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Chapter 19.2


Translated by ChewBerry

Edited by ChewBerry



Gu Jingyu also had to spit out a sentence.

“This plot is so strong.

All of them are distorted into what sorts of things, and they are still strong enough to go through all the stunts.”


Ou Xiuyuan lost his memory and then faced unemployment.

He couldn’t accept it all at once.


And Wen Huan and Su Qing both really deserved to be the villain.

They were more dedicated than Gu Jingyu.


Every now and then, they went to the hospital to provoke him.

Ou Xiuyuan knew that he had lost his job because of Song Ningxuan.


She had an even worse time.

For the rest of the time, Song Ningxuan was always in the hospital, helping Ou Xiuyuan remember their sweet time together.


Ou Lingtian had no time to care about his cheap son to keep Ou Shi Group from changing its name.


Ou Xiuyuan and Song Ningxuan played the I-love-you-but-you-forgot-about-me drama daily in the hospital.


Gu Jingyu felt nothing interesting after watching it for some time.

He recently got hooked on pottery making.


He found that he could successfully produce varying porcelain if he went through a particular color ratio and different shapes.


Although the beginning was a little unsatisfactory, the porcelain piece was fine after understanding the principle.


But Su Hangyu always said that the things made by Gu Jingyu were cold and had no emotion.


Gu Jingyu also did not understand what feeling Su Hangyu was talking about and gradually lost interest in porcelain.


When Gu Jingyu was 40 years old, Su Hangyu was already in her 60s.


On this day, Su Hangyu released her latest work, “Cocoon Breaking,” on the internet.


Inspired by the change in her mind when she was trafficked by human traffickers and then rescued by her son, she created this piece.


Su Hangyu’s work was seen by Song Ningxuan.


When she saw this work, Song Ningxuan suddenly woke up to something.


She hadn’t seen Gu Jingyu for several years, and Ou Xiuyuan had become an idle manager from the original president.


Ou Lingtian eventually lost control of the company and became the controlling person who only received dividends and did not care about things.


He watched painfully as his business changed its face, but there was nothing he could do.


Ou Lingtian always disagreed with Song Ningxuan and Ou Xiuyuan being together.


He always felt that if it wasn’t for this woman, then he wouldn’t have fallen into this situation now.


Song Ningxuan was in a daze, feeling that these years were like a dream.


After waking up from a big dream, there was nothing.


She had forgotten what her initial self looked like as she continued to chase after her imaginary wealthy feelings.


Song Ningxuan wanted to go out and find a job again.

But over the years, Song Ningxuan had long been wasted by Ou Xiuyuan.


Her eyes were too limited without a talent for design and vitality.


But this time, there was no one to accommodate her like before.


She had been in a lot of trouble at work, but she often found Gu Jingyu’s figure in magazines.


Gu Jingyu climbed the Alps and Mount Everest and even went to XZ to play …..


From the constantly snapped photos, it seemed as if Gu Jingyu hadn’t changed at all.


It was as if the years had not appeared on his face.


Song Ningxuan remembered when Gu Jingyu was pursuing her.

Had she obediently agreed to it, wouldn’t she have taken so many detours


Song Ningxuan finally compromised.

She had no chance to return to work and could only become a canary, kept in a cage by Ou Xiuyuan.


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