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Chapter 233: The Origin of the Mist Tide


Mist Tide.


It was a periodic, uncontrollable natural disaster in the Water God’s world.


Since the beginning of history, Mist Tide had never completely disappeared.


Mortals couldn’t walk into the mist and look steadily at the mist.

Once the Mist Tide rose, they could only pray to the great Water God.

Apart from this, there was no way to escape from the Mist Tide.

No matter if it was Human, Mermaid, or Lamia, no race could fight against the Mist Tide alone.


Mist Tide was unpredictable.

It could appear at any time and any place.


In the sky, on the ground, across the sea.

Once the infinite mist gathered together and swept through the world, everything would drop into quiescence.


Elizabeth once studied the Mist Tide from books and had had an in depth knowledge about this natural disaster.


Once living beings were involved into the Mist Tide, only very few lucky people would have a narrow escape from it.


After deeply and thoroughly investigating all the tales, she found that they were all due to the Water God’s power.


When they were enveloped in the Mist Tide, few survived.

Of those that did, some were holding ancient family treasures, and some were born with a special bloodline just like her.


A few survivors left notes, in which they recorded their experiences.

From these records, the Mist Tide wasn’t caused by some unknown monster.

It really was a special natural disaster.


Some survivors saw endless ice winds sweep through the ground, then their partners were frozen and turned to snow.


Some survivors met the monster Elizabeth had seen, looking at the monster eating their friends one by one.


Some survivors started hallucinating.

They saw countless demon butterflies flying in the air and taking living souls to the underworld.


The dangers in the Mist Tide wasn’t always the same.

Compared to having strong power, having strong luck was much more important when you tried to escape from the Mist Tide.


Though hero rank creatures couldn’t escape alone from the Mist Tide either.


The more she discovered about the Mist Tide, the more Elizabeth understood how ridiculous her dream of forming a new caravan and travelling around the world was.


Every year, there would be over one third of the caravans and one-tenth of the entire world’s population that disappeared in the Mist Tide.


Mist Tide was like an immutable rule in this world, swallowing living beings coldy and mercilessly.


Then, what can I do to change this rule What can I do for a better world


Mortals can’t stop the Mist Tide.

If I become stronger and stronger and obtain the great Water God’s blessing, can I change everything


That day, Elizabeth lost her best friends and her dream, however, another dream was born in her heart.


She knew she could accomplish her wish someday, because she had the first Elizabeth’s bloodline.


She wanted to change this world.

She wanted to protect the people of the caravans!


There were many, many girls in this world who could become a travelling merchant.


However, there was only one “Elizabeth” who could become the Water God’s High Priestess to protect people.


After realizing this, “Elizabeth” finally found the goal of her life.


I don’t want to see “Mist Tide” happening ever again.


My bloodline protected me from the Mist Tide, therefore, there must be a reason for my survival.


While reading the record about the Mist Tide, Elizabeth moved her eyes to the Water God’s Scepter, which could only be obtained by the Water God’s High Priestess.


If I become the new Caelian Queen and obtain the scepter, can the power inside it help me find the secret of the Mist Tide and change this world


She thought, then she did.


After giving up her dream of being a merchant, nothing could stop her now.


She came to a small village and became an unknown priestess.

With that goal in her heart, she kept moving on her personal advancement.


Compared to other “Elizabeth”, who were still being protected like princesses, she lived a hard life and put in ten times the effort.


Her talent wasn’t the best amongst all the “Elizabeth’s”, but she was the hardest working one.


Finally, she succeeded.


At the age of 25, the previous Caelian Queen retired and all priestesses took part in the selective trial of the new Caelian Queen.

As a black horse, she defeated all other candidates and ascended to the throne as the new Queen.


When she held the Water God’s Scepter in her hand and shook the rings on it, she realized that she had obtained the key to change this world.

Then, the first thing she did was to go to the most dangerous forbidden zone in this world.


It was an island in the northernmost part of the world, where it was covered with endless mist and was known as the origin of all Mist Tides in this world.


There, she witnessed a part of the Mist Tide’s truth and the deathless bone dragon.


Without any hesitation, she challenged the most horrible monster in the Mist Tide: the bone dragon.


Seven days and seven nights later, in order to escape from the bone dragon, she fell off into  the sea and was saved by the Lamia Queen eventually.


“It’s a forbidden zone, even to us Lamias.

Don’t make the same mistake again, because there exists a huge nightmare and is the Mist Demon’s habitat.”


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