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“Yes, you should know my girlfriend, right Miss Hong” Zhou Jingyun asked.

“Your girlfriend” Hong Tongfei shook her head.

“I dont know your girlfriend.”

“You dont know her Didnt my girlfriend ask you to come” Zhou Jingyuns expression suddenly changed.

“… Maybe it can be counted as that It was Brother Long who asked me to come.” Hong Tongfei hesitated and then continued, “Brother Long said that your girlfriend is his close sister.

His close sister has something to do and he has to help, so he asked me to come.”

“Brother Long Jiao Qinglong” Zhou Jingyun immediately realized who theBrother Long that Hong Tongfei was talking about was.

Hong Tongfei was Jiao Qinglongs mistress.

Everyone in the industry knew that.

For the powerful people, these things were not secrets at all.

There were not many celebrities who were absolutely clean in the industry.

Moreover, Jiao Qinglong did not hide the fact that he was a sugar daddy.

Therefore, there were quite a number of people who knew about his relationship with Hong Tongfei.

“Yes, its him,” Hong Tongfei nodded.

Zhou Jingyun frowned slightly.

Jiang Tong actually knew Jiao Qinglong and even called her hisclose sister When did this happen Zhou Jingyun had never interacted with Jiao Qinglong, but he knew that Jiao Qinglong was the second young master of Hongyuan Industries.

Because he was defeated in his familys internal conflict, he idled around, ate, drank, and had fun every day.

He did not care about anything.

From what Zhou Jingyun knew, Jiao Qinglong was a very, very low-key person.

He rarely interacted with others, and it could even be said that he wasnt very easy to get in touch with.

Whoever took the initiative to contact him would be rejected by him, and he would play on his own.

After that, he flashed a fawning smile at the young woman, who stared at him for a moment before releasing his ear.

After regaining his freedom, the young man rubbed his ear and cursed at Wind Lord, who was inside the mirror.

He was clenching his teeth as if he had shifted all the blame to Wind Lord for the pain he had suffered.

A moment later, he put on a smile and let out a breath before saying, “Its said that Dao changes everything, be it for better or for worse.

Everything in this world is inconstant, including Humans.”

After he finished speaking, he took a step forward and directly entered the mirror.

As a ripple spread across its surface, the young man disappeared from the room.

The next moment, he appeared in the hall and stood in front of Wind Lord.

The young man was handsome and his smile appeared harmless.

Wind Lord was flabbergasted because from his perspective, the young man appeared too abruptly, as though he just walked out of the Void with no signs prior to that.

Wind Lord narrowed his eyes and stared at the young man warily, given that even with his cultivation, he still wasnt able to gauge how powerful this young man was.

Other than the fact that he himself was in a terrible state currently, it also went to show that the young man before him was truly extraordinary.



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