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Chapter 267: The Mist Demon’s Real Appearance


After the Mist Tide, the Island of Mist returned to its original situation.


The Slime Armies had all been eliminated, and various weird mist creatures, who once tortured the Sword Palace disciples to death, all revived.


These weird mist creatures had various shapes, but they had the same characteristic: silence.


Even when they hunted and ate each other, they didn’t make any noises.


Killing in silence and dying in silence.

The whole Island of Mist was like a silent world, rejecting all living beings from the outside world.


Occasionally, several slimes who were good at hiding popped out from the ground, but before they moved their round bodies, mist creatures had found them, rushed forward and chomped them.


After losing their predominance and their leader the Dark Shadow Spider Queen, even the giant slimes couldn’t hold any longer in front of these mist creatures.


On the contrary, after eating the special slimes, the mist creatures started a new round of evolution.


Yun Xi and Yun Que watched this scene from the beginning to the end.

They were really  looking forward to seeing the Mist Demon.


Maybe the Mist Demon could be a trump card on the balance of their war with Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword!


Even though in the eyes of the local people of this world, the Mist Demon was the most frightening nightmare and the enemy of all living beings, but it had nothing to do with them.


In order to defeat the Sky Sword, Yun Que even made the crazy “Expansion Plan of One Million Brides”, not to mention to cooperating with the Mist Demon.


For victory, I can do everything!


“Can you tell me more about the Mist Demon” Listening to the butterflies’ whispers, Yun Xi felt more confused about the Mist Demon’s true appearance.


“Very very good…”


“Very very puff…”


“Woohoo! Woohoo!”


“Puff! Puff!”


As the highest Butterflies of Death, these silver butterflies talked with Yun Xi happily.


Unfortunately, their word orders were incoherent and their adjectives were messy.

Perhaps it was because they had never talked with other intelligent beings before, their hearts were as pure as a white paper.

They didn’t know how to organize their words and said anything that popped into their minds.


Finally, Yun Xi confirmed that the Mist Demon had the following features:


The Mist Demon’s body is very big.


The Mist Demon is very soft, and often makes mysterious sounds such as “Woohoo”, “Boohoo”, “Puff”, “Whoa”.


In the eyes of the Butterflies of Death, the Mist Demon is trustworthy.

It is a very special being.


After scraping these features together, a sleeping giant appeared in Yun Xi’s mind.


The Butterflies of Death were the dead fairies around the giant.


The bone dragon was the giant’s guardian.


The whole Island of Mist was created for the giant, and the giant had a very special relationship with the Water God’s world.


The Mist Tide was probably a disaster caused by the giant, and it was also a part of this world’s rules.


When the bone dragon ran about wildly, Yun Xi and Yun Que finally arrived at the mysterious core area of the island, where was probably a place that no human has ever stepped on from the birth of this world.


“Is this the center of the Island of Mist” Looking at the opening world in front of him, Yun Xi raised up his head with a surprised look.


In front of Yun Xi and Yun Que, was a great tree covering the sky.


As being surrounded by milky white mists, the great tree’s crown had broken into the clouds in the far away sky.

Countless silver branches drooped to the ground from the great tree.

When winds whipped across them, they made strange “Woohoo! Woohoo!” and “Puff! Puff!” echoes, which sounded like the great tree’s breathings.


One 100 metres tall totem pole after another circled around the great tree, and these totem poles were standing tall and upright in a silver lake.

One silver butterflies after another flew and danced around the totem poles with emitting soft white lights.


“Is it the Mist Demon”


“Most likely.

After all, the tree meets all the features.” Yun Xi’s eyes slowly looked the tree up and down.

Suddenly, he saw a large shadow in the deepest side of the silver lake.


When he looked at the shadow carefully, a familiar feeling filled his heart.


It has translucent diamond head and three sharp silver horns, can it be…


Yun Xi wiped his eyes as his back began to soak in cold sweat.


Yun Que also saw its true appearance.

Her eyes contracted.


It had a silver streamline body and graceful sleeping posture, but nothing could cover the great sense of pressure they had when they saw it.



Even if it had folded its silver blue wings, Yun Xi didn’t think that he could misjudge that which he saw.


The White Holy Dragon!


The chief criminal who broke the void door of White Lotus Sword Domain.

The chief criminal who knocked down the floating ship “White Lotus” inadvertently.

The chief criminal who made Yun Xi have to enter this trial – the Apostle from the outside god’s domain.


It was a subordinate of one of Yun Xi’s ex girlfriends, the Dragon God.


And also, it was the mysterious main character of Yun Xi’s Side Quest Two.

Yun Xi wondered why he couldn’t find any clue about this side quest, now, he knew the answer.


“Optional Side Quest Two: The Apostle’s Call.

A great Apostle has reached this world.

Swear your loyalty to her and become a Dragon God’s subordinate! You can choose this side quest after you join Water God’s camp.”


“Optional Side Quest Three: The Truth about the Mist.

The people on the island are living in a world that is surrounded by endless mist.

Go find the secret and expose the truth!”


It seemed that the sleeping silver dragon felt something, it lightly shook its tail and emitted an obscure sound from its mouth.






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