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Chasing Love (We fight for love and we dont give up) 10. Lucky Day

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"WAIT! what are you doing?" Candice asked me with confusion while me, disconcerted touched up myself.

"Long story!" I said. Thank god I had time to touch up cause Jerome went outside to buy some stuff, it would take a 3-minute walk to reach the convenience store.

After I fixed myself for 5 minutes Candice still looks confused sitting on my sofa while staring at me. "I have no idea whats going on" she complained.

"Then be quiet for a while" I faced her with an annoyed expression. "and why didn you call me that he is here?" I added.

"I just wanted to surprise you that wow! Jerome is visiting you after a long time" she answered. Yeah, I almost forgot that Candice knew about it. But if I tell her about the plan, kyoo will get mad at me. Kyoo texted me before that no one should know about it cause he doesn trust anyone even Janelle and Denise but me. But Candice? Should I tell her without kyoo knowing? My head wants to explode. Tok! Tok! A knock came from my door "Damn! He is here" my mind mumbled. I opened the door and Jerome was surprised that Ive returned home. "Oh you are here now," Jerome said while smiling.

"Yeah, come in" I offered while smiling too.

"I bought canned beer for us, perfect, Candice is here," he said excitedly. Candice and I looked at each other like our eyes questioning why. And quickly gets back on him. "A canned beer? Wait, did he fight with Kate? But why here? Not on his friends? What if Candice is not here? Oh my gosh! Did he want to talk to me alone? But he already bought a canned beer for 3 people and he is too excited that Candice Is here, so, Candice will stay here". I hide my annoyed expression. It would have been my chance if Candice is not here.

"Hmmm..did something happen? I asked confused. Jerome just smiled.

"Nothing, I came here to talk to you about something but I saw Candice here so I decided to buy a beer, its been so long since we did not get together" he stated happily. ah! He is right, we used to get together here in my apartment every weekend when Candice went here after her classes and stayed here till Monday. I didn know Jerome missed those times.

I sat down while Jerome took out a canned beer and junk foods from the plastic bag. "So what do you want to talk about?" Candice brokenly asked Jerome and I secretly tap his legs to shut up but she ignored it.

"Emi?" Jerome called my name. My eyes quickly looked at him. He looked so nervous and Kinda shy, what is he trying to say? "Can you be my---"

"Yes," I answered quickly "Sisters maid of honor?" Then he said it on top of my answer. "Really?" Jerome was so happy when he heard my answer. Damn! Why did I answer yes? My mind was fooled by those words. I had no choice but to nod and made a fake smile at him. Candice stood up to get some plates and secretly teasing me behind Jerome, I widened my eyes at her to say to stop. "Thank you emi" he said.

"But, why not kate?" I asked.

"Yeah Jerome, kate is your girlfriend now, why did you ask emi?" Candice confidently asked Jerome. This girl is so annoying.

"I am sorry emi if I asked you. Kate was one of the maids of honor but she told me earlier today that she is not able to attend due to her conflict schedule, the wedding will be held next Saturday, and my sister stressing out about it, to find a new maid of honor then you are the only one I thought of. I am so sorry." Jerome stated. At least theres one time that he thought of me.

"No, its ok, I am free, I can be her maid of honor," I said. Jerome was so happy, because of his happiness he stood up and came near me then he hugged me. "Thank you so much emi, I owe you for this, you saved my sister" he added. I miss his hugs, I miss this. I don want him to let go, I want him to stay. "Jerome, love me again, please" my mind mumbled again. But he let go and looked at me saying thank you, I just smiled. "Lets drink?" he offered and I just nodded.

His hug gave me the courage to get him from kate, kate was the one who took what is mine, I am just getting the person back into my life.

After the talk, Candice and Jerome both say goodbye and leave my apartment. Candice will go back to her hometown because her uncle keeps calling her. Now I am alone again. I couldn help but excite for step 3 once I succeed the step 2. When Jerome falls in love with me again it will continue cause kyoo is there for kate. I didn notice the big smile on my face, I didn notice that I sounded like a bitch.

I stopped at the coffee shop before entering the University, I did not make breakfast cause of laziness attacked. I got a cappuccino and tuna sandwich then I sat down and put my order on the table. I was about to drink my cappuccino when I heard Denises voice mention my name "Do you think emi will be like that forever?" she asked. "I don know and I don care" I put down the coffee when I heard Janelles voice. I was seated near them, and Janelle was seated behind me, they did not recognize me cause of my dress. I keep still and listen to their talk.

"Poor emi, she decided to be one of the weaknesses people" its Janelle.

"I think thats enough, we are popular now cause of her so we don need her" Denise stated.

My ears suddenly get hot, while eating my sandwich. Is this what kyoos mean? I remember our last talk, though his words there would be conveyed. I was so stupid. I closed my eyes to make my mind calm, I took a deep breath and I stood up.

I stood in front of them which made them stop talking. Their eyes widened. I put my money on their table and they were confused. "What a wonderful poem, because of that I am gonna treat you ladies" I noted while raising my left eyebrow. Their reaction was hideous and made me want to laugh. "Oh, by the way, I don need friends now, you used me? I used you two as well so I could have a chaperone" I added. Their irritated reactions appeared, I know they want to say something but they couldn speak so I left them speechless.

I entered the gateway to the university, it was early in the morning and my mood changed so suddenly. I bet those maggots are the rumor-mongers in the University, they are so pathetic. I stopped walking when kate blocked my way. She looked mad.

"I heard from Jerome that you will be one of maid of honor," she said.

"Yeah, he just---

"So you are happy about it?" she cut my words.


"He went to your apartment to ask you and you accepted that easily, its because you are happy" she madly added. "Even you told us that you giving up on him I still don trust you emi" she continued. This girl is so smart, she is not that stupid to believe easily. I think its hard to please her.

"don tell me you fight with Jerome its because of this?" I asked curiously.

"Why? Are you that curious?" this girl is known as a modest person but she knows how to talk back in a sharp.

"Think what you want to think," I said then I left her. I am sure they are fighting. "kate saved my bitter morning today," My mind said.

I couldn help but smile.

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