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Chapter 25: Mystery of Green and Yellow


When Yuuma peeked into the hole the next morning, “THAT” appeared again just as he predicted――


「So it’s the green one this time!」


Vivid metallic green slime was wriggling around inside the hole in his garden.

This time, Yuuma had already prepared a lot of gas burners and cold sprays.


「Bring it on, I’m ready!」


Yuuma invoked his metallization.

Jumped into the hole, and facing against the green slime.

Though the slime was moving cautiously inside the hole, it rushed toward Yuuma the moment the latter used cold spray on the latter.

Though Yuuma staggered due to the slime’s body blow, he braced his leg and kept using the cold spray on the slime.

Although he had a hard time since the slime was moving really fast, he kept using his cold spray till the hole filled with cold air.

The lowered temperature started to affect the speed of the green slime.

Yuuma on the other hand could move freely thanks to his 『Cold Resistance』.


「Yes! I just need to stop it when it looks like it’s about to move next time and this game will be mine.」


After using more cold spray on the slime, it finally stopped moving.

Now, Yuuma held two gas burners in his hands and sprayed the slime with jet flame.

He raised the slime temperature at once to inflict much damage to the green slime.

And just as he expected, the slime sprung as soon as their body thawed by the head but, it didn’t really matter since it couldn’t hurt Yuuma in his metallised state.

Since his defence was perfect, he could focus entirely on the offence.

After repeating the superheating and cooling a few more times, he brought down the hammer to finish off the tattered green slime.

Naturally, he didn’t forget to take the “Green Magic Ore” dropped by the green slime and stopped for a while to examine it.

It had a beautiful, emerald green colour with metallic lustre on its surface.

He didn’t hesitate to swallow the magic ore after washing it with tap water.

And just like before, a familiar heat spread in his entire body.

Though he found out that it didn’t give any particular ability, Yuuma suddenly recalled the same case with yesterday’s “Magic Ore”.


「Well, let’s verify this after I go back from school.」


Yuuma started his preparation before going to school and went to school like usual.




On the way back from school.

Yuuma is looking for more information about magic ore in his smartphone.


「U~hm, must be this one.」


It was written on a site which explains the characteristics of the dungeon.

There were six types of dungeons, meaning that there were six types of magic gems that can be collected in there.


White Dungeon(White, or maybe, transparent magic gem.

Allow its user to use healing magic.)

Red Dungeon(Red magic gem.

Allow its user to use fire magic.)

Blue Dungeon(Blue Magic Gem.

Allow its user to use water magic.)

Yellow Dungeon(Yellow Magic Gem.

Allow its user to use lightning magic.)

Green Dungeon(Green Magic Gem.

Allow its user to use wind magic.)

Black Dungeon(Magic Ore.

Strengthen its user’s physical strength… Maybe.)


Referring to those traits, from the 『Colorful』 magic ore I got recently, the red one gave me 『Fire Resistance』, and the blue one was 『Cold Resistance』.

Could it be that the yellow one gave me 『Lightning Resistance』, and the green one was 『Wind Resistance』

Was the result of his investigation but he had no way to prove it.

After arriving at his home, Yuuma went into his room, changed into his daily attire, and went out with his bicycle.

His destination was the electronic store from which he brought his Mana, Measuring Tool.


He parked his bicycle in the parking lot, went up to the stair, heading toward the corner which sold 『Dungeon Related Item』.

He looked at the item lining up on the shelves and stopped upon seeing an electric baton and stun gun.

Since he couldn’t try the goods, he had no choice but to buy it.

The most expensive one went up to tens of thousands of yen while the cheapest one, a stun gun, was available for 4980 yen.

Thus his choice was obvious for the cheapest one.

He went back home after he bought the stun gun, opened the box, and then installed the huge rectangular battery into the stun gun.


「I should be able to use this.」


A Blue electric spark appeared from the stun gun’s nodes when he switched it on.

Yuuma invoked his “Metallization” and rolled up the sleeve of his shirt.

Then he brought the stun gun in his right hand toward himself.

Metal was supposed to be a conductor.

That was what he thought as he pressed the stun gun onto his arm, preparing himself for failure.[TL: WARNING! GOOD KID SHOULDN’T TRY THIS AT HOME!! THE SAME GOES FOR BAD KID TOO!!]


「OU— Wait, it’s not hurt!」


I’m not zapped at all, I really get a 『Lightning Resistance』.

Yuuma was really delighted upon finding that his theory was spot on.

Thus, he concluded that the green magic ore definitely gave him 『Wind Resistance』.

He heard that an adept wind magic user could slice steel in two.

Meaning that the wind magic might be Yuuma’s greatest nemesis.

Yuuma’s body trembled imagining his body sliced in two if he had no wind resistance.

Nevertheless, he had no way to test his wind resistance.


「Anyhow, doesn’t that mean I get the resistance for attack magic of 『Fire』, 『Water』, 『Lightning』, and 『Wind』 attributes magic! This is pretty amazing right」


Yuuma was really excited but then, he noticed a fact immediately.

The fact that such abilities were useless in daily life.


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