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Chapter 181: Ling Ling Agreed


After a while, Ling Ling made her decision.


“I know! I know! I’ll marry you.

Anyway, you don’t look like a bad guy.

Can I eat it now” Ling Ling’s expression looked as if she was saying “I won’t give it to anyone!”.


She tightly grasped the golden loaf in her hands and took a big bite.

The sweet smell of cream and flour instantly spread inside her mouth.

To the people within this world, their daily food was simply some boiled rice and vegetables, the first bite of bread was irresistible to them.




“Awwoo!” Ling Ling smiled happily.

She seemed to have fallen into a nice fantasy.


It… It’s too delicious!


If I can eat this food every day after I marry this man, it looks good to me.


Mama said that I should choose someone who can make me feel happy, and I must take the man’s heart once I make my choice.


A good lady should believe in the man who had caught her heart!



“It’s yummy!” Ling Ling’s eyes glowed as she gazed at Yun Xi, as if she was trying to find out his true appearance hiding behind the mask.


Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief after seeing Ling Ling’s burning eyes.


The bread was effective! ALthough he shouldn’t say it, but Ling Ling was the simplest one amongst all the Starwings Knight girls.


She was easy to be tempted by toothsome food, and wasn’t good at thinking.

Maybe this was the reason why she was Hua Yue’s bestie.

After all, people all like to make friends with these kinds of people.


“Give me one more!” After gulping the expensive fourth-ranked butter bread, Ling Ling gazed at Yun Xi with longing, as if she was a golden dog who had been starved for several days.


“Don’t worry, there are still a lot.

As long as you like my bread, I will make them for you everyday.” Yun Xi put nine butter loaves into Ling Ling’s arms, looking at her with a smile on his face.




According to the traditional ceremony, as long as she accepted his gift and didn’t accept other people’s gifts after that, she would become his fiancee.


“You are tempting me, aren’t you I have a feeling that you’re familiar, and this isn’t the first time we have met.” Ling Ling looked cheerful as she looked at the butter loaves in her arms.


Maybe this was the so-called “fate”.

She met the right man at the right time and at the right place.


Why did he know that she couldn’t refuse sweet foods


“Yeah, perhaps I often made bread for you in our past lives.” Yun Xi teased.

How could Ling Ling know that he had known everything about her


“Sigh, I’m out.”


“Ling Ling is too cunning! I came here first!”


“Ling Ling is fastidious about food.

I want to know how it tastes.”


Other girls sighed after seeing Yun Xi put the bread into Ling Ling’s arms.

A lot of girls looked regretful.

Ling Ling wasn’t the only girl who was tempted by Yun Xi’s mysterious gifts.

However, she was the most careless one, so she accepted Yun Xi’s proposal without thinking.


“Ling Ling, congratulations! You are the second now.” Lu Lu ran towards Ling Ling, holding her hands with excitement.


“Lu Lu Oh, since you are here, can this man be…” Ling Ling covered her mouth after seeing Lu Lu.


Lu Lu was one of the most excellent girls in this area, naturally Ling Ling had known who she had married.

After all, this was one of the hottest topics in the nearby villages.


So, he is the legendary Water God’s apostle


“Puff…” Yun Xi wiped the sweat on his forehead away.

When he proposed to Ling Ling, he wasn’t as calm as other people thought.


Fortunately, his bread proved a sufficient lure.

Plus Ling Ling subconsciously had a good feeling about him, so he could succeed.


As expected, the number of his fiancees had increased to “two” in his star system.

At the same time, a gust of new power was overlapped into his body, making him feel the power from Ling Ling clearly.

Compared to Lu Lu’s power, Ling Ling’s power was hotter.

Lu Lu’s power was like a refreshing orchid, and Ling Ling’s power was like an enthusiastic rose.


Yun Xi had a feeling he was like a gardener who was collecting flowers.

Now, there were already two flowers in his garden.

As a gardener, he must take care of these flowers mightily, and collect more and more flowers at the same time.


The garden’s power is his power!


“Hello… can I eat your bread” As Ling Ling smiled like an idiot, finally a girl plucked up her courage and spoke to Yun Xi.


“Mei Lan…” Yun Xi looked up.

He recognized that this girl was Mei Lan, Xiao Cao’s assistant, Ling Ling’s rival in Starwings Knight.

Unlike Ling Ling who was born in a noble family, Mei Lan was one of the core people of Xiao Cao’s camp.

Xiao Cao didn’t mind if she could lead a camp.

She only wanted to practice her sword.

However, the other civilian girls naturally formed a camp, taking her as the core.


Mei Lan was Xiao Cao’s camp’s actual superintendent.

Under her help, Xiao Cao became the Starwings Knight vice-leader, forming a camp to stand up to the noble girls’ camp as an equal.

At other times, Mei Lan was always very calm and acted like a strategist.

But now, she acted as if she was a little girl whose toy was just stolen.

She pouted with an unconvinced look on her face.


In fact, Yun Xi had notice that she was the first girl who had found him and come to him.

Although she had lost her memory and believed that she was a native, her leadership was still great.

If she hadn’t been born into a declined noble family, she wouldn’t be inferior to Hua Yue.



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