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Chapter 177: The Birth of a Queen


Revenge! Revenge!


It must kill the person who killed its “male” half at any cost! It must take revenge for the extinction of the whole Dark Shadow Spider Race!


Insane murderous intent spread across its whole body as a bloody color sprawled over the black threads.


“Hiss!” With painful roar echoed in the cave, the spider queen slowly moved towards the exit of the cave.


Suddenly, it saw a strange crystal which was filled with green liquid.

Countless sparkling green slimes jumped around inside the green crystal.

If that was all, then it was just a common scene because it was not surprised to see slimes inhabiting caves.

They were the lowest creatures in caves.

However, these slimes were different!


“Hiss!” After observing these slimes for a while, the spider queen shivered with a shocked expression in its eight eyes.


The green crystal was producing slimes at a fixed and high frequency!


At short intervals, the green crystal would produce one hundred slimes.

At this speed, this cave should have been filled with countless slimes, but the number of slimes in this cave didn’t change.

Why Because once the number of slimes in this cave reached a certain extent, a part of these slimes would suddenly vanish in this cave.



Void transport! As a void creature, the spider queen immediately realized their movement method.

Even if it was the dark shadow spider queen, it wouldn’t be able to do it because only the beings whose power had reached the seventh rank could tear open space.


The power of space was pretty rare even amongst all hero-ranked powers.

It was said that it was close to the nature of the universe.


The people who could control this power could even call themselves “the god’s domain’s favourite”!


“There… you are…” A muffled sound suddenly rang in the spider queen’s ears.

It couldn’t help but take a step back, curl up its legs and lower its head.


As a void creature, it naturally noticed that the sound was from a presence that was far beyond its imagination, who had far surpassed any void creature it had ever seen.

Perhaps only the holy, beautiful, silver creature was on a par with the presence.


However, compared to the holy, beautiful, silver creature, this presence’s voice was more evil, just like what it had often heard from its race members.



Undoubtedly, it wasn’t a benign existence.


“Surrender to me… and become my subordinate…” The muffled sound from the green crystal echoed in the cave.

After hearing it, the green slimes around the crystal started to evolve themselves at a high speed.


The second stage, which Yun Que once told Yun Xi about, was starting here, and was doomed to spread to the whole Water God’s world.


“Kill the slimes in this world to stop the slime race’s evolution” was just a whimsical joke.

The source of the slimes in this world was right here, in this deep cave.

As long as the green crystal hadn’t been destroyed, the slime race’s evolution would be unstoppable.


It was the will of Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, the whole slime race’s only child of god.



“Yes, the great child of god.” The presence’s will touched the spider queen’s mind, and immediately, the spider queen understood what a great existence it was facing.


She was born in the lowest race, but finally became an inconceivably strong presence.

She had thousands of appearances and avatars, and she was the embodiment of the whole slime race.

As long as there was still any slime in the universe, she wouldn’t die.


She was the most weird Sky Sword – Shaya Longnis.


To the dark shadow spider queen who had lived in the void all its life, Shaya Longnis was a presence that was greater than its wildest imagination.


“I… grant you… human form… find the trace of the god in this world… for me…” As green lights emerged from the crystal, one green slime after another turned into green mist and flocked to the dark shadow spider queen.


The spider queen was covered with a layer of green mist.

It crouched down in fear and twisted in pain.

All its veins and nerves were permeated and infected by the green mist, turning to a strange direction.


Even though she was still incomplete, she was still a Sky Sword, the strongest presence in the whole Sky Sword God’s Domain.

Shaya Longnis’s will could transform the hero-ranked dark shadow spider queen’s body as easily as turning her hand.


“Hiss! Hiss!” The green mist dissolved the queen’s whole body and transformed it to a brand new form.


Under the faint green light in the cave, a black-haired woman came into the world.

Her hair was as dark as night, hanging down to her ankles.

Her charming face stared at her body in wonder and confusion.


“Ugly… Why is this body so ugly” Even though any man would be enchanted by her perfect body at the first glance, unfortunately, it was a dark shadow spider.

It didn’t understand what this human form meant.


“Look for… Water God’s apostles… then… catch the apostle who wears a silver mask!” The dark shadow spider queen didn’t know if it was her illusion, however, she felt that the great Sky Sword, Shaya Longnis, was grinding her teeth when she said it, as if the apostle with a silver mask had done something unforgivable to her.


“Your will is my life mission, my lady!”


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