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Cheng Yuelin’s allergic reaction required a full three days of medicine before it would be completely healed.

He insisted on wearing the turtle-neck sweater to work.

Ruan Zhiyin was impressed by his diligence.

Compared to a few years ago, he had changed a lot.

During high school, Cheng Yuelin had always managed to push all her buttons and really tested her good temper.

But now, Ruan Zhiyin could tell that Cheng Yuelin was also trying to get along with her.

Ruan Zhiyin used the leftover crabs to make fried crabs and scallion oil with crab.

This time, they all went into her own stomach.

Cheng Yuelin had plain noodles every day, but he was not picky.


In the company, the Bei Cheng project had been proceeding in an organized manner.

According to the contract signed by the two companies, Lin Heng would contribute 65% of the capital, but the Ruan Company would handle all the development work.

The subsequent profits would be divided fifty-fifty.

The conditions of the contract were a little too good.

Ruan Zhiyin was a little confused and had even wondered about Cheng Yuelin’s intentions.

After all, other than cooperating with him and improving his image, she did not have to do anything else.

So far, in this marriage, she was the only one receiving benefits.

Lin Cheng’s side had been silent ever since Qin Jue had been injured and had been treated at the hospital.

The medical cooperation case that had been going well previously had now also been put on hold.

Even though Ruan Zhiyin did not want to admit it, but Qin Jue’s recent move of clearing up his relationship with Lin Jingfei had caused Lin Cheng to lie low for a while.

Even if he did not want to see the Bei Cheng project proceed smoothly, Lin Cheng could not carelessly interfere.

This only made Ruan Zhiyin felt even more disgusted with Qin Jue.

She did not want to passively receive his “assistance”.

In the meeting room, Ruan Zhiyin and Lin Heng’s representative were finalizing the details of the contract.

“Vice President Ruan, do you have any terms that you would like to amend”

Lin Heng had sent Zhong Yi to be their representative and to work as a liaison between the two companies.

He was the director of the development department.

She had originally thought that as the investing party, Director Zhong would try to take charge of the project and add it to his own achievements, but she was wrong.

Not only was he good at communicating, he also treated her with a lot of respect.

Thinking that she had previously won the Bei Cheng project and had effectively stolen the project from his team, Ruan Zhiyin felt a little embarrassed.

After browsing the contract roughly, Ruan Zhiyin looked up at the other person.

“The terms that we wanted to amend and add have already been previously added by Xiang Bin.

After we checked the details, I will bring it tomorrow for it to be signed.”

“Okay.” Zhong Yi responded with a smile, before he paused and tentatively asked.

“Do you want to tell President Cheng in person about the ribbon cutting ceremony”

Ruan Zhiyin was stunned when she heard those words.

This was the first time someone had directly said something about her and Cheng Yuelin’s personal relationship.

For the past while, although Cheng Yuelin had shown off their “love” in front of Qin Jue and a few others, Ruan Zhiyin had understood, they will not really be a true couple with an intimate relationship.

But this question from Zhong Yi made her realize that in the eyes of many people, she and Cheng Yuelin were indeed husband and wife.

It was the one of most intimate connections that could be shared with people.

This feeling was definitely a little unusual.

When she was studying abroad, she had had roommates, but Cheng Yuelin was different.

Even though they lived under the same roof and got along better and better, they were not ordinary roommates.

Ruan Zhiyin suppressed that strange feeling and glanced quickly at Zhong Yi’s eyes, before she silently smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I will bring it up with him.”

The planning permit from the government had already been received and the planning department’s designs had also been approved.

The construction was going to begin soon.

Even if the work was managed by his subordinates, Cheng Yuelin would still have to show up for the ribbon cutting ceremony.


“Boss, Lin Zhe and Madam’s issues… This is roughly all of it.”

In the president’s office, Bai Bo had just finished reporting to Cheng Yuelin what he had previously been asked to investigate.

Then he could not help but feel nervous for Lin Zhe.

He saw Cheng Yuelin’s brows begin to furrow into a frown and his face became more solemn.

Bai Bo paused slightly before saying, “Even though the Lin family tried to entrap the Madam, Madam seems to have taught Lin Zhe a lesson.

Afterwards Lin Zhe had always avoided her.”

The Lin family had really tried to take advantage in all sorts of ways.

The real daughter had returned, and they had even tried to get Lin Zhe together with Ruan Zhiyin, so that they could marry her into their family.

They effectively ended up putting themselves right into the Boss’s line of fire.

Cheng Yuelin’s white and slender knuckles tapped on the desk.

His voice got cold.

“Release all of Lin Zhe’s **ty actions and don’t forget to put his name on it.”

As he spoke, his eyes were as cold as ice.

Bai Bo immediately understood that even though Cheng Yuelin did not want anything to affect his wife, but he wanted to make sure the other person’s reputation shatter into pieces.

If there’s any to blame, one would only have to blame Lin Zhe’s own rotten actions.

Forging his school transcript, organizing cheating during exams, these were all things that Lin Cheng had helped him cover up.

The other person was Lin Jingfei’s cousin.

As long as there was someone to protect them, the marketing accounts were glad to pick up this sort of news.

This sort of under the table dealings could send people to prison for a few years.

Other than Lin Zhe, Lin Jingfei’s reputation had also been falling.

It seemed that she would suffer another blow.

After all, Lin Zhe’s matters were all covered up by Lin Cheng and Lin Jingfei could have been an accomplice.

His boss was taking down two birds with one stone.

Truly amazing!


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