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Gu Jingyu was so busy on this side that he completely ignored the female lead’s situation.


He could completely ignore that live screen next to him that only he could see.


It was not known what had happened.

Since the time someone joined, no one had entered the Livestream room.


Luckily, Gu Jingyu didn’t have much of an obsession with immortality and could be described as considerably Buddhist.


On TV, a large-scale human trafficking syndicate case was being shown online.

People were talking about it.


Most of the people in Gu Jingyu’s village were convicted.


But to keep him safe, all rewards, as well as commendations, were done privately.


At this time, he suddenly received a call from the police station.


Gu Jingyu’s mother had been rescued but was not in a very good mental state.


The police chief asked him if he wanted to bring his mother over.


Gu Jingyu was stunned, obviously not thinking about this.


He didn’t expect the police chief to pay special attention to news about Gu Jingyu’s mother after the big human trafficking case was solved.


Although he didn’t care personally, in the eyes of the people here, this woman was his mother.


“I’ll go pick her up.” She was at least this body’s mother.

After using someone’s body, something had to be done.


The police chief gave an address, and Gu Jingyu booked the nearest airline ticket.

It didn’t take long to get there.


There was a circle full of people outside, all of whom were children of the family or people whose families had been trafficked over to take their children back.


This batch of people had so many different views on their faces and looked like they were coming from a distant place.


Most of these people were looking for their families in various places, the stinging pain of separation, and some had endured for a long time.


“This little brother, who in the family have you lost” A young man, who looked about the same age as Gu Jingyu, came over to greet him.


This young man looked like he had a successful career and was wearing a high-fashion suit.

Still, the hesitation on his face was very obvious.


“You are” Gu Jingyu didn’t know this person and didn’t understand why he came over to greet him.


This young man spoke somewhat incoherently.


“I’m also here to pick up someone.

It’s my brother.

My mother, who is not well, heard about my brother and asked me to come and pick him up.

I haven’t seen him since I was born.

Do you think he would be happy to greet his brother”


Gu Jingyu stood there quietly, not saying a word back.


The young man didn’t care.

He didn’t want a response and probably needed someone to hear him out.


The police chief greeted Gu Jingyu immediately and brought the person back.


Gu Jingyu’s mother looked good, educated, and had a nice name, Su Hangyu.


Su Hangyu’s mental state was not very good.

It could be said that she was not very mentally sound.


She would have an extreme stress reaction if a strange man touched her.


As the people around them identified one by one, the sounds of crying filled the area.


Most people picked up here have physical deficiencies and, at a glance, were man-made.

Most had particularly bleak faces.


There was no hope for life on their faces, no enthusiasm, only nothing but numbness.


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