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Gu Jingyu had recently been particularly busy outside, mainly because he had invested in a company overseas, and it was now developing quite well.


It was the busiest period recently, so he was busy outside most of the time.


One thing he was thinking about these days was that Song Ningxuan.

She knew his house and kept popping up at the subdivision gate to block him for no apparent reason.


She always kept saying some specious words, which annoyed Gu Jingyu.


After thinking about it, he felt that staying here was too much trouble.

He decided to book a plane ticket and took Su Hangyu to settle abroad.


A psychiatrist was hired there, specializing in Su Hangyu’s psychological problems.


He was planning to return some time later.

Still, recently he was annoyed by Song Ningxuan, which seriously affected his mood.


It was still daytime when Gu Jingyu and his mother arrived abroad.


Both of them were a little sleepy and rushed to the house they had bought in advance to rest.


Gu Jingyu’s company was based here.

So today, the money was spent on keeping the house clean and ready to move in with certain household items.


Su Hangyu followed Gu Jingyu to the foreign country abruptly without saying anything.


Then, a guest suddenly came to the house, and it was a blond, blue-eyed foreigner who was very handsome.


Even Su Hangyu, who had always been insensitive to foreigners, was stunned.


“Oh, this beautiful lady, welcome to this place.” After saying that, he gently took Su Hangyu’s hand, and his lips were about to reach over.


Su Hangyu was stunned.

Her mind was still rather old, and she could not adapt to such straightforward formalities.


“Jack, don’t go too far!” Gu Jingyu stood by Su Hangyu’s side and said gently.


Jack’s smiling face instantly sank, and he said with a bereaved expression, “Gu, that’s a bit unfunny of you.

I’m just a little excited to see the most beautiful lady, and it’s our human instinct to appreciate beautiful women.”


Su Hangyu laughed at Jack’s words and felt good about this smooth-talking young man for a while.


After all, a girl being complimented on her good looks was something that made people happy.


When Gu Jingyu had the things in place, Su Hangyu rushed to her room to rest.


With her condition, it would be hard to sleep a little later.


Jack and Gu Jingyu came to the study and discussed the company’s affairs.


Yes, Jack was Gu Jingyu’s partner in the company.

The two met accidentally on the internet, and Jack was amazed at Gu Jingyu’s insight into investment.

At the same time, Gu Jingyu was interested in Jack’s management skills.


The two of them hit it off immediately and created the company.


As for why Jack was afraid of Gu Jingyu, it was when their company was just starting out that they met a competitor.


At first, Jack was trying to avoid him.

However, it wasn’t long before their competitor was arrested and investigated for tax evasion.


Jack had good reason to suspect that Gu Jingyu had done it and foolishly went to ask about it later.


Gu Jingyu didn’t admit or deny it, but Jack subconsciously understood.


After this incident, Gu Jingyu was very ruthless in his business tactics.

He didn’t look like a young man and didn’t leave any room for the other party.


In a short time, their company became a new rising star.


The companies against them had either gone bankrupt or were still in the same position.

They were even worried each day about Gu Jingyu’s revenge.


Gu Jingyu also earned a unique nickname in the business world, “The Great Devil,” which shows how scared everyone was of him.


Jack and Gu Jingyu talked about the basic situation here, then rushed for him to rest.


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