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My slave, My property The session

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My Slave My Property


Paul Morgan

Danika was still kneeling, she stared up at the King, her heart beating in her chest. She doesn know what to expect.

Will he share her or command her torture session?

"Get up and str*p, Danika." He commanded, opening up yet a new scroll.

Chad was in the room and for the first time, Danila couldn pick up what the man was thinking or feeling. It was something to be afraid of because the man was always like an open book.

But now, his face remained as expressionless as Luciens. Her hands turned sweaty.

She got up and started removing her clothes one after another. She removed the pins on her hair, loosening it wildly. Then, she removed everything from her corset down to her underthings.

N*ked, she tried not to stare at any of them, her gaze pinned to the ground.

"To the table." King Luciens voice came again.

Danika swallowed tightly and started for the table. She doesn know whats with him and the table. Shes only been on the bed just once....that first time.

She closed her eyes, pressing tightly on her table, almost hugging it like a refuge.

She felt the movement when he came up behind her and pressed against her, his body covering her. Her ass cushioned his heavy erection perfectly.

Danika kept her eyes tight. You don have to look, she told herself. She doesn know if its the big Chad behind her or the king himself.

She kept her eyes tight and willed her mind to believe that its the king.

But, when he snaked his hand to her front and caressed her br**sts, Danika whimpered because she knows instantly that its not the king.

The king doesn caress or play. He goes right down to taking what he wants.

Chad turned her around and pressed closer to her, he was still dressed completely. His touch was surprisingly gentle as he forced her to look at him.

"This is a session, Danika." He groaned.

Her heart ran out of her chest and all the blood drained from her face.

He must know what the reaction means, because he shook his head. "Not a torture session. Actually, this is the only session a slave enjoys."

"Im here to teach you how to ple*sure, Danika. How to take and receive pleasure. There will be...less pain in here."

His English was halting as usual. His handsome chiseled face staring at her. Up close, she found out that theres a thin scar running down his cheek too. Just like the Kings...but thinner.

She wondered how much this two has been through together?

And what does he mean by pleasure and less pain? She can understand what hes saying. She has only known pain from them...from the king. She doesn know pleasure.

He urged her on top of the low table and spread her on it. His hands on her br**st caressed and soothed, but she couldn relax.

"Relax your mind, Danika. Free yourself." His voice was almost hypnotic. Almost.

When he lowered his head and took her nipple into his mouth, she whimpered and drew taut like a drawn arrow.

She doesn want his hands on her. She doesn want anybodys hand on her. The ple*sure will be a sham. Pain is the only feeling sex produces, she is very intimate with this knowledge.

The more he suckled and caressed her, the more she stiffened and whimpered miserably.

She tried to relax herself because she truly doesn want to be punish, but she couldn .

When his sturdy fingers caressed her womanhood, she almost jumped out of her skin.

He frowned, watched her face as he did it again. She looked as pale as a ghost, staring back at him as her eyes watered.

He leaned closer and pushed his face towards her ear, "If you truly want to survive being a slave, you have to learn to BE a slave, princess. In any session, in any torment, you close your mind and say...I have to survive. I won give them the satisfaction of seeing me dead."

"The words work like magic, sometimes. It is one of the ways we survived too." He lowered his voice the more, "Youll be going to court again soon, youll need this knowledge...youll need to learn how to ple*sure. Your introduction must have taught you how s*xually inclined the kings are, yeah?"

She nodded, swallowing tightly.

He nodded too. "You might never know whats ordered of you. I think the king is doing you a favour with this sessions, and I don even know why. Most of us had to learn through p*in and lots of humiliation in court. Including him." He whispered the last part.

That said, he began f*cking her with his finger in earnest, his eyes watching her face observingly.

She closed her eyes and tried to take his advice. She forced her mind to relax while he worked his finger into her tight sheath.

Very good." He complimented, approvingly.

Her eyes opened and found the King on this writing chair, he was looking at them closely. At her. There was no sort of expression on his face.

Tension filled her. The more she tried to relax, the less she is. The session wasn going well.

When Chad started unbuckling his p*nts, she heard the Kings voice for the first time.

"Enough, Chad." His low voice reverberated, his eyes flared.

Danika would have sworn that she saw something like...possessiveness...in his eyes for a minute, before he blinked and it was gone. Just the cold and unfeelingness again.

Maybe, she imagined it.

Chad stopped immediately and stared at the king in confusion.

"Stop touching her. Teach her how to ple*sure a man." He ordered, and began writing again.

"As you wish, your Highness." Chad urged her down from the table and lowered himself towards the nearest chair.

He unbuckled himself and pulled out his p*nis from his leather p*nts.

He was big and Danika was glad that the king called a stop to him taking ple*sures from her body. It would have hurt badly.

"Run your hand on it." He urged, taking her hand and teaching her how to run it up and down his ph*llus.

How to caress it. How much pressure to add. What not to do. The more he thought her, the more he complimented that that shes doing well and shes a fast learner.

It made her more confident, her hands stopped trembling and she did everything he said.

Suddenly, she had the great urge to please. But, not Chad. She wanted to please Lucien. She knew he was watching.

"Now, the mouth." He urged her mouth down on him and even though she didn know what he expects of her, she let him urge her head down on her.

In the long minutes that followed, he taught her how to take him deep. How to get it down right. How to get past her gag reflex. How to súck on it. How to hold it with her throat.

It wasn easy to learn but he was very patient with her. She was glad that its Chad holding this session....she can begin to imagine how bad itll be if its another stranger.

And one that wears his hatred for her and her father up his sleeves.

More time passed before he was groaning, and she was openingly sücking him, doing everything he taught her.

