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{His hatred for her is Raw and Deep.}


Warning: Highly-Rated Contents

His cold eyes finally met hers. "You, Danika, might not be enough, but youll do. Now, remove your underthings."

Danikas ears still rang from everything he said to her. Her eyes still stung with tears. Why did her father have to do all these? Why did he have to be addicted to gaining power?

Her hands trembled as she removed her underthings, leaving her completely naked in front of him.

Tonight, shell loose her virginity in the cruelest way, in the hands of the coldest man she has ever known.

But shell bear it with dignity. She is a princess. No...she was a Princess. She was born with regality, trained to carry herself with pride and to be a proper lady.

But, this is her fate now. A fate she can escape. She raised her chin and awaited his next command.

"Get on to the bed. Face down. Legs spread." There was no expression in his eyes. Just hate.

She climbed the bed, pressed her face on the bed and spread her legs. She closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable, her arms trembled slightly.

Being optimistic, she tried to focus on the fact that this is the first soft bed shes lying in, for the first time in a long time. She allowed the pleasure of it to wash over her.

She heard the ruffle of clothes. The sound of a zip opening. It didn take long before she felt him come up behind her.

He grabbed her hips, his fingers biting into her flesh and she felt his p€nis nudge at her opening. My eyes snapped open at the huge feel of his p€nis.

Danika is no strangers to a mans anatomy, she has seen a lot of naked slaves before, but she has never thought one can be as big as what was pressing on her body, searching for something.

He must have found what he was looking for because he grunted his approval.

As he adjusted his knees on the bed, the small pleasure she was feeling disappeared as he pulled back out and began to push in.

She sucked in a startled breath as his short thrust quickly became painful and she held her breath and waited for it to happen.

Breathing hard, he held her by the hips and when he pulled back and then pushed forward with one long, hard thrust, bottoming out inside of her.

She cried out in agonized pain, gritting her teeth so much, her jaw went numb.

He stilled completely and she let out a tear-filled whimper she couldn begin to control. It hurt more than she expected it would. So so much.

He didn hold back. He pulled back and plunged into her again fiercely.

She swiveled her head, buried her face to the bed and screamed, twisting her trembling body away from his brutal possession.

But his strong hands caged her, holding her body immobile. He covered her with his body and plunged into her over and over and over again, the force of his thrusts pressing her unrelentingly deeper to the bed.

Only her pained cries where heard in the golden room, none of his. Not even a grunt.

Although he took her fiercely like an animal, Danika would have sworn that hes restraining himself. It made her wonder if hell break her in two if he wasn .

The fierce thrusts went on and on and on. Then, suddenly, he pulled away. Rose from the bed and zipped up.

Danika stilled lying on the bed, unable to move her body, she cried softly to the bed.

"Get out of my room." He commanded, walking away without a backward glance to her. She heard the door open and close behind him with a bang.

She knew he didn finish and she wondered why. The man hated her, he has no remorse for her. So, why didn he keep plundering her body until he gained his satisfaction?

She didn know the answer to that and it was the least of her problems. Alone, she started sobbing aloud.

For the first time since her kingdom was ambushed, her father killed and she, taken into slavery, she felt pain. Real raw pain.

Heart-wrenching sobs wretched her throat. She has always dreamed of flowers. Her husband making love to her under the moonlight. She, loosing her virginity to him while he loves her body so tenderly.

This is nowhere near what she imagined. Reality hurts like a knife to the heart. Father, why did you have to do this to me?

She didn know the pain that was greater. The one coming from her body, or the one from her heart.

The one from her body was physical. What he did to her hurt. But the one to her heart hurt too....because she knows that this is her life now.

She got up, glad that hes not around. She didn know what shell do if he has to watch her trying to stagger her way out, and crying openingly.

Blood smeared her thighs, still dripping out from her womanhood. She made it to her cold cells, and the guard opened it.

She entered the empty confinement, walked towards the old bonk without mattress and laid on it and stayed huddled there.

She sniffled repeatedly, trying to control her tears. She doesn want to cry more. She doesn want to look broken...because she isn .

Survival. She will survive this place.

She might be his slave on the outside. But inside, shes still Princess Danika to herself. He will not break her! She won allow it. Herself is the only thing she has.

Just then, the cell opened and Baski entered. The older woman gave her a polite smile. "The King said to extract you."

What? Again? "W-What?

"He said to get you out of here and---"

She lost it. "What does he want with me again!?" Danika raged, shooting up from the bed.

"He wants---" Baski started.

Danika scoffed. "How can you say that! You have no idea what that monster did to---"

"Hes holding back, because if he truly wants to give you back all your father did to him, hell start by roasting your feminine parts." She started curtly.

"W-What?" Danika wasn sure she heard the woman well.

"Never mind." She turned away, "If you

e done raging, you hear me out. The king said to escort you to your quarters."

Danika blinked twice, wondering whats wrong with her ears. "What?"

"Follow me." Baski began walking away.

Whats going on?

Danika got up with a wince and followed her out. The older woman escorted her to another side of the big palace and into a room. The room was small but good looking and tidy.

"What am I going here?" She asked the older woman.

"Its your new room."

"M-Mine?" She stared around, wondering what these people are up to.

"Clean up and go to bed. The King will request for you on the morrow." Then, Baski turned and walked away.

Danika, too tired and emotionally stressed to start thinking about all these, just laid down on the bed and allowed herself to pass out. Escaping reality is always a good choice.

But, what did she mean by hes holding back? And whatever the hell does she mean by him, roasting out her feminine parts?



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