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"Mommy!" She screamed with all the air in her lungs. "Aaaaaaah!".

The man looked very confused and didn know what to do. He drew away from her quickly and took a few paces backward to the foot of her bed and stood there. He look around for how to calm her down, but found nothing. And before he knew, the door of her room flung open and her mother rushed inside with the most perturbing look on her face. She switched on the lights of the room and met her immim

"What is it darling?" Lilian scooped Lilith in her arms immediately, with fear all over her face.

"Mommy look over there" Lilith panicked as she pointed at the strange man who stood tall at foot side of her bed. " there is someone in my room".

Lilian was very confused, because she could not see anyone in the room. Despite the fact that the lamps were switched on and whole room illuminated. But, still there was nothing or no one in sight. Who then was Lilith talking about?

"But baby there is no one here" she said being certain of her words.

"No mommy there was someone in my room, over there" Lilith still pointed at the area of the foot of her bed as she still saw the strange man stand there without moving.

"Lilith look at me" Lilian urged her daughter as she cupped her face. "There is absolutely no one here, ok let me look around to make you more certain ". She stood from the bed and walked to her wardrobe, passing where the strange man stood and walking through him like he was vapor.

Lilith could believe her eyes, she felt like every thing happening was unreal or maybe she was still asleep. Did her mom just pass through someone or was this all in her head!? To make cases worst, the strange man disappeared immediately her mom passed through him to the wardrobe.

"There is no one in here" Lilian called from the wardrobe and then moved into her restroom, and still found no one. "Nor here" she continue her search to the balcony of her room, and still found no one out there. Satisfied, she back to meet a very scared Lilith wrapped under the sheets of her bed.

"Come on baby there is no one here, l have looked every where and found no one. Come out now honey, you are safe". She unwrapped her from the sheets and found her fidgeting in fear. She hug her tightly, trying to give her comfort. "lt s aright now love" she stroke her hair as they were still in the hug. "Nothing will ever happen to you, so long as l am here".

"Hmm" Lilith heaved a sigh of relief, as she seemed to calm down. She began to believe now that maybe there was no one in her room and she was just seeing and imagining things, and none of it was real.

"You know baby you would never make a good ranger if you are always this scared" Lilian drew away from the hug and stared into her purple eyes as she spoke. "Rangers are supposed to be brave and strong at all times, not scream like scared babies whenever they feel that they are in danger".

"Really mommy" her eyes became radiant. "And l believe my father is very strong and brave too".

"Of course dear" Lilian replied with a sad smiled. "You father is very brave and faces any kind of danger by himself without fear".

"From now henceforth mommy l promise that l will never be scared and will act brave all the time, just like my daddy" she promised with a smile. "And l hope to see him soon right mommy?"

"Of course Lilith. Your father will be back very and will teach you more about becoming a good ranger of Triven".

"I can wait mommy" she gave her mom a big hug and let out a yawn as well.

"Ok now sleepyhead " Lilian teased. "Go back to sleep now, tomorrow is your big day".

"Ok mommy" Lilith lay back on her bed and let her mommy tuck her in again. She kissed her goodnight and turned off the lights before leaving her to sleep again.

Not long after Lilian left, the strange man came again. This time he decided to talk to Lilith, so as not to scare her like before. He walked up to her bed and turned on the bedside lamp on the left where he was. The light shone on Lilith, making her flash her eyes open to meet the strange man from earlier. So he was real she thought but was not fully convinced. Without a word, she stretched forth her hand and touched his face to know if he was real and indeed he was. She sat up properly and looked into his strange multicolored eyes.

"Who are you?"...

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