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Chasing Love (We fight for love and we dont give up) 8: Let's Be Friends

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I COULD tell that emi succeeded in the first step of our plan, I could tell that from Jeromes reaction to emi defending the two girls. I bet it was not hard ah.

I was a little bit far from them, emi had no idea that I was watching them, well, I always watch her action once my eyes caught her.

I did not expect her to do that to his friends, in any games you played theres always bait or sacrifices and I guess she sacrificed her friends, but.....should I call this a sacrifice if her friends are fake?

Yesterday when the classes were over I decided to chill in the coffee shop nearby. I accidentally overhead emis name and when I checked, it was emis Two friends, I haven memorized their names yet but Im sure they were her friends talking about her while sipping their teas. Luckily that I was not seated near them but their voices are so loud. "if emi was not this famous, no way that we could be friends with her" one girl stated. I drink my coffee and just listen to them as if I was listening to music.

Emi had no idea that her friends stabbed her back, how come she made friends with them? I don want to say this but she is so stupid.

After remembering yesterday I saw kate walking towards their place, she is a bit far, once she turn left she would see them. I felt anxious. Not now, I won let her see them. I stepped forward towards kate and once I reached I blocked her way. "Kyoto?" she said. I was just looking at her. She looked surprised but I couldn lie about beautiful she is. Damn! I want to hold her. "What are you doing?" she asked. I didn know what kind of expression I had but I was just looking at her. "Kyoto?" she irritably mentioned my name again.

"Why can we go back to the day when we were laughing? The way we tell a story and made fun of it, the way you smiled at me, the way----"

"Forget all of that" she cut my words. "Pretend that it was just a dream, just pretend that we don know each other" she continued. I stopped for seconds then I smirked.

"Why? Because you get the man you love now?" I asked her with the sounds of insults.

"Kyoto, when you confessed your feelings for me I told you already that I have someone I love and you did not respect my feelings" she spoke.

"So thats why are you ignoring me? Avoiding me? And that time you were slowly ruining the relation of others" I stated calmly. Her eyes widened, couldn believe that I could say that.

"Ho-how could you tell?" she asked frailty.

"The rumors spread fast kate, it one year passed but I remember how upset you were telling me that that guy had a girlfriend, I told you to forget him but you did not listen to me" I protest but we both stopped when her phone rang.

She answered her phone and she mentioned "babe" So it was Jerome. She said that she is coming meant emi and Jerome parted their ways. She ended the call and intensely looked at me. "This discussion serves no purpose," she said before she leaves. I just took a breath and wanted to hit the wall but I controlled myself.

Kate was giving me a reason to continue what I started. I love her and I want her to be with me forever cause she is the only one who can understand me, especially about my family matters.

"Kyoto?" My eyes widened when emi was in front of me, I hurriedly grab her hands and leaned her on the wall then covered her with my body. My eyes looked around if kate was far and yes I couldn view her. "What happened?" Emi asked. We were just one inch near to each other. I looked down at her cause her head reached my shoulder but we did not feel awkward, it was just nothing for us. "You should be careful next time," I said. She was just staring at me. "What? Are you falling in love with me now?" teasing her. She rolled her eyes "fall in love with my butt" she replied in a sharp and it made me smile.

This is what I like about her, this is also the reason why I chose her, cause she would not fall in love with me, she can stare at me that long and we never felt awkward. Like the last time, I kissed her, When I let go she was still looking at me and surprised but she never turns red.

"I succeed in the first step," she said with a smile on her face.

"Then?" I asked.

"Then?" she was confused. "Then tell me the next step" she commands. I just smiled.

"Not yet" I replied and stepped away from her.

"What? Hey!!" she yelled but I ignored it while smiling. Sometimes its fun to tease her.

I threw my body in bed cause of tiredness. I close my eyes with my arms while laying. I should get up to wash my body but the bed magnetized me, tomorrow is Saturday and I don have class, I was thinking about what to do.

Living in the small apartment is kind of boring, I don even have friends to invite somewhere, I had but shes ignoring me. Friends? Should I have one? If I get one or more aren they leaving me? Im not sure, thats why I chose to be alone. I was in deep thought when my phone rang.

I took out my phone from my pocket while my eyes closed and answered it. "Hello?" I said with my sleepy voice. "Tell me the step 2 now" I quickly opened my eyes when I heard emis voice. This girl, this girl can only be my friend. "Hello? You still there?" she spoke again. "Tomorrow, lets meet tomorrow at 11 am, I will message you the place" I noted then I ended the call. "Is it a coincidence that she called me when I was questioning myself to get a new friend?" asking myself? I just sighed and get up to take a shower.

I was just looking at the sky and my hands inside my pockets while waiting for her. The wind was so fresh letting my untied hair wave, I was 3 minutes early.

"I noticed that you are always looking at the sky" emis voice. I looked back at her and I quickly noticed she was wearing her usual clothes and she curled her hair. "What? Did you expect me to wear like kate today? No, not today, Im not comfortable with the plain dress" she spoke irritably. I smirked.

"Its ok, you can be like her inside of a university," I said.

"Yeah I know, anyway, what is the second step? Tell me" she hurriedly asked.

"I will tell you on one condition" her left eyebrow up, looks like she did not expect that I would say this.

"Hey, make sure that I can give that one condition" she threatened me. I smiled.

"Promise," I said.

"What is it?" she asked. I stepped closer and look at her in the eyes, she also looking at me.

"Can you be my friend?" I asked straight and confidently. "A real friend" I added. Her eyes widened and did not answer me directly, I was thinking that..........

This is her first time asked by someone.

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