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Ou Xiuyuan also had several wives because of domestic violence, all of whom filed for divorce from him.


He also became a regular visitor to the police station.

Whenever the settlement was made, they were not surprised to see that it was Ou Xiuyuan.


Gu Jingyu was once again on the international news.

Ou Xiuyuan stared distantly at the LED screen above him and was lost in thought for a while.


He said to the person next to him, “Have you seen this man Once I was his boss.”


The person next to him laughed, not surprised at all.


After all, many people made jokes like that.


“If you’re his boss, then I’m his father.

You’re daydreaming.” After saying that, he left with a smile.


Ou Xiuyuan was a little angry but didn’t know what to say.


At that time, he did not put this person in his eyes.

The difference in their status was huge.

He became that person to look up to now.


Back at home, the nanny warily put the lunch on the table and left in a panic.


As luck would have it, the sound of breaking ceramics in the house was heard not long after.


Everyone around passed by listened to the sound, and all had apathetic faces.


Time had passed for several years, and the shares in Ou Xiuyuan’s hands could not hold on anymore.

Finally, they were sold at a low price.


Ou Xiuyuan pinched a large amount of cash and left the country.


Coincidentally, Ou Xiuyuan chose the same country as Song Ningxuan.


The magical destiny of the leading characters came to meet.


When Ou Xiuyuan saw Song Ningxuan, he had already squandered most of his cash.

Song Ningxuan had found a proper job in this country and had a new partner by her side.


In contrast, Ou Xiuyuan’s inner emotions grew worse and worse.


Why Why did every one of them live so well, but he lived like a ghost


The neighbors around the house were frowning as he smashed around again.


Here he was again!


Ou Xiuyuan did not know how his mind worked.

He picked up the fruit knife on the coffee table and immediately rushed out.


Song Ningxuan was at this time discussing marriage with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend did not mind her former marriage and inability to have children.


After so much time had passed, Song Ningxuan had figured out what she wanted to do.


Pursuing power and money was not as enjoyable as an ordinary life.


Suddenly, she looked up and saw a familiar person.


“Ou Xiuyuan How come you are here” Song Ningxuan felt a pang of fear inside when she saw him.

The repeated abuse had formed a physical reaction, and she would still subconsciously seek shelter even after so long.


What was there not to understand when her boyfriend saw the look on her face


“Who are you What can I do for you” Shielding Song Ningxuan firmly behind him.


When Ou Xiuyuan saw this scene, his eyes became even redder.


“Song Ningxuan, don’t you have anything to say”


Alas, it was confirmed that what should come would always come.


“Ou Xiuyuan, what happened between us is long over.

It’s all been settled, and we are both free.

I don’t think I have anything to say.” Perhaps her boyfriend gave her a sense of security, and Song Ningxuan said everything she wanted to express.


“What You and I don’t have time to talk about it If it wasn’t for you, would I have become this ghost now”


The current state of Ou Xiuyuan was very familiar to Song Ningxuan.

Every time his fist hit her, he had such an expression.


“Xuan’er, I’ll give you a chance.

Let’s be together again, okay” Ou Xiuyuan was particularly affectionate when he said this, just like when they were once in love.


“Let’s not see each other again in the future.

Our story is over.”


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