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When he reached Ou Xiuyuan’s office, he only saw Song Ningxuan, the female lead, an employee of the design department, with noticeable water dye on her body.


What was going on here


If Gu Jingyu remembered correctly, he had just seen the supervisor telling her to finish the job that was hers before leaving work in the company.


Now, the female lead, which should be working in the office, went to the President’s office, several floors away from the design department.


Were they really worthy of being the main characters No need to worry about how far away they were because they could meet in a dramatic situation.


“President, are you looking for me for something” Gu Jingyu frowned.

This feeling of being subservient to others was not very pleasant.


Gu Jingyu’s expression was a bit strange.

Especially since his clothes were now actually draped over the female lead, this was even more intriguing.


“Chief Gu, under your leadership, the design department’s performance is improving daily.

But more or less, you should also pay attention to the moral issues of the company’s employees, and the group targeting the employee is coming out.” Ou Xiuyuan told the story, and Gu Jingyu probably understood what was happening.


Once again, he sighed at the power of the plot.

He remembered a drama where the female lead was splashed with water.

However, someone did it because the supporting guy missed the meeting for her.


But now the bonus went up by 50%, so nobody would do such a thing.


“President Ou, our design department is getting along well internally.

As for this incident that President Ou is talking about, there must be some misunderstanding.” Gu Jingyu still had confidence in the design department staff, and they wouldn’t do such a thing.


Ou Xiuyuan didn’t know what was going on but suddenly smiled coldly at Gu Jingyu.

“Since Chief Gu can’t manage the staff well, transfer her to the Secretariat.”




Was there such a good thing It was time to throw this hot potato out.


For the female lead, Gu Jingyu no longer had any idea.

You could imagine that no matter what you do, the damn plot would always play out in various odd ways.


This was nothing.

The main thing was that every time the drama happened, he would somehow get swept up in it.


“Since the President attaches so much importance to her, it’s up to the President.” In a cold and indifferent voice.

Yet somehow, Ou Xiuyuan felt as if Gu Jingyu had gotten rid of some big trouble.


At a closer look, this Chief Gu still had his usual expression.


After Song Ningxuan heard that she would be transferred to the Secretary Department, the ambition in her eyes could no longer be hidden.


For such a female lead, Gu Jingyu was not surprised at all.


Even if the novel was written beautifully, setting up the female lead to be so kind and innocent, she could ultimately become the president’s wife and stand firmly on her feet.


One could tell that the so-called female lead wasn’t as kind as written inside the novel.


Now, the female lead was going to fall in love with the male lead.

As a supporting role, he would be able to ignore them both.


In other words, he had finally gotten rid of the big trouble known as the female lead.


“Then I’ll trouble Chief Gu to find out who is bullying the company’s staff and causing such a big impact.”


Gu Jingyu seemed to have heard some kind of joke.

Did he say that Song Ningxuan caused a big impact just because she got a little wet


Sure enough, novels like this one really weren’t logical at all.


“Okay, President Ou, it will be investigated as soon as possible.”


If Ou Xiuyuan wanted to ** and eat it, Gu Jingyu didn’t care about it.




He thought there would be no more trouble when the female lead went to the male lead.


But he still underestimated the ability of the plot.


When Gu Jingyu was preparing to rest in the evening, his mobile phone suddenly rang.


At first glance, it was actually the female lead.


But think about it, those people in the design department knew that it was so late that they certainly wouldn’t call during bedtime.


Only the presumptuous little white flower, the female lead, could call a male casually without considering the time.


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