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Chasing Love (We fight for love and we dont give up) 9. Official Friends

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WHY? why is he asking me to be his friend? Aren we? I thought we are already friends, Janelle and Denise did not ask me to become their friends they were just talking to me and kept saying we are, but him? Does he want a confirmation? This guy is confusing me.

"If you don want it ---

"Wait" I cut his word. "I don quite understand why you are asking me to be your friend. Aren we?" I asked with confusion.

", we are? I don remember asking you to be my friend" he said and wow! Thats kinda mean.

"Really?" I rolled my eyes and Irritably put my hands at ones waist. He laughed.

"I am kidding" he noted and that gives me an irritated expression. "Seriously, I want you to become my friend, my real friend, and promise me not to betray me" he suddenly looks serious.

"I won , I promise, so tell me the second step" I commanded. I stopped when he was just leaving. Wait, di-did he just ignores me? "Hey! Where are you going?" I shouted. "Follow me if you want to know," he said. My feet automatically stepped forward and followed him. Something is going on inside his mind that I don know but I was still talking with him.

We entered the Italian restaurant. Oh I forgot its lunch hour and this guy did not even bother to tell me and he wants me to become his friend ah. I just sighed. "Why?" he asked.

"Ha?" I was confused while following him about where we gonna be seated cause there were a lot of people eating here at this hour.

"you were just sighing, seems you were in deep thoughts" he replied.

"Nah, I was just thinking about what to eat" I lied then he smirked.

"For real ah" I suddenly felt boiling blood inside my body.

When kyoo finally found a vacant we sat down, choosing foods from the menu, and, we ordered. We both ordered a carbonara.

"To be honest" kyoo started words so I paid an attention to it while waiting for our order. "I was surprised that you succeed in the first step that fasts and it seemed so easy for you" he stated. Thats what he thought?

"No, it was not easy" I bowed my head and looked at the table. "it would be hard to see your friends disappointed you thats why I did not even look at them before they leave" I spoke depressed.

"Hmm, you sound depressed, are you that serious about them?" he asked.

"I may sound depressed but I am just lonely and of course, Im serious cause I am their friend," I said.

"Are you sure?" he noted then my eyes back to him and he stared at me already. But the way he stares theres a meaning behind those eyes as he likes to convey. What did he mean? Then the waiter came back with my orders. His eyes were on the foods and things but my eyes locked up on him. "Lets eat" he offered with his smile. Then my thoughts came suddenly that what if I am not their real friends? Does kyoo feel like it was a fake talk with them? Asking these questions inside my head never be answered unless he explains to me what he means by that.

"KYO-TO, Kyoto" mentioned his name while watching his back, I was behind him and walking like have no idea where are we going next. "Where did your parents get your name?" I asked. He stopped walking so, did i.

"They met in Kyoto Japan, they were both tourists at that time" he answered but he seemed unhappy. "What about you? Why it is just emi, not Emily or emerald?" he asked me back and started to walk again.

"I heard from my uncle that my parents blamed the nurse about my name. It should be emallie but the nurse was in a hurry so she wrote down emi" I narrated. He laughed. I stopped walking cause he laughed. "Whats funny?" I asked irritably. He looked at me and he gently smiled. It was my first time seeing his gentle smile.

"I like your name more than emallie," he said.


"Cause its also a Japanese name. E means blessing, MI means beauty, so it suits you" he narrated. I didn know there was a meaning behind my name and it made my heart at ease, it made me feel like telling him about my parents, opening up to him, and fully trusting him.


"The step 2" he cut it, I guess he did not hear me about to say something but when I heard step 2 I was ready to listen. "Make him fall in love with you, do whatever you want to make him fall in love with you emi" his expression changed to a serious type. "I think we are done" he added. Wait for what? What did he mean again? Im going crazy to guess what he meant!!

"What??" I asked confused.

"We are officially friends emi" he smiled. Now he is smiling.

"I don understand! Can you please explain to me what is ---"

"We opened up, a little bit but I considered it like that. Emi, friends means we trust each other, we accept each other and we say bad and good things to each other. If you have never done this to your friends what do you think it was?" he explained. "If a person opens up to you means she trusts you until you unconsciously opened up to her" he continues to narrate.

I am on my way home thinking about what he said. I guess he was right, cause Janelle, Denise, and I have never done this before. If they are betraying me, am I going to hurt? Would it be OK?.

I was about to unlock my door to enter but Candice opened it for me with her big smile. "You still here?" I asked surprised.

"You have a visitor," she said excitedly and made me feel curious.

"Who?" I asked.

"Jerome is here," said Candice. My eyes widened and don know what to do. My hair is curled and my clothes are my usual clothes.

What should I do?!

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