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Chapter 105: The Evil God Comes


“Power How powerful is it” Childe Yun He didn’t make his choice immediately, but stared at Childe San Quan with bloodshot eyes.


“At least it’s strong enough to kill that maid as easily as blowing off dust.

However, I won’t lie to you.

It’s a power from an evil god.” Childe San Quan didn’t hide his real intention and directly told him the truth.



Use my bloodline… to exchange for the evil god’s power” Childe Yun He smiled.


A day ago, he still had a bright future.

He would undoubtedly not have been hooked by these words at that time.

Who was he He was Childe Yun He! He was the inheritor of Crane Wings Twin Swords and the first successor of Yun He Family! However, the maid named “Mei” had destroyed his life and taken away everything he had.


Why didn’t Crane Wings Twin Swords kill you It was obvious that you were no match for them!


“I accept it.

I need the power! Give it to me!”


After taking a few deep breathings, Childe Yun He made a decision which would change his life forever.

After losing everything he had, this was his only chance for revenge!


“Very well.

You’re making a very smart choice,” Childe San Quan showed a mysterious smile at the corners of his mouth while emitting a non-human feeling from his body.

“Eat this.”


Childe San Quan drew out a blood-caked, heart-like meatball from the pocket on his chest and put it into Childe Yun He’s hand.


“Dong!” After touching Childe Yun He’s body, the meatball emitted a heart-shaking sound.

No one would doubt about the exuberant vitality contained in it.


“Is this the power” Childe Yun He grasped the unknown meatball in his hand with greed in his eyes.



Please repeat after me,” Childe San Quan’s mouth opened wide like a slit-mouthed man.


Unfortunately, Childe Yun He didn’t see his weird shape.

His eyes tightly gazed at the unknown meatball on his hand.


I will go to the devil!


With this in his mind, Childe Yun He swallowed the weird meatball with a tragic look.

At first, he felt sick, then after a while, he felt that a ball of fire was burning in his stomach.


“Arrrghhh!” Childe Yun He felt that he was burning and boiling.

He felt a gust of unknown power spreading within his body.


Oh oh oh oh oh! Is this the power Is this the evil god’s gift


Childe San Quan opened his mouth, guiding Childe Yun He to finish the contract ritual with the evil god “Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli”.


“I swear my belief to the great Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli!” Childe San Quan said.


“I swear my belief to the great Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli!” Childe Yun He repeated.


“Swallow, destroy, battle!” Childe San Quan said.


“Swallow, destroy, battle!” Childe Yun He repeated.


“Only the person who presents the largest number of sacrifices can get the god’s glory!” Childe San Quan said.


“Only the person who presents the largest number of sacrifices can get the god’s glory!” Childe Yun He repeated.


In the dark basement, a pale halo of light spread out and finally formed a strong figure.

It had snow-white fur, a pair of eyes filled with wisdom, and arrogant appearance.

For a moment, Childe Yun He wondered if he summoned the wrong object.


Is this animal the evil god


He hadn’t seen this kind of animal in White Lotus Sword Domain before, but in his opinion, it was just a tall sheep without horns.


“Cough… I’m Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, the Destroyer of Western God’s Domain.

After being defeated by Tonatiuh in the War of Gods, I went to Eastern God’s Domain to hide and restore my power.”


Childe San Quan looked at the evil god in embarrassment.


It was indeed an evil god.

In its heyday, its power was sufficient to challenge Tonatiuh, the sun god.

At the same time, it was also the god of war, massacre and destruction.

Every year, countless people offered human sacrifices to it, trying to please it and obtain its bloody power.

However, its true form had been sealed by the god of the sun.

It became an alpaca, a sacred animal normally living in the wild of Western God’s Domain after that.


“Hiss!” The alpaca knocked its hood on the ground, then walked to Childe Yun He, who was dumbfounded.


“G-god…” Childe Yun He didn’t know what expression he should show in front of the alpaca.


“Don’t panic.

I’m an evil god who is very willing to spread my power.” The white alpaca loftily raised its hoof and knocked Childe Yun He’s forehead.


The next moment, the messy power in Childe Yun He’s body immediately became organized.

Undoubtedly, this was a power that only gods could use!


“Thank god with me!” Childe San Quan said and put his palms together devoutly.

His mouth had unknowingly returned to normal.


“Thank the evil god!” Childe Yun He imitated Childe San Quan’s gesture, worshiping to the great evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli.


“Baa!” The evil god was satisfied with them.

It walked to the corner of the basement and fell asleep.


“Eh… What happened to the great evil god” Childe Yun He looked at the sleeping alpaca, asking Childe San Quan in confusion.


“Don’t mind it.

Our great evil god just felt tired.

Let’s begin to prepare the sacrifices.”


“What are the sacrifices”


“Of course they are… the creatures which look like our god but are blessed by the sun god.

Let’s hurry up! The more of those creatures our god eats, the stronger our god will become.

If you want to become strong, then start to collect the sacrifices and start the blood ritual immediately!” Childe San Quan told Childe Yun He the blood ritual that could make him become strong.


“Ok!” Childe Yun He saw the light and his bright future! “Mei! You have taken away everything I had.

Shortly afterwards, I will make you taste the same pain! I will rob ten times the things that I lost to you!”


“Atshoo!” Yun Xi tidied the bakery shop for the last time and recalled what happened last night, then had a compulsive sneeze.


“Little Xi, don’t catch a cold.

It’s ok to have a drink, but don’t get loaded.” Although Hua Huo still felt dizzy from her hangover, she still persuaded Yun Xi after smelling booze on his breath.



I will never get loaded,” Yun Xi sighed as he made butter bread for Hua Huo for the last time in the bakery shop.


Indeed, he couldn’t forget her.

Where are you and what are you doing now


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