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Chasing Love (We fight for love and we dont give up) 6. Wishful thinking

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I KEEP pushing him but he holds me too tight. My hands get tired so I let him. I felt his craving and desire. When our lips reach out and are about to lock he lets go.

We both caught some breath while Im still in a big shock, my whole body stopping, he smirked. "Why? Why did ----

"I want to kiss her like the way I kissed you" he cut my word. I got confused for a second thinking about what he meant. His eyes, his eyes are so sad that my eyes want to comfort them. I strongly feel that he is broken.

He looked at me from head to toe then a smile appeared. "You look good, you look like her, not on the face but the way you dress" he spoke as if nothing happened.

"So thats why you kissed me?" I asked irritably.

Kyoto did not answer me, he just stared at me without any expression. Its so hard to guess what he is thinking but Im still waiting for his answer. "Have you seen Jerome kissing kate?" he asked instead of answering my question.

"W-why do you ask?" I ask confused.

"I saw them kissing" he answered.

Thats why he kissed me because he is in pain. Just only four words answered my question well, No explanation needed why. I can feel his pain cause I see myself in him when I caught them laying naked and kissing each other.

So it was the first time he saw them kissing cause if not, he won be acting like this. For sure he saw how much they love each other, how happy they are together, and how grateful they are to have each other, cause I saw it so many times. I know how painful it is, I know.

I made one stepped closer and I hugged him. I leaned my head on his chest and I can hear his heartbeat, his heart is lonely. "Emi" he mentioned my name.

"I will do anything, I will follow your plan, so they won Stay together in the end" I noted. I feel like my bloods boiling that made me sound evil.

"I know it was not good to say but I love what you said" he replied.

I don wanna be doubtful, I will do it straight. In my situation now, Kyoto is the one I can trust to. Its him.

I couldn believe he kissed me. The way he grabbed me I felt his madness, his eagerness to kiss instead of kate but me. It keeps appearing in my mind what he did to me while touching my lips. Kyoto is really a mysterious guy. Sighing deeply and seated on the bleacher. "Emi??" a familiar voice came. I quickly looked at the side where it came from and I saw Jerome coming. Jerome? I got surprised and did not know what to do. I should act like kate, calm and kind. I remember what Kyoto said, I should learn how to do an angelic smile so I did. I smiled and I had no idea if I did it right.

"Je-Jerome" I mentioned. He seated beside me and I still can believe it was Jerome.

"Wow, you look different, is that really you?" he asked surprised.

"I- I thought of this long ago that I should change myself, I realized my mistakes," I said, I couldn believe I said it and he looked amazed. "Ive decided to move on and focus on my studies" I continued.

"Thats why you

e not with your friends?"

"Yeah, thats why Im alone, oh where is kate?" the curiosity came up.

"Shes in the class at this hour we will meet later" he replied. I slowly nodded. "Emi, Im happy that you are doing good" he noted. How can you tell that I am doing good? Its just because of what I said and you believe it? Thats stupid. He was telling me about their wonderful relationship but I didn listen. I was just gazing at him wishing the time would stop but when the chance that our eyes met I saw how happy he is while the sweetest words came out of his mouth, the sweetest words for kate. My ears getting hot, and I couldn take it. I just smiled.

"Oh sorry, I have to go now cause I need to do my homework in the library" I excused so he will think that I am not interested in him anymore.

"Ah okay, study well, see you next time" next time? Sure, we will meet anytime.

"Yes, I wish you well Jerome and to kate, I wish your relationship will be longer," I said.

"Thank you emi" he smiled at me. I stood up and stepped away while my expression slowly changed to anger.

I hate how happy he mentioned that girls name, call me bitter but thats how I feel. Wishing them well gave me chills that it looks like the thunder would come anytime in the middle of this sunny day.

I was not that far from Jerome when I saw Zanea running toward me, when she has come she caught some breath and I got curious. "What happened?" I asked.

"Ja-Janelle and de-Denise, fighting with o-other girls" she stated stuttering while panting. She couldn even look me straight in the eyes but she has a straight of mind to run and approached me to tell me this. I can help but admire her despite being an introvert. We hurriedly went where they are.

We caught 4 girls fighting, pulling their hair each other while everyone was watching them. I went near to pacify. "Stop!" but one of them pushed me so I was about to fall but someone catches me, I checked it and it was Jerome. I didn know he followed us. "Are you ok?" he asked me with a concerned voice. I just nodded like I couldn believe it. I should be careful about what I will say to them.

Jerome was the one who came near to pacify between four of them, he pulled the two girls so I hurriedly came to pull Janelle and Denise. "I said stop!!" I yelled. Thank god they let go of each other.

"pull their hair emi, those bitches----

"Janelle stop" I cut her word with my calming voice. I have to act like this.

"What? Are you telling me to stop? Instead of defending us?" she asked suspiciously.

"Yes emi, before, you defended that introvert" Denise pointed to Zanea "And now you defended those bitches??" she continued.

"What did you say?!!" a girl was supposed to attack again but Jerome restrained her.

"Im sorry" I quickly faced the two girls and apologized. They all looked surprised even Jerome. "Behalf on them, Im so sorry".

"What the hell?" Janelle said then she walked out on us. I did not look at them and still faced the two girls they fought with.

"Emi" was the only word that Denise said before she followed Janelle.

My whole body stopped while my heart beating faster and I can hear it as they can hear it. I wanted to take a breath but there seems blocking inside my chest. I looked at Jerome and he already looked at me, he was still surprised. He smiled like he was glad for what I did and it was cleared from his smile

That I succeed in the first step.

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