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When Gu Jingyu was 45 years old, Su Hangyu passed away.


Her experiences left her body deficient, and she did not live past 70 before she passed away.


However, before she left this world, Su Hangyu created quite a few works.

Most of them were well received by the public.


In the end, Gu Jingyu was by Su Hangyu’s side during her deathbed.


“Son, you are the one I feel so worried about in this world.”


Gu Jingyu hugged Su Hangyu without expressing sadness on his face that his loved one was about to pass away.


He still didn’t understand emotions.

He didn’t understand why people had to create so many rich emotions.


“I’ll get along fine.”


Su Hangyu lifted her hand with difficulty and touched Gu Jingyu’s face.

Her face was full of reluctance.


She hadn’t been with her son for long but was leaving.


Fate had given her trials and tribulations, yet how lucky she was to have such a son.


“Son, you have to be good and live a good life.

Mom loves you!”


She had lived with Gu Jingyu for so many years.

How could she not see that he was a little different regarding emotions


She even went to ask a psychiatrist privately, but the results made her heart jump even more.


When Su Hangyu was packing her things, she saw Gu Jingyu’s designs.

Compared to now, the old Gu Jingyu was like a warm sun, but the current Gu Jingyu was a cold stone.


When he did anything, he didn’t want to do that but had to do that.


He was like a computer, calculating each step, doing his work according to the program, and analyzing what he should do according to the actual situation.


This kind of person appeared frightening, just like a robot without feelings.


Gu Jingyu didn’t understand why Su Hangyu kept worrying about him.


He felt that he could live a good life.


Su Hangyu finally couldn’t carry on and left.


Some people familiar with Su Hangyu came to the funeral, each with a sad expression.


Gu Jingyu was different, and even the people around him couldn’t understand whether he was really sad or not.


Jack brought his wife over.

Gu Jingyu and Su Hangyu had always had a good relationship, but he thoroughly understood death.

Su Hangyu passed away normally, and there was not much sadness.


In his opinion, people would eventually return to the world of bliss.

It was only a matter of time, whether early or late.


Gu Jingyu calmly finished Su Hangyu’s funeral and returned to where they lived.


It was now, precisely at night, the usual time to leave work.


Su Hangyu had already warmed up the food in the microwave oven and was ready to be eaten as soon as it was opened.


Gu Jingyu walked to the kitchen and opened the microwave oven, which was empty.


Yes, she was gone.

There was no one to cook for him and no one to care about his body.


The maid came over and saw Gu Jingyu looking at the microwave.

She didn’t know what he was thinking.


“Sir, are you hungry Do you need me to make you something to eat”


Gu Jingyu waved his hand, “No, I’m not hungry yet.”


The maid knew that Su Hangyu had passed away and thought Gu Jingyu was too sad to eat.


“Then, sir, there is milk and bread in the fridge.

If you are hungry, you can put it in the microwave to heat it up.”


After saying that, she left.


Gu Jingyu did not say anything and went straight back to the bedroom.


This world could be lived without anyone; it was only a meal.


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