.

People in this world believe in what they see, they don want to give a try and make sure if it is true or lies thrown only they are just believing what they want to believe.

"what are you doing here?"

I stopped when I heard a voice of a girl, I turned and it was kate. I hide immediately.

"I am studying here" my eyes became big when I saw him. Oh its

Kyoto?My curiosity came in. They know each other? Who is kyoto to her! Why it seems like they are connected to each other? I asked many questions. Luckily it was in my head.

"don tell me…."

"yes... I transferred because I want to see you kate and I won give up… ever" he noted then he left kate hanged with her face out of being shocked while holding the tray.

Who is this guy? Why he looked so sure that he will get her?, what is their relationship then? Kyoo looked so serious and Ive never seen those kind of expressions he made. I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes, I realized he has a healthy self-esteem. I whispered to myself that I wish….. I wish…..

I wish I have the confidence to say it to the person I love.

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