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Chasing Love (We fight for love and we dont give up) 12. Devious Person

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MATES stopped talking so suddenly when I entered the room. Others are murmuring while glancing at me and the others are just quiet as if they did not gossip about me.

I saw Janelle and Denise raising their eyebrows at me and I know those two are behind it. What did the two maggots tell them?I seated and ignored them, put the earphones onto my ears, and listened to the rock song so I couldn hear what they are gossiping about.

Even though my curiosity came up I was just ignoring the bad atmosphere in the room.

But I got surprised when Lay one of our mates took out one side of my earphone from my left ear and seated it in front of me.

"Can you go out with me?" he suddenly asked with a gentle smile. What is he thinking and suddenly asking me like this? I took out the left one from my right ear. "They said you are different these days, you look modest and kind, the way you dress, I think you are my type" he continued but I did not say a word to him, instead, I was just busy taking out my notes.


A familiar voice came calling his name. I turned and it was Kyoto coming towards lay. "Can I borrow your note in engineering management?" Kyoto asked him.

Lay was kinda surprised that Kyoto approached him and talked. "Ah yes, sure" lay answered then they were leaving my spot as if they did not see me. Honestly, I was relieved that Kyoto came so lay could stop talking to me but did he notice the action of our mates? Maybe he is not that stupid not to notice. 

When my subjects are over as I walked exiting the room while holding the books I had to return to the library, Janelle and Denise bumped me so I dropped the books. "Oops, sorry" Janelle smirked while Apologizing while Denise handled her laugh and left. "Gosh! I want to pull their hair and squeeze their faces against the wall!" my mind was angry mumbling while calming myself.

I was about to pick up the books when a girl in ponytail hair came out of nowhere, it was Zanea. She picked up the books for me. "The-they were talking about you" she quite murmured while lending the books to me but I did not get surprised. "I know, Im used to it," I said."Thanks" I added and was about to leave.

"They said, you are copying kate" she followed by her words that made me stop. They noticed, they noticed that I am copying her. Kate would know about it if it will spread. "Do-don you?" she asked. I turned around on her and I got surprised that Zanea looked at me straight in the eyes but she looked sad.

"Ringgg!Ringgg!" my phone rang.

I couldn answer her, instead, I took out my phone from the pocket of my dress and answer it, I did not even look at my phone screen to check the person who was calling me cause I was perplexed.

"He-hello?" I answered while still baffled.

"Couz! You did not answer my call earlier" Voice of Candice.

Zanea was leaving so I rolled my eyes and sighed. I guess Candice healed my mind.

"For what? Asking me about Jerome?" I led her first and start walking.

"Kinda" The only word she said.


"Jerome asked for your number cause you changed it, so I gave it to him," said Candice. I stopped walking and smiled. I think it will be easier now for me.

"Thats good Candice, thats good" my mind whispered.

I continued walking and when I turned right I stopped again and my eyes widened. Jerome hit Kyoto.

"What is happening?" I mumbled.

As kate restrained Jerome I saw kyoo wiping the blood in his mouth. It must be hurt.Students were watching then I hide immediately, still holding the phone against my ear.

"Hello emi? Whats happening?" Candices voice sounds confused.

"Ill call you back later" I replied then I ended the call.

I leaned my back on the wall while tightly holding the books against my chest. I may not see them cause Im hiding but I am sure kate and Jerome are arguing right now, I am excited to know after that.

This coming Saturday will be my chance, I did not expect it would be easy like this. I took a deep breath and started to walk through the gateway exiting the University and then I whispered to myself "This is so interesting".


 "Shit! I forgot to return the books to the library!" scolding myself while making my way home.

"You can do it tomorrow" kyoos voice. I got shocked to cause my books to drop again and felt like I would have a heart attack. He looked at the books and then picking up for me.

"Are you following me?" I asked shockingly. He handed me the book.

"Isn obvious? " he asked me back. Putting his hands inside his pockets.

"Are you out of your mind? What if someone sees you and why are you following me?" I madly asked.

"Your apartment is 30 minutes away from University and this place is so quiet, pluses look at the street where we are now, no ones walking around us" he narrated and my eyes looked around, yes, he is right, what a clever response. I calm myself and I just gulped.

"Then why are you following?" I asked again while raising my left eyebrow.

"Treat me" he murmured.

"What?" I couldn hear him.

"treat my wound" he took out his hand from his pocket and pointed to the right side of his mouth where the wound is then he made a line on his lips as he is smiling.

Wow, this guy is unbelievable, he is following me just to treat his wound, ugh! His mind. I just sighed.

We entered my apartment and placed my things on the side table of my sofa. My sight on him and his eyes looked around my apartment.

"Have a seat, I will get my ice pack and ointment for your wound" I offered in a snappy way.

"Thank you," he said and smiled at me which made my eyes roll. "Your apartment is big" he added while preparing the ice packs. I can hear him even though I was in my narrow kitchen.

"Not really" I responded.

"For me its big, my apartment is not as big as this," he said. I stopped a second when I heard it. Does his family not rich as kates family? My mind questioned. "So? At least you have an apartment and you don sleep outside the street" I replied while going back to the living room with the ice packs and ointment. "I think you are right," he said. I sat down and hand over the ice pack to him. "Whats that?" he asked dumbfounded.

"Ice pack put it----

"I know, but my arms hurt, I know you saw what happened recently" cut my words and I know what he meant.

"Its not difficult to put the ice pack on your wound, I will put the ointment after that" I snapped. He did not say a word so he took it and placed it on his wound.

"Who is she?" his eyes were on the picture frame standing next to my television and he was asking about Candice cause I was with her in the picture. Candice smiled so big and I just smiled a little. Why did he ask?

"Thats Candice my cousin" I answered curiously.

"Hmm..she looks so happy," he said. My curiosity went up and guess what he is thinking.

"Yeah, maybe because she is contented" I spoke.

"You think so?" he asked mysteriously.

"Yeah? Cause some people are contented?" I said interrogated but he made a dominant smile.

"I don believe that they are contented cause humans are selfish and greedy, its easy for them to say they are but deep down inside they want something bad to reach" he stated.

Also, theres some part of me that agreed with what he said. Maybe he is right cause I want to get Jerome and don care about kates feelings. humans have feelings for the same reason, we love and we hurt. Kyoo and I are in the same boat, we feel greedy.

I suddenly remembered what Zanea said to me, about copying kate, my mood changed.

"Come closer, Im gonna put the ointment" I commanded.

"Now?" he asked surprised.

"Right away so you can leave" I directly answered him. He came closer and his face was very close to my face. "I didn mean as close as," I said.

He just smiled and pointed to his wound while looking at me. He acted like a kid. As I put the ointment on his wound it seemed like I softly touched his lips. He has a good shape and cherry lips.

"Your lips are soft" I murmured and I couldn believe that I said it out of nowhere, when our eyes met he looked surprised. He took my hand away from his mouth while looking at me his eyes full of desire. He looked like he was going to do it again.

"Are you going to kiss me again?" I asked confidently. He smirked. "Do you want me to? He asked me back. Why? Why I couldn speak? I want to say a word but it won come out. I felt someone cutting my breathing cause I was just stuck, stuck on his stares and I felt his dishonest feelings. This guy is devious. This is what I see with my widened eyes.

Kyoto is a devious person.

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