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Heavens raid The beginning of the raid

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The castle was demolished and souls were freed from captivity to wreak havoc on earth. But this didn faze these beings, these forces of nature. One ascended to higher grace and the other fell far from i. The wave of clashing energies surged throughout hell ripping and tearing through space. They kept attacking over and over with attacks being stronger than the last, stopping for a second Lucifer and Michael stared at each other.

"Ill be the first to admit that youve gotten stronger. Usually, this is the part when our wonderful father comes to stop our little spat. Seeing that he isn here yet I could only come to the conclusion that he is still a piece of **" Lucifer cackled

"Why do you hate our father so much Lucifer?- it does make any sense he loved you so much but you still betrayed him without a second thought" Michael said

"You fools really don know anything do you ha ha ha. I feel sorry for you but hey ignorance is bliss huh. People tend to ostracise others who know too much or seek the truth, just look at humans. They do that all the time when seeing someone who looks different or even thinks differently. Can you tell me what happens to that person?- don worry Ill tell you. They

e shunned or eradicated" Lucifer smiled

"What does that have to do with our fight Lucifer" Michael annoyed

"I was trying to show you something but it seems like I expected too much from someone who can think for himself and needs approval from annoy except himself" Lucifer waved him off

Annoyed by his brother, Michael rushed him clashing with him again sending a shock wave throughout hell. Lucifer looked at him with a smile and then grabbed him by the arm sending him flying into the ruined castle.

He watched his castle crumble even more with sentiment in his eyes. Ever since he fell from grace and built this kingdom he knew this would never last. Out of the ruin shot out this tower of yellow light and rising out of it was Michael.

All that was marked on his face was rage and disgust, he raised his arm to the air and the shot beams of light arced through the sky. The beams of light began to rain down on Lucifer and all he did was look at it remorseful.

The beams crashed down destroying everything in that area sending dust into the air. As the dust cleared you could clearly see all the craters. Michael smiled to himself thinking it was over but he saw a wing. It was a red and black feather wing which seemed to be glossed, Michael trembled at the sight.

Lucifer slowly revealed himself smiling, "You have to be careful brother, you could seriously hurt someone if you

e not careful you could seriously hurt someone"

Deanna slowly open her eyes and stared at a familiar ceiling, she tried to get up but everything began to spin then a loud ringing in her ears made it worse. Familiar nausea came back, she place her hand over her mouth trying not to vomit.

"Not on the carpet D Not on the carpet" Decon screamed running in with a bucket. He quickly hand it over to her and immediately vomit came spewing out. He could do anything to help except keep her hair up. But as soon as he saw the blood that was it, "Okay D you

e done for the day and go straight to the hospital"

"You know I hate hospitals….bwha" she vomits again

Her body felt better after vomiting a couple of times, she stood up looked around the room and finally notice that she was in Decons office. It was a well-furnished office with his desk near a window pane.

She sat down on the sofa wondering about that thing she saw. It looked like her, is it responsible for her dreams? Deannas leg felt numb and her mind was extremely strained so much so that she could see little blue orbs floating around.

She reach out her hand and tried to touch it but Decon grabbed her thinking she was reaching for him.

"You need to go see a doctor D. This is a little strange even for you" Decon worryingly

"Im not going to the **ing hospital ok" she snapped but apologised. He was trying to help her out but this isn something a doctor could help her with

"Just let me rest here then we can move from there okay? Right now I can think straight" she says grabbing her head

Decon looks at her and against his better judgment, he allowed her to sit there. As he left the room he looked back and saw her reaching towards something. Did he make the right choice or did doom her he questioned.

Feeling lost Deanna sat there in a trance looking at the blue things floating around her. Above her a bright light almost blinded her. A hand reached towards her and she stretched towards taking grasp of it

In her mind, she heard, "You are perfect for this task"

Her body reached violently making her seize up and blood poured from her eyes before passing out again. Decon came back an hour later to check on her but was horrified by her state, he immediately called an ambulance

Lucifer retracted his wing and shrugged a little, he sensed something powerful in the human world and he trembled. He looked at Michael to see if he noticed it as well but from the look, he didn notice a thing. He just looked angry and terrified, Lucifer wonder what the hell was going on around him- nothing was making sense.

This attack on the underworld, the presence above and Michaels sudden attitude change just perplexed him.

"Hmm, what could be the plan here?, he knows he can beat me so whats the point of this fight- a distraction maybe no it can be," Lucifer thought to himself, "Well there is one other thing I could do", he rushes at Michael grabbing his face and slammed into the grounds. Then through him into a wall. With an extreme amount of force kicks him in the face sending him dragging through the wall and into the air. He appears behind and kicks him into the lava leaving a whirlpool "All I have to do is beat the answer out of"

Michael flew out of the lava with some trailing behind him, he threw a punch which was blocked by his brother. Lucifer pulls him closer before headbutting him, Michael eyes blurred from the impact. His brother him onto the ground before landing on top of him with a giant explosion of force.

