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Chapter 109: The High Wall


In White Lotus Sword Domain’s sword blade area.


Due to various reasons, most of the sword domains in Sky Sword God’s Domain looked like a sword.


The sword handle area was the living and trading area for ordinary people.

Almost every sword handle area gathered over 90% of the ordinary population in each sword domain.


The sword blade area was very dangerous.

It was the habitat of various terrible and strong creatures, and was also the habitat of many sects and forces.

It was a world which had both chances and danger.


The sword tip area was a supreme, holy land, the location of each sword domain’s sword palace.

Only Sword Palace’s disciples were entitled to live in this area.

They studied and practiced by themselves, then stepped on their own road leading to the hero rank.


The noble families, sects, and forces in the sword handle area and the sword blade area would try their best to recruit anyone who came out of the sword tip area.


Sword Palace represented Sky Sword God’s Domain’s orthodoxy.

It was the most transcendent force of all the sword domains.

Most of hero-ranked beings lived in the sword tip area under Sword Palace’s control.

Occasionally, even legend-ranked presences would come to Sword Palace.


All the boys and girls of Sky Sword God’s Domain had a dream to become a disciple of Sword Palace – unless their sword talents were too poor to the extent that they couldn’t see any hope.


Sword was power, and sword was the god.

Sword Palace was the highest inheriting system in Sky Sword God’s Domain.

Even in the whole Eastern God’s Domain, the swordsmen from Sky Sword God’s Domain weren’t nothing.

They and the taoist priests from the Heaven’s Road Palace were called the strongest two careers of Eastern God’s Domain.


“Is this the wall” Yun Xi had lived in the sword handle area for sixteen years.

This was the first time he saw the high wall which protected the sword handle area.


To be exact, it wasn’t just a wall.

It was a set of defence system.

From the exposed wall to the mid wall, then to the last interior wall, there were three walls that were over dozens of kilometers.

Including the fortresses which were spread all over the place, they were a complete defence system that was as strong as iron.


Unless there were under legend-ranked monster’s attack, the defence system was almost unbreakable.

Throughout history, all the defence systems in all the sword domains had only been broken very few times.


The sects and forces purposely built their stations in the wild of the sword blade area.

They actively eliminated the monsters living in the sword blade area.

It was said that in some large sword domains, the monsters in their sword blade areas had almost been exterminated.


“I heard that the wall was made out of the monsters.

Countless monsters’ corpses accumulated and became the wall.

Look at the tallest wall, it’s said that it was made up of giants’ corpses!”


“I know! I know! It’s not just a tale.

It’s really made up of giants’ corpses.

It’s said that this method can save the quantity of building materials.”


The female swordsmen circled around Yun Xi and chirped like a group of birds.

Hua Huo stared at them in anger, but couldn’t directly say it out.


Hey, hey, are you blind Mei is just a “girl”! “Girl”! Why do you get so close to him!  And Little Xi, don’t laugh! You should remember that they’re still some strangers before Sword Palace’s entrance test.

Why are you staying and chatting with them so naturally


“It wasn’t just for saving building materials used.

Powerful giants’ corpses can shock and awe weak monsters, and scare them to maintain a distance from the wall.

The sword blade area isn’t as simple as your imagination.

Even if you’re a hero-ranked person, you will die there if you’re too careless, because that’s a thing that has once happened.

A hero-ranked adventure team was eliminated there by an unknown monster.”


As an aristocratic miss of the famous Hua Family, Hua Yue placidly occupied the most advantageous position beside Yun Xi and told him about the danger.


“A monster that can even eliminate a hero-ranked adventure team Is such a terrible monster really in White Lotus Sword Domain” Yun Xi was shocked.

He knew how frightening the hero-rank was.


The twin witches had left a deep impression in his heart.

They were almost invincible when they were together.


“I don’t know.

At that time, even the previous master of White Lotus Sword Domain came to investigate the incident, but in the end, no one found that monster.

From the traces at the scene, it should be a very big monster,” Hua Yue said.

She was very good at guiding the topic to her familiar field.

That was a natural ability of her White Gold Rose Bloodline.


“According to the combat time and the combat strength, it should at least be a fifth-ranked monster.

Maybe it was an alien invader dropping from the sky.”


“Can I make a lot of money if I kill it” Xiao Cao’s eyes were sparkling.

Compared to the monster’s terrible power, she was more concerned about the reward.


“Of course.

The previous Childe Yun He was killed by that monster.

Yun He Family has posted a whopping cash reward.

As far as I know, White Lotus Sword Palace has also posted a reward, but only hero-ranked people can accept the quest, because it is too dangerous!” Hua Yue warned Xiao Cao, but Xiao Cao’s eyes were still sparkling.

She didn’t care about the potential danger at all.



The hero rank… I will try my best!” Xiao Cao counted her fingers.


The first finger, the first rank.

The second finger, the second rank.

This was her current rank.

The third finger, the third rank.

It shouldn’t be hard to reach.

After that, it was the fourth finger, the fourth rank, which was also known as the hero rank.

There was still time for her to earn money to buy equipment before that.

Well, after two fingers, she would be able to accept that quest.


As the old saying stated, “The poor children manage household affairs early”.

Since there was such a profitable quest waiting for her, she should improve herself as soon as possible.


“You… Don’t underestimate the hero rank too much!” Hua Yue found Xiao Cao’s plan both funny and annoying.


Once a person reached the hero rank, that also meant that the person had exceeded the limit of his life.

How many geniuses couldn’t reach this realm till their deaths How many civilian swordsmen sold themselves to noble families, just to exchange for a possibility of breaking the invisible barrier stopping them from reaching the hero rank



If it was her, sooner or later, she would be able to reach the fourth rank.

Yun Xi felt the growth speed of Xiao Cao’s seed and made that judgement in his heart.


After practicing the basic sword skill to the limit and learning Mortal’s Sword (perfect), the more difficult the sword skill Xiao Cao practiced, the easier she would feel it became.

From the first rank to the second rank, it was the most difficult time for Xiao Cao.


To Xiao Cao, who had Mortal’s Sword (perfect), Combat Instinct, and Heart Eye, she would be able to reach the next several ranks as easily as blowing off dust.


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