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Chasing Love (We fight for love and we dont give up) 2. Let's work on it

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"KYO-TO" mentioned his name out of nowhere. "who is he !?" I asked myself while looking up to the sky and laying here on the rooftop of the university. We just have twenty minutes before the next class starts. This is the place where I used to be alone when I need to think.

"This place is a source of comfort"

I quickly got up when I heard a voice, it was kyoo. He looked at me and smiled. "did I scare you?" he asked. suddenly I felt irritated.

"How did you know this place?"

I asked while my face is in hate-filled.

"Everyone knows this place but they can come because its forbidden right?" that was a smart and clever threat. "I was checking around because I am new here I was going upstairs and the door was open and here we met "

I know Im not the owner of this rooftop but I felt greedy when I saw him, and my irritation got up.

"but why didn they allow the students to come here? " he asked staring at the sky.

"asking now" I smirked. "I thought you already knew that".

He smiled and that guy is mysterious like me, so this is the feeling when you encounter the mysterious guy cause I Don feel it to myself, everyone here thought that I was mysterious and weird as well.

" they are right you are cold," he said.

I deeply breathed.

"five years ago students were allowed to be here whenever they want but there was a boy who jumped off this building cause of depression " I narrated.

"hmm" he replied. "how long did you use to come here ?"

"3 years " I instantly answer.

He moved and walked without saying anything. My expression changed when he trod onto the terrace like he was going to jump. I panicked.

"Hey, what are you doing!! come down!!" I yelled and he just laughed. What is he trying to do? He was just standing there while his hands were inside his pockets. was he trying to be cool?

"Are you thinking that I am going to jump?" he said. "it seems like you haven tried to tread here, that sad" he continued "you need to see how it looks like here" the tone of his voice changed. I couldn see his face only his back but he sounds depressed. "the boy wanted to fly, but his wings didn spread thats why he died "what is he trying to say? what did he mean by that?

"Are you crazy? what do you think of him? A superhero or what? get out of there you scare me " I commanded.

"hahaha, what! did you see a ghost?" now he laughed.

"it is not the ghost, your actions are scary" Im mad.

"he wanted to be free from everything but no one believes in him he saw this pretty view then he jumped" he noted.

I stopped. I felt like even my breathing stopped hearing my heartbeats and the wind touching my whole body made me speechless. " Im just guessing," he said.

But it seems so true to me.

he turned around and looked at me, our eyes met then he smiled again, but I saw sadness in his eyes, he can fake the smile like I couldn ... Like how?...

"its almost time," he said then he left the rooftop and I slowly followed him without saying anything.

Three days of the second semester after kyoo came into the college. same courses, same schedules. We are taking civil engineering courses. In these three days, I haven asked him yet about kate, about what is the relationship between them, I can ... I simply can because I don want him to think that Im curious about him.

I was supposed to go to the library when I noticed Jerome sitting on the bleacher while reading the book, he is alone and kate is not around.

I came toward him without a doubt.

"Alone? " I asked

I guess he knew my voice cause he closed the book and stood up.

"you shouldn come next to me," he said then he stepped away and Jesus he was scared as we will be caught by someone stealing or something.

"Are you proud that everyone knows you cheated on me?" I asked with anger. he stopped and stared with his poker face.

"They know the reason why .. you are famous here so you will get a new boyfriend soon emi," he said.

I smirked " you are acting like your girlfriend is a good one here" he paused a second.

"yes she is," he said and walked away

is this what I deserved? being showy and honest about what I feel? is that bad for being fearless?.. cause I don know anymore. I felt like I wanted to hit something.

The professor saying goodbye for the break, and wishing us a good lunch sounds like heaven in my ears. Each of them put their notebooks in the bags and some were running like they are extraordinary late.

"Emi! someone looking for you" mate shouted.

My curiosity appeared and it was an unfamiliar girl, an angry unfamiliar girl to be more specific coming toward me.

"Are you flirting with my boyfriend ? " anger reaction appeared.

I didn answer, I tried to remember her face so she yelled: "HEY YOU!!"

"Who are you?" I asked

"Bloody hell...What?!"

she was getting angrier.

"Lara! Stop it" a voice of a man coming to us to restrain her. I recognized the man, hes David who keeps trying to talk but i ve always been refused.

"Oh, you mean this guy?" I pointed to david. "I did not flirt with him, he used to come and talk " raising my left eyebrow.

"Are you saying hes chasing you?" the girl brokenly asked. I smirked.

" Ask him," I said.

I was deciding to leave but as she pulled my hair I had no choice but to fight her, so I pulled her hair back and scratched her face. One of her hands reached my shirt and pulled it off a little. "Enough!" sounds of a guy forced himself to pacify us. He was too strong so we had no choice but to let go of each other. It was Kyoto. He took his jacket off and covered my body, I wondered why then I realized my shirt was ripped.

"you are doing this because Jerome left you to kate!!" she shouted and that made me angry.

I tried to pull her again but kyoo kept restraining her and said "enough" in his calming voice. He just looked at me with his serious face which made me stop.

"leave the room or it will be reported to the deans office" he threatened her. The girl gave me a tiger look then they left. I felt mad at kyoo for what he did so I ran to the rooftop but he followed me.

"Emi! " he shouted when we reached the top. I took the jacket off and threw it at him.

" Leave me alone!! " I yelled

" so you are Jeromes ex," he said as if he did not hear me. "you still love him?" he asked.

" its none of your business! "

" if you still love him lets work on it and help each other" he continued.

his eyes were full of hope when I looked at him, while I, caught some breath from running. He sounds like he has a plan but.....

what did he mean by that?

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