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The birds chirped and Liv turned the other side of her bed , she didn want to be awake , not now , she was not ready to face the new upcoming drama of the house she longed to be when she was away.

But the next thing awakened her , her alarm and today it had a different ringing tone and that made her sit , rubbed ger head and gazed on the photo beside her bed .

The picture showed a woman most likely Liv herself , had a sapphire eyes and soft cheeks , pink lips , fair skin , beautiful smile that may capture anyone who dazes on it.

She was beautiful and mesmerizing that one would thought to be an angel .

" Let the light rise and dark fall , one day someone is gonna be there for you " Liv said as she closed her eyes remembering her child hood.

Memories *******

" Mom , you just promised me so don you denie next time " young Liv said and her mom smiled .

" Come here , Olivia " she called and young Liv walked to her . Her mom smiled offering her hand and she took it . " Bring both of them Liv " and she did smiling .

" Now listen , whenever you miss me , speak this line and everything will be okay " Ritha spoke and young Liv dazed at her still not capturing whatever she meant .

" Let the light rise nd the dark fall , one day someone is going to be there for you " she added and young Liv pouted .

" Are you saying you going to leave me someday?" she asked and the womans expresion changed a little bit but masked it and gave her a best of her smile.

" Princess , ain gonna be there forever neither will your dad be but trust me someone else will come and fill the void and that will be your soulmate " Ritha said and young Liv kept her gaze onto her .


" And that someone will always be you " she said and got off her bed walked into shower and cleaned her body . She wore a black knee- length dress and walked out , it was so quite seemed like nobody was home except the maids and she couldn care less as she took her car keys and left too .

Coopers Mansion .

Charlotte wore her black dress too and found her way down stairs to find her family having breakfast. she smiled and rushed to them ad she had no chance of meeting them yesterday .

" Princess " Lucia exclaimed and Charlotte went to hug her mother , how she missed her . She walked to her dads seat and gave him a kiss on his cheek as he caressed her cheeks .

" Am mad at both of you , how come you were not home yesterday " she said pulling a seat beside her brother will who seemed to be busy with his food rather than her.

" So how was the flight , princess " Nathan asked and Charlotte smiled , " It went so great " . " Thats good princess , and how was Mexico? " he added wanting to know how his baby was doing .

" It was great but am so happy that am back now" Charlotte exclaimed and both laughed except Will . " Lets eat first , i believe we have a lot to talk about my baby " Lucia said then gazed at her son whom seemed not to care and that was a problem .

" Whats wrong with you two " Lucia asked her kids knowing how they always play a cat and mouse role all their life and the " not greeting thing " seemed suspicious.

" Nothing mom , he just didn miss me " , a scoff was heard as Wills gaze turned to Charlotte and Nathan gave a heavy sigh , his children will never come in good term ever.

" We already met " he said and sipped his drink in one gulp, this was no fun to him the only one he gets along with is Amelia whom keeps roaming around the world like she would die tomorrow.

" But i got an incredible news " he added giving out his dark aura and everybody flinched , he was already pissed off and nothing good shall come out of it at all. He looked at Charlotte and she jolted in fear untill when he decided to ask her .

" So is your Lesbian fellow dead ? " . That caught off guard all of them and gave him attention while the world to Charlotte seemed to crumble with that one sentence , so this was what he meant with that damn "ooh" last night .

Just because i said its not a he but a she , he thought of me being a Lesbian , will is really getting on my nerves , she thought.

" William " Nathan shouted and will gave his father a keep silent gaze and nobody would dare to defy him , " Ooh ** off don give me that look Will " Nathan said and Will fisted his palm before banging the table making some mess .

" Will just because you

e full it doesn mean others are not hungry " now a shouting voice of Lucia came and that always succeeds in penetrating his monsterous self as he always calms down.

" Mom i found her talking love ** to a woman , what do you think that is " Will said and silence fell upon them again . Charlotte was now burning out of anger , she knew that this was so purposeful , Will is trying to do something here but she couldn get what was it.

" And by so you

e grounded for one month " he said and walked out leaving a scream behind him " William cooper " . Nobody would ever defy his orders , not even hus parents sometimes and Charlotte knew she won be helped , he is so mean .

" Mom thats not right , am not a lesbian , i was just talking to a friend " Charlotte said , " I know baby , he just felt like grounding you so just calm down " Lucia said looking to her husband who seemed to be calm like nothing happened .

" Do you know why this happened " she asked him and he denied by side nod his head and Charlotte left running to her room tears streamed down her cheeks . Today was important day and she had to go to Olivia because its a memorial day of her mothers death and she just can miss it .

Meanwhile Will vooped onto his car and his friend asked him , " Why did you ground her , is it because of Benny " . " That bastard got all the nerves and you know how obsessed he is toward her and i can let him have her in anyway peter " he said and peter nodded.

Peter Rowan and will are best friends since childhood , studied the same schools , university and now working under the same company. Peter was helped by Coopers family since his child hood and he was taken as part of family too and he was now a assistant to Will.


Olivia knelt beside the grave and prayed , it was written " RITHA ROBINSON" . Liv then started doing some cleaness and sat beside it pouring herself the drink her mother loved the most while she sang her favourate song.

She was waiting for Charlotte to appear but time went flying and she was not seen at all , darkness started filling the sky and she was still there looking at her mothers grave reciting her favourate line not noticing other people around her , she stayed untill she was all alone in tge whole area.

" Sorry mam but the time is over " she then heard the voice and knew it was the guardman and she was supposed to leave.

" Okay , just give me two more minutes" she said kneeling again closing her eyes and prayed , after she was done she slowly walked out and the guardman escorted her . She took her car and drove away back home .

Once again she found no one and couldn care and headed to her room , took shower and scooped herself in her bed.


" What are you thinking man " Will asked and peter sighed , " Nothing " he replied.

" Its not a nothing , so speak up " Will insisted as he walked toward him and gazed at tge wine locker front of him then turned to his friend again.

" Nothing theres just something i saw stuck on my mind" he said and Will poured himself some wine too . " What is it ?" he asked sipping some of it.

" As i went to visit my parents grave , i saw a young woman on the grave i thought had no relatives at all " . he said and looked at him.

" And so why is that bothering you " Will asked. " Let the light raise and dark fall oneday , someone wil be there for you " Peter said and smiled.

" Was that what she said to you ?" Will questioned and peter sighed . " No but she kept reciting these words for hours , she looked so weak and more likely depressed , am wondering what the hell happened to her but i felt the urge to help and i don know where to find her again "

" Don tell me you fell in love with her ?" Will asked and Peter scoffed. " Am not like you Will , ain taking women for granted , i said an urge to help not to love " . A small sarcastic laugh escaped Wills lips and he gulped his wine down his throat.

" Anyway what did you to that guy " Peter asked and Will sighed , " I just couldn let him see today " and that finalised the answer to peters question . This man was more way dangerous thatn what a person might think and the person who knows that better is Peter.

" You won ground Charlotte forever what are you gonna do to Benny " he asked again and will stretched his hands on his back of the head ad he looked at him.

" Benny will be leaving this city within a month and she will be free " he said. " What if he won leave in a month , what will you do ?" Peter asked again and Will closed his eyes not having any answer to that now , ofcourse he wouldn ground his sister all the time but he won let anything happen to her.

" We need to talk , Will " A voice was heard and he knew trouble arrived . " Hi Charlotte " Peter said smiling.

"Hi Peter , Will we need to talk " she insisted once again.

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