She applied the right amount of pressure and he sūcked in a breath, grunting as he came into her mouth.

She ceased her breath and swallowed quickly like he taught her. She kept on until she milked him dry, then, he tugged himself back into his leather p*nts, still breathing heavily as he stared at her.

"You did well, Danika. You did really well." He surprised her when he kissed her forehead.

Danika knew that her father had been very cruel to this man. Why wasn he being as cruel to her?

She stared at him as he got up, and just then, she heard ruffle of movements. She followed it to see the king striding in measured strides towards her.

"Go out, Chad." He hesitated, his eyes on her, "You can wait on the door or you can call Vetta."

"Yes, my king." He proceeded to do just that.

The king started forward. "To the bed."

She nodded, relieved that its the bed but at the same time scared out of her mind.

She knows what hes capable of doing to her and just the thought of it had panic closing down her throat.

She climbed on it and gave him her back. She closed her eyes tight and started a silent prayer to the Creator in her mind. She was so scared, her body shaking.

The ruffle of clothes were heard, then he came up behind her. She was liquid underneath from the session, and his searching hands soon discovered it.

He groaned approvingly and guided himself towards her opening, his hand holding her hips as he worked himself into her. He didn shove right in, like he did that night in her room.

Instead, he pushed slowly, stretching her until he was all the way inside her.

It burns as always, and it hürts, but...there was something else. That feeling she couldn explain.

He leaned closer into her and his breath caressed her ear. "Every slave gets a reward from her master from time to time for doing a good job....for pleasing her master. Ill give you for first reward today. Here."

Reward? She knew it was done, but shes sure her father never practiced it.

Why would he want to reward her? And how? Surely, hurting her doesn amount to a reward.

So many questions and pleas and protests in her mind, but she said nothing.

She wasn understanding anything hes saying, but she still responded. "Thank you, master."

He leaned back, withdrew himself from her and pushed into her again. He began a long but steady movement.

Danika clenched her hands on the bed and took his str0kes. She was half afraid that hell yank on her hair, or hurt her br**sts, or sl*p her butt. She was so afraid that hell do a lot of hurtful things again. But, he didn .

Instead, he kept up the steady thrusts until she had the unbearable urge to push back against him.

She didn understand what he was making her feel. It was overwhelming, but it wasn pain.

His hand snaked to her breast and he twerked her n**ple, applying slight pressure at the same time, he angled his thrusts.

Danika made a sound on her throat, pushing back against him. Such unfamiliar response from herself confused and scared her at the same time.

He began a faster pace. Pluñging in and out of her. Soon enough, she was mo*ning underneath him. Making little sounds of pleasure on her throat.

Her eyes closed as ple*sure sipped through her, her body trembling under the onslaught. She reveled in the sensation she doesn understand, but was overwhelming her.

When he tangled his hand in her hair, she stiffened immediately, the sensation forgotten and she whimpered with fear, waiting for him to y*nk hard on it.

But, instead of y*nking on it, he pulled her back to meet his thrûsts. His other hand snaking down to caress the nub between her legs.

"Oh..." The sound escaped her in breathy exclamation.

The motions relaxed her as he rubbed in a circular motion the same time plunged and strained behind her. He never made a sound behind her.

She was suddenly climbing an edge she doesn understand....and it scared her too, but she didn fight him or struggle against him.

She cried out when an unbearable sensation suddenly burst through her, her body trembling under his as she met liquid around him.

Her hands gave out and she collapsed on the bed, sobbing aloud unable to control herself. He kept his thr*sts short and steady while the feeling washed over her completely.

He pulled away from her then and she laid there, trying to catch her breath, trying to understand what happened to her. There was no bone in her body anymore.

Her eyes watched as he turned away from her. He never removed his clothes with her. She has never seen his organ before but she knows its large and manly because of the way it feels inside her.

Is it also his h*tred for her that makes him stay clothed with her?

"Whos behind the door?" He groaned, lust....and something akin to p*in, in his voice. He didn raise his voice, but he never had to.

The door opened and Chad entered. "Mistress Vetta went into the village."

His shoulders stiffened, drawing taut with tension.

"L-Let me do it...w-with my mouth." Danika whispered from the body, her body still liquid. Her cheeks flushed at her own words, but she didn take them back. Didn want to.

She was feeling so sleepy, the events of the day finally catching up with her.

She knows instinctively that he didn find pleasure from what just happened. He likes it rougher and with a measure pain attached. She doesn know why, but she was almost certain of it.

He stared over his shoulders and said nothing. Instead, he became more tensed, he never said a word to her.

Then, he glanced forwards towards chad. "Kneel."

His kneels hit the ground, the king unbuckled himself and Chad took him deep into his mouth. Just the way hed taught her.

She can barely keep her eyes open and she feared that hell tell her to get out as usual, because she isn sure if her weak muscles could carry her.

It didn take long before he grunted out his ple*sure and pulled out from Chads hot mouth. He buckled himself up and stepped back.

As usual, he didn look like a man who just found his ple*sure, his face as hard and cold as always.

Chad watched the king as he turned and stared at the bed. King Lucien paused when he saw Danika was sleeping on his bed.

Chad stiffened because he knows the king will react badly to this. Lucien doesn like anybody on his bed...on his personal space.

King Lucien has more demons to fight than any of them.

No woman sleeps on that bed...not even Vetta, his mistress of five years.

When he turned towards Chad, Chad lowered his head and awaited his command.

Its either the king orders him to throw her out, or he angrily barks her awake and order her to get out.

He was surprised when King Lucien walked passed him towards the bathroom. "Wrap her up and take her to her room, Chad. Do not wake her." He ordered in a low groan.

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