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Chapter 218: Jealousy


“Hello… as you see, I’m the Apostle.” As the Lamias looked at him, Yun Xi couldn’t stop his heart from beating faster.


He felt nervous, because they were not just some village girls nor the Starwings Knight girls.

Instead, Lamias were one of the strongest races in this world.


Although none of these girls were at the hero rank, they were still far stronger than most living beings in this world.

Lamias are a race that is at the top of the food chain in this world.

Yun Xi thought that even the green hippo couldn’t withstand a single blow from them, because their screw like muscular tails could play with the half a ton water ball as a toy.


This was who the Overlords of the deep sea were, the Lamia Race.


“Oh! He is really that man!”


“He speaks! He speaks! We’re so lucky!”


“Am I dreaming”


The girls’ excitement was running high.

Their eyes were much more pure than any human girls Yun Xi had met, with sparkling lights shining in their vertical pupils.


They look… very happy


“I wouldn’t have guessed it.

Sisters, you are behaving very badly!” Feya tittered.

Unintentionally, her screw like tail coiled around Yun Xi’s waist much tighter.


“Feya, let go of the Apostle.

You’re being impolite.”


“Yes, didn’t our queen tell us that we shouldn’t coil around humans so casually Humans would feel scared due to this, so it’s impolite.”


“Feya, come back.

I have some tasty treats for you.”


The Lamias noticed the compromising position between Feya and Yun Xi, as a jealous expression came upon their faces.


Why Feya was the youngest.

How had she become the first



My Sisters are all liars!” Feya exposed her teeth at her sisters mischievously.

She made a face at them and announced proudly, “I and the Apostle have performed ‘the ritual’ and have had ‘those relations’ too!”


The Lamias were all flabbergasted.

They all looked at her with a look of total disbelief.


No, it can’t be true!


That was what all the Lamia Sisters felt in their hearts.


“Feya, you’re still too young.

Do you know what you are saying”


“‘Those relations’ Do you really understand its meaning”


“I didn’t think that I taught you how to be a liar!”


Feya brought her face near Yun Xi’s ear with a naughty look.

Then, she softly licked his ear and revealed the scar on his ear.


“Sisters, you are too late.” Feya said flatly.


“Whoa! Why Why!”


“Feya! Feya has become the first!”


“When did she do it The Apostle should have just arrived here… oh, when we were playing the water ball game!”


“No! Had I also went to practice with the water ball alone…”


The Lamias all cried, as if they had just been thwarted in love.


This isn’t good, and I shouldn’t turn a blind eye to their circumstances! Yun Xi thought.


“Well, I do think you are all misunderstanding something I have done nothing to Feya.

We are both still pristine!” Yun Xi explained the fact that he didn’t commit a crime with the young girl.


“Yes, it’s a secret of the adults.

Apart from this, we are guiltless.” Feya couldn’t help but laugh.


Shuffle! Shamble! Shuffle! Her words struck a heavy blow to her sisters’ hearts.

They became more agitated.


Yun Xi looked at the girls in confusion.

It seemed that something he didn’t understand was happening.


What can I do now


There is no better way than to go marching forward courageously!


“I want to marry as many of you as I can.

Feya won’t be my only bride!”


There!… I said it! It was outrageous and shameless, but in the Water God’s world, it could be forgiven.


Because it is the only method that I have to save this world!




“Is it… for real”


“So it wasn’t fake news after all! The Apostle really wants to have a lot of brides!”


“Feya couldn’t satisfy you alone!”


Yun Xi’s words were like a fire in the darkness or the sun in the chilly winter.

His words ignited the girls’ flames of hope.


There is still a chance! They all thought.


Since he wouldn’t only marry Feya, then they still had a chance!


“Cough, not that I mean that Feya couldn’t satisfy me, I mean…” Yun Xi felt really embarrassed.

“Anyway, she is still too young, isn’t she I wasn’t going to do anything to her now,” Yun Xi said.

What he thought he was saying, was gibberish.


It was true, but it still sounded like he was deceiving these innocent girls.


Probably they wouldn’t doubt his words, because… they were so innocent!


“Yeah! The rumour was real!”


“Apostle, could you be a man who likes… the so-called harem”


“That  doesn’t matter,” cried out one sister.

“We don’t mind that at all!” cried another.


“We are confident about our forthcoming ‘night activities’!” Another sister confided.


The rest nodding their heads in agreement.


The Lamias looked thrilled.

As expected, they wouldn’t doubt the Water God’s Apostle, so they accepted his words immediately.



What a heartbreaker you are!” Feya complained and bit Yun Xi’s ear again.


Of course, she had known of this earlier.

She just wanted to show off her trophy to her sisters before they found out.


Did I succeed Yun Xi sighed. If possible, I want to be an upright gentleman.

However, the world will not give me such a chance!


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