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Chasing Love (We fight for love and we dont give up) 5. The Sorrowful Kiss

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I LOOKED different in front of the mirror after I fixed myself. My hair remained straight and I only put lip balm on my lips but I looked pale. I wore a plain white v-neck shirt and loose pants with vans. Vans? It was my first time using the vans. I used to wear high heels. Therefore, I still looked pale and this got me mad.

I was about to touch up myself when my phone rang. I checked it and it was my uncle. He rarely calls me. When he got a chance it was only about the payments of my tuition, rental, and bills, nothing else. I wondered why is he calling, today is not the day of my payments. I answered.

"Yes, uncle?" wondered.

"Is Candice there?" he asked and sounds worried.

"Shes not here, what happened?"

Uncle did not tell me what happened. instead, he asked me to call him if Candice will get here, so I answered yes.

When he ended the call, someone knocked on the door. I knew it was Candice cause since I started to go to college nobody came, even if they want to, I refused. Why? Cause I don want to.

I opened the door knowing that it is Candice. "Surprise!" she shouted. I made a poker face and she slowly forced her lips to smile. "I-i guess you know it, hehe," she said and made my left eyebrow up.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. She quickly changed her expression to hate-filled.

"I fought with mom" she answered. I rolled my eyes and I sighed.

"Come in," I said.

Candice is also a 3rd-year college student and taking a fashion design. She is close to me since her father adopted me when we were in elementary after my parents died in a car accident.

"Don you have class today? Its Friday" I asked while fixing my pieces of stuff. She was seated on my sofa, her eyes looking around my place.

"I don have, thats why I came here"

"You took 3 hours to get here because you fought with auntie and this is the first time you did" I protest.


"But Im going to university now," I said. She looked at me from head to toe and her eyes got big.

"What!? Really?" she asked like she couldn believe it.

"What do you mean?"

"Why didn you dress up? Don tell me you are going to university like this?" she protests.

"Why? Is it a crime to dress up like this?" I asked with an irritated expression.

"The emi I know used to dress up like a beauty queen, thats why everyone envies you, when did you change your taste in clothing?" she asked in confusion.

"Just now, I just want simple and comfortable clothing" I answered.

She stood up and stepped forward to my closet. She opened it and chose the clothes for me. She picked my white dress with colorful flowers designed and picked my 2-inch heels and pink pastel shoes. "Wear it" she commanded.

I got surprised when I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked so feminine like kate is. I wondered why I have this kind of dress, maybe this is one of the gifts from Candice when my birthday came. She fixed my make-up too, its simple but classy. "Wow, Emi! You look so different, you look innocent and virgin" she complimented me but I don know if she is joking around about the Virgin one so I looked at her intensely in the mirror. "Kidding" she pointed and smiled.

All eyes were on me when I walked into the gateway hall. They all looked surprised but here I am just walking straight to the classroom. Janelle and Denise were stopped from reading the magazine and they just looked at me while their mouths are open. "oh - my - God, is that you?" Janelle started asking.

"What?" said it while poker face.

"You look plain emi, what happened to you?" Denise pointed. Yeah right! I know it looks plain for them cause I don put on make-up that much and this boring dress as well.

"Yeah, I know I look different, I am just experimenting" my excuse. Experiment with my butt, what kind of excuse is this?

"Experiment? Why are you dressed up like that? Janelle was irritated.

"Cause why not?" I said. They rolled their eyes and went back to their chairs without saying something. I know they feel frustrated cause I suddenly changed my physical appearance and I understood them. Im so sorry cause I have to.

But I keep asking myself if it is the right thing to do. Is this plan will be successful? Cause if its not I will kill him. "Hey, you know what? Kyoto is playing basketball and he looked so hot!" one of my classmates came and told them what she saw. "Theres a lot of girls watching them playing and I guess 90% of cheers are for him" she continued. The girls are amazed when they heard it. I seated on my chair and just listened to her. So kyoo is getting popular.

They stopped talking when kyoo entered the room. He is a little bit sweaty. Why does he play basketball when he knows this is his first class? My mind complained why did I?

One of my girl mates approached him and offered him a handkerchief then other girls followed as they offered their handkerchief as well and I saw Janelle. This girl is unbelievable. "Guys!" boy mate shouted. "Our advisor is sick so he can do the lecture today" he announced. Everyone looked so happy and it was the stupid reaction Ive ever seen.

My phone suddenly made a sound. It was the tone of the message. When I opened it kyoos name appeared on my phone screen. "He texted me?" I quickly looked in the direction where he is but he went outside.

"Perfect! Go to the rooftop"

His message made me sigh, why is this plan stressing me out? The rooftop used to be my source of comfort now its a realm to illude them but here I go following what he said like theres sorcery behind all of this.

I climbed up while wearing heels, it was ok cause I used to do this but wearing a dress while climbing the rooftop is not comfortable for me. I used to wear pants or rip jeans because living like a princess is not my thing. Act like an angel but devil inside, thats gross.

When I reached the rooftop kyoo was standing on the terrace while looking up at the sky. I was supposed to scold him but I ended up watching him. He looked so sad watching his back. It was really really quiet, you can only hear the wind. "You

e here" he broke the silence.

"How did you know?" curious.

"Your heels are so noisy when you get here" he answered. I quickly checked my heels and just sighed.

When my sight gets back on him he was already walking towards me, he looked annoyed and mad, and I suddenly felt confused. Why does he look like he is going to hit me?

When he came near me, he grabbed my waist and his one hand on my nape then he suddenly kissed me. I got surprised as I pushed him back but he was too strong, one thing Ive noticed......

His kiss tasted like a sorrowful mystery.

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