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Song Ningxuan had chains on her feet, and the other end of the chains was connected to the bed.


Gu Jingyu suddenly remembered that there seemed to be a moment in the plot where Song Ningxuan was imprisoned by Ou Xiuyuan.


And after so long, without contact from acquaintances, Song Ningxuan had no one to help her call the police.


Gu Jingyu thought for a moment and picked up his cell phone, and skillfully dialed 110.


Weird, nobody had called the police when a living person was missing for so long.


And the female lead was still on shift, but no one noticed her.


The police quickly arrived at Ou Xiuyuan’s villa.

Song Ningxuan was scared witless when she heard that someone had called the police and was afraid it would affect Ou Xiuyuan.


She quickly told the police that there was no such thing and that it was just a love thing between couples.


Song Ningxuan sat on the edge of the bed under the police’s strange gaze.


When Ou Xiuyuan came over, he saw the police looking at him strangely.


“When you play, don’t give people a chance to see you, or the police will be in trouble.”


And after that, he smiled meaningfully.


It was a big surprise that a president could still play so wild an imprisonment game.


Gu Jingyu silently pulled his suit.

He was amazed at the male lead’s bizarre thinking.


As for how it would develop later, Gu Jingyu was not interested at all.


His biggest concern was to make money and keep growing the company until it was strong enough that no one could restrain him.


The hilariousness of the leading characters was only a little seasoning on his road to power.

It didn’t deserve much attention from him.


The business map was expanding, and Jack had complained more than once that he didn’t even have time for his girlfriend.


“Gu, if I didn’t know for sure that you weren’t interested in me, I would have thought that you are dragging me to work because you are jealous that I have a girlfriend.” Jack looked at Gu Jingyu with a sobbing face.

The word “off duty” was written on his face.


Gu Jingyu didn’t pay any attention to Jack.

He would naturally go back to work after he was done with the drama.


As expected, Jack saw that Gu Jingyu wanted to be alone, so he returned to the office without much delay.


On his way back to his office, people looked oddly at Jack.


Jack thought it was because his charm was too strong.

He ruffled his hair and put on a beautiful look.


The people around him whispered.


“Jack came out of Gu’s office again.

I told you the two aren’t quite right.”


“But doesn’t Jack have a girlfriend He just went in to report on his work, right”



Jack and Gu must have something.

Otherwise, why has Gu not been looking for a girlfriend”


The people around him saw him speaking exquisitely.

Everyone was convinced in their hearts.




Gu Jingyu still didn’t know that the news of his and Jack’s affair had spread in the company properly.


On Ou Xiuyuan’s side, after experiencing the police’s ambiguity, he was now swamped.


The story of Song Ningxuan’s imprisonment was captured by the paparazzi.

He followed him and posted on the Internet, causing a flurry of discussion among netizens.


After all, the private life of a rich man was even more intriguing than that of an ordinary person.


Ou Lingtian had a heart attack, and the Su family mocked him for this matter.


The two families were in-laws, and Ou Xiuyuan did the wrong thing.


A lot of benefits were given up in the cooperation.


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