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At the same time, at the Ji family home.

Ji Lanzhou had not returned home for the entire night.

His parents were very anxious.

After reprimanding the bodyguards who had lost him, they quickly sent more people to look for him.

Just as the corners of their mouths were bubbling with anxiety, Ji Lanzhou returned unhurriedly.

Ji Lanzhous mother was about to pounce on him, but when she saw the clothes Ji Lanzhou was wearing, she was stunned.

“Lanzhou… Lanzhou, you…” Her son had always been picky about clothes and would not wear them unless they were couture or tailored.

But, just what was he wearing right now! He was wearing a black shirt that didnt fit him, a pair of gaudy beach pants, and a cap on his head!


“Son, my son!” Her heart instantly ached and she cried.

She didnt dare to imagine how much torture her weak son had suffered outside last night.

Ji Lanzhous mother, who had always been elegant and generous, didnt care about her image at this moment.

She pounced on Ji Lanzhou and cried loudly.


Ji Lanzhous father was more observant than his mother.

He clearly saw that when Ji Lanzhous mother threw herself onto Ji Lanzhou, she had accidentally pulled open a button on Ji Lanzhous shirt, revealing the densely packed hickeys on his fair chest.

Ji Lanzhous father paused for a moment, then went forward to pull the crying mother who was out of breath.

He said to Ji Lanzhou, “Go upstairs and tidy up yourself first.”

Ji Lanzhou nodded.

He buttoned his shirt, which had been messed up by his mother, and slowly went upstairs.

From afar, he could still hear his mother sobbing to his father, “Old Ji, my son has suffered so much last night! Look at what hes wearing…”

Ji Lanzhou chuckled.

He lowered his head to look at his own outfit, and a hint of disdain flashed across his eyes.

Then, he quickened his pace and walked upstairs.

When he came down again, he was wearing comfortable black-colored home clothes.

His freshly washed short hair was still dripping with water, and his beautiful eyes were misty.

He looked like a noble young master walking downstairs! His gaze swept across the living room, but he did not see his mother.

Ji Lanzhou raised his eyebrows.

“Sit.” His father, who was sitting on the sofa, pointed at the sofa across from him and said to Ji Lanzhou, “Your mother was worried for the whole night.

I let her go back to the room to get some sleep first.

She heated a glass of milk for you.” He pushed the glass of milk in front of Ji Lanzhou.

After watching Ji Lanzhou drink it, he said, “Your body hasnt been well since you were young, so your mother and I cant help but pay more attention to you… But now youre not young anymore.

I understand that you want to have your own space and life, but the children of the Ji family cannot fool around outside.”

As he spoke, Ji Lanzhous fathers attitude gradually became serious.

Ji Lanzhou understood that his father might have seen the marks on his body and misunderstood that he was fooling around outside.

His head ached as he massaged his temples.

He said, “It was my fault that I didnt inform my mother about last night, but…” he stopped himself.

He did not know how to explain to his father that he had been tricked by a woman to go back home with her and sleep with her last night.

In the end, he didnt even know the womans name or her contact information.

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Ji Lanzhous father saw that Ji Lanzhou wanted to say something but hesitated.

He thought that Ji Lanzhou wanted to learn from the people outside and irresponsibly have a one-night stand.

Ji Lanzhous father instantly pulled a long face and said, “Lanzhou, a man has to be brave and responsible.

Since youve done something with this young lady, you have to be responsible.

You should bring her to the house for me and your mother to see in the future.”


Ji Lanzhou: “…”

If he had known earlier, he would not have gone home! The Ji family was very traditional.

In the Ji family, he could not casually sleep with someone if he was not sure that he would be marrying her.

If he slept with her, he had to be responsible for her.

However, the current situation was that even if he wanted to take responsibility, he could not find that woman!


“Alright, I understand, Father,” Ji Lanzhou sighed helplessly.

This matter had come to an end for the time being.

After pausing for a while, Ji Lanzhou thought of something.

He asked, “Father, do you know Liu Da and Guan Sandao”

Ji Lanzhous father was stunned for a moment.

He did not expect Ji Lanzhou to be interested in Guan Sandao.

He thought for a moment and said, “I know them.

Liu Da and Guan Sandao have never been on good terms.

Guan Sandao started from nothing and relied on his brain and fearless personality to make his way to the top.

Liu Da relied on his ancestors so he has some connections.

However, these two forces have some connections with the Zhou family.

Why are you suddenly interested in the two of them”

“Im just asking.” Ji Lanzhous slender fingers gently tapped on the armrest of the sofa.

The Zhou family… if that woman wanted to solve the trouble she caused last night, she would have to get through to the Zhou family first.

“If theres anything you need me to do, just say it.” Since their child was older now, he had his thoughts.

Ji Lanzhous father didnt want to get involved in Ji Lanzhous matters too much.

He patted Ji Lanzhous shoulder and said, “In City Z, whether its the Zhou family, Zhao family, or the Wang family, were not afraid of any of them.” The Ji family had a deep foundation that other families couldnt catch up to.


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