Lucifer kicks him across the ground causing him to skid a little. He walks towards brimming him with confidence "I remember the last time we fought, you remember that little brother. During my rebellion"

Michael struggles to his feet covered in scratches and burn marks, he weakly answered "Yeah when I defeated you and drove you off"

"Yeah when I let you win that fight" Lucifer snickered

"Is that what you tell yourself to make you feel better" Michael huffed

"Let me ask you something little brother, where my wings drawn during that fight or even one of them" Lucifer smiled

Michael realized what he was saying was true, he didn have his wings drawn, "Why didn do that you could of one then"

"You said I wanted to win" Lucifer with a blank face

Michael disappeared from sight for a couple of seconds before kicking him in the stomach. Then he kicked him in the head sending him flying backwards

"You caused that war for no reason, so many of brothers and sisters died during that war for what- your sick enjoyment" Michael peeved

"You wouldn understand you obedient boy" Lucifer scoffed

Hell began to break down, pieces of rock started to float into the air and evaporate, and cracks in space started to show up with lava bubbling up. Michael began to glow and six wings sprouted out of his back. You could see all the rage in his eyes, he began to form a small beam of light on his and shot it at Lucifer.

His older brother barely dodged out of the way, the beam struck a mountain behind him and there was a huge explosion. With this Lucifer knew he had to get serious or else he would die, Michael took a step and appeared behind him. His hand covered in holy energy, Michael blasted Lucifer.

Almost unable to block it, Lucifer took a lot of damage. Unrelenting Michael made a sword of holy energy and tried slashing Lucy with it but he missed. Michael quickly changed his sword into a spear and threw it.

It pierced Lucifers shoulder pinning him into a rock face. Michael slowly walked towards him with nothing but seriousness. Pinned Lucifer truly understood how strong his little brother has gotten.

"Youve gotten brothers and sisters for no reason, youve got Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden as well. All this suffering for what, huh Lucifer, just you could be entertained" Michael screeched

"It was my fault those humans got kicked out of the garden huh, is that what he told you" Lucifer coughed

"Yeah you tricked Eve into eating the fruit of Knowledge" Michael barked

"HAHAHAHAHA a fruit of Knowledge was eaten but it wasn eaten by Eve," Lucifer said

Michael was taken aback, "What do you mean by that"

Lucifer broke the spear and dropped down to the ground looking serious. He was prepared to fight now, seeing this Michael prepared to fight without holding back

They ran at each other full tilt and clashed over and over and over again. Lucifer remembers their first fight. Michael slipped past one of his punches and landed a devastating one of his one causing his brother to spit up blood.

Lucifer responded in kind with an attack of his own, burying his hand into his side and hearing some things snapping and breaking. Michael reeled back in pain before launching a blast in Lucifers face sending him flying.

Michael took to the air and made a giant ball of holy energy twice the size of the sun. He looked down at his brother with such contempt. He suddenly remember how close they were before and he hesitated. His anger turned into confusion, his breath started to quicken as if he was hyperventilating.

He reminded himself why is doing this while screaming he threw the energy at him. Lucifer saw this ball of energy coming at him. All he could feel is terror as this ball of energy is hurdling towards him. The ball crashes into him but didn explode, Lucifer blocked it with his wings and this time it was metallic. He launches it back at his little brother, Michael watched the incoming mass and scoffed catching it with one-handed

Michael began pushing it towards him, Lucifer flew up and began pushing back turning his half blackish-red. They both pushed with so much force the energy ball sent them flying and crashing in opposite directions

As soon as they got their bearings they flew at each other throwing punches and dodging them at insane speeds. Michael sends voiles of energy blasts but Lucifer would just reflect them back at him with his wings. The battle in the skies of hell as if they were dancing, clashing and firing holy energy.

Lucifer punched him in the stomach and then struck him in the jaw with a forearm. Then fired a huge blast of blackened holy energy. Michael crashed into the ground causing huge amounts of damage, Lucifer formed two balls of energy, forced them together violently then fired a huge blast of energy that was ripping apart space leaving black splotches everywhere. Michael grits his teeth and flies through the beam grabbing Lucifer by the face.

He then smashes him through all seven levels of hell and then through him back to the first level. Michael starts knocking him around at blinding speeds before kicking him down. He gathers all the energy from the universe and forms a gigantic lance. Michael sends this lance at Lucifer piercing him and ending the fight.

"I guessed you one then" Lucifer coughing up blood

"I guess so but why didn you use your sword, you could have won if you did," Michael said sternly

"I could use that terrible thing on my little brother but why did come here, what do you want from me, Michael?" Lucifer asked

"I want your holy weapon where is it" Michael demanded

" So thats what you

e up to them huh, I don have it and the only demon that knows where is long gone from here and they should be arriving soon" Lucifer cackled

"Don worry about that, well find them eventually so rest up. I know thats enough to kill I have more questions for you" Michael said

Hell was completely ruined especially since reality was collapsing there but stopped after the battle. Michael had won for now but all the generals had arrived on earth with one extra in tow.

As soon as they arrive on earth Deanna shot up in her hospital bed with her eyes glazed over and the room frozen. Half of her pale with bluish-white hair and the other half was her normal skin colour and normal. She spoke with two different voices, one is her normal and her voice was cold and unfeeling

She said "Its about to begin"

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