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Song Ningxuan was transferred to another branch and was not in a good position.


After all, anyone with discerning eyes would know what was going on.

When Ou Xiuyuan was at the company’s main office, he shielded her from everything.


Su Hangyu had recently become obsessed with painting.

She was originally a student of the School of Design and had a sure foundation in painting.


At this time, she had just come out of the art studio.

After a period of recuperation, she now did not look as haggard as before.


“This is” Su Hangyu looked at the nanny with a questioning face.


“This is sir’s friend, who came to look for him.”


Song Ningxuan was also puzzled.

Who was this person before her She hadn’t seen her before either.


“You are”


“I’m Gu Jingyu’s mother.

Do you have an urgent matter for him” Looking at such a beautiful girl coming to her son, she inexplicably thought she was her son’s close friend.


“It’s Auntie.

How come I haven’t heard Brother Gu mention you It’s a bit surprising to meet you for the first time.” Song Ningxuan was a little surprised.

If she remembered correctly, Gu Jingyu seemed to have come from an orphanage.


She had never heard him mention that he had relatives at home either.


But Su Hangyu thought of something horrible, and suddenly her eyes dulled.


As soon as the nanny saw that the situation was not good, she hurriedly pulled her back to the bedroom.


Song Ningxuan was left alone in the living room.

Not long after, the nanny came out from the bedroom.


“Miss Song, my boss said not to mention anything about the past in front of Ms.


I have already informed him, and he will come over soon.

Sit in the living room and wait for a while.”


Song Ningxuan was also stunned by this scene.

She sat on the sofa for a while and didn’t get over it.


She was also confused about what had just happened.


Not long after, Gu Jingyu hurriedly came back.


As soon as he returned, he saw the female lead, Song Ningxuan, sitting in the living room.

The feeling of irritation inside him grew stronger and stronger.



Song, if I remember correctly, you said at that time that you wouldn’t bother me anymore.

What do you need now”


Song Ningxuan’s face was a little red, and she only wanted to come and care for Gu Jingyu.


“Brother Gu, I was angry when I said that.

I was just too angry.” Song Ningxuan spoke nervously.


Gu Jingyu’s character was set to be a sympathetic character who could give some care and attention to the female lead at every stage of her life.


Did she run into difficulties now


Sure enough, her true purpose for coming here was revealed without him saying a few words.


“Brother Gu, I don’t know where I offended the Chairman of the Board by being transferred to a branch, but the branch actually has an employee assessment.”


Gu Jingyu’s face turned ugly, and Song Ningxuan didn’t notice it.


“Do you think they are targeting me because I am from the main office” She could not help but sound much sharper.


“No need to think so highly of yourself.

You are not worthy of most people targeting you yet.

And please don’t speculate on people with your petty heart.”


Gu Jingyu mentally lit a candle for the original owner: What a pity, she can only think of him when something is wrong.

All of the sincerity was paid in the wrong place.


“I handed in my resignation letter a long time ago.

I believe that the group’s internal assessment is rigorous.

I have already left and am no longer responsible for these matters.”


“I have heard a little about the branch you mentioned.

That company has always been known for its ability.

The stronger your ability, the more you get.”


He couldn’t help but roll his eyes and say with a disgusted face, “You don’t have anything to say regarding your ability.

Why would people target you”


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