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Chapter 152: Lu Lu


“Very well.

At least, Water God is still worshiped in this village.” Yun Que let out a sigh of relief.


After knowing that a Sky Sword had come to this world, she was worried that the situation had become hopeless.

Judging from the situation in the village, she knew that she had been overly worried unnecessarily.


At least the ordinary people in this world still thought that Water God was their only god.

She could see incomparable, pure godliness in these villagers’ eyes.

They hadn’t betrayed their god.



Even though the village was just a corner of this whole world, she could tell that Water God hadn’t alienated its people by being unsympathetic to them.

People didn’t think that their god was an evil god.

This was a critical point for them to finish their quest of “Looking For the Most Beautiful Bride for Water God”.


“We need to rest a while in the village.

Excuse me for bothering you.” Yun Que started to carry out her plan.

The white tiger’s identity was exalted than she had imagined.

She had planned to apply its identity in a flexible way.


“Don’t say that! It’s our honour to serve you, Water God’s apostles!”


“Be quick! Go prepare food!”


“And you, go pick flowers!”


“This cattle! Kill it and cook it now!”


The coming of the two apostles was obviously a memorable story for the ordinary small village.

All the villagers were fanatical, and this fact made Yun Que feel very satisfied.


After that, Yun Que rested in the village head’s house and found the general records of the village there.

She spent the whole night remembering the history, population, land and the number of livestock of the village.

Of course, she paid most attention to the girls that were of the right age in the village.


“In this world, age for marriage is from twelve years old to twenty-four years old.

But Water God is a legend-ranked being, it should not mind the age of its bride.

In that case, I should liberalize the age range.

The bride should be a pure girl but not a married woman, so the proper objective in the village is…”


Yun Que recorded and made her plan.

She had almost forgotten that there was another apostle who had the same mission.

But it didn’t matter.

She had been used to it from a long time ago.

An archer normally performed tasks alone.

Moreover, she was a Phantom Archer who had the dark elf bloodline.

It was normal for her to go her own way without any help.


Her bloodline was cursed and despised, so she didn’t trust anyone from a long time ago, and so she disguised herself.

With the “Blood” power the Water God’s Mask granted her, her disguise had become more flawless.

As long as there wouldn’t be another god-like being, no one would find out that “he”was a “she”, not to mention her dark elf bloodline.




As Yun Que read up the village records, Yun Xi was walking around the village.


The white tiger, who was three metres tall and ten metres long, was following behind him, acting like a kitten.


Yun Que was also a Water God’s apostle, but it preferred staying with Yun Xi.


“Little Mu is a nice name.” The white tiger thought and licked its paws, accepting its new name with a quiet conscience.



“Hello…” Yun Xi stopped.

He looked at a girl who was drying medicinal herbs in the sun.


The girl was about sixteen years old.

Somehow, she had a pair of animal ears on her head, which looked pretty like a puppy’s ears.

Her face was comely and her eyes were timid and gentle.

She blushed after seeing Yun Xi, which made her look even cuter.


If Yun Que was here, she could state her name, identity, and family tree precisely.

But Yun Xi knew nothing about her.

He just felt that she was pretty cute.


“Tempting Heart” doesn’t need a reason, does it


However, Yun Xi felt bewildered because she looked like a girl in his Starwings Knights.

If she didn’t have the two animal ears on her head, then he would have said that she was that girl.


“You… do you know me” Yun Xi walked to the girl and asked.


“Yes… You are the great Water God’s apostle.” The girl lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Yun Xi’s eyes.


Not her They just had the same face


Yun Xi looked at the familiar but also unknown girl.

He remembered that the Starwings Knights girl was called Lu Lu.

She was an introverted girl.


Somehow, she lost her memory after coming to this world and thought that she was a native girl in the village.

The changes that had happened to the girl weren’t just her animal ears.

Yun Xi could smell the scent of herbs from her fingers and he noticed the green potions beside the girl.


“Are you a pharmacist” Yun Xi reached out his finger, touched a few of the potions and tasted one.


The faint scent in his mouth and the cold feeling spreading in his body told Yun Xi that it was a great potion.

Yun Xi even thought that she was the best pharmacist he had ever seen.

If anyone in the village could be the Water God’s bride, then she must be the best qualified one.


“This girl’s information looks good.

She has a hope.” At the same time, Yun Que also noticed “Lu Lu” amongst all the villagers’ names.


She was only sixteen years old but already a talented pharmacist.

She was like a crane standing among chickens in the ordinary village.


“I… You… If possible, can you give me a bundle of Mountain Lord’s hair” Lu Lu didn’t know the reason, but she naturally felt intimacy from the exalted Water God’s apostle.


Why Even though the apostle was wearing a mask, but when she looked at him, she felt that she should be intimate with him.

Her heart was beating fast, as if there were butterflies in her stomach.


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