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Chapter 287: Intertwine

The Slime Race was a weak race that inhabited innumerable god’s domains.

Most slimes were at the bottom of the food chain of their world.

Even the golden slime king, the top class slime in hundreds of millions of slimes, was just a hero unit that has high physical and spell resistance.

Compared to other creatures at the same rank, they were very shoddy.

Till a special, special slime unit appeared, then the situation was changed.

Shaya Longnis, the child of the slime race, was the fantasy individual who was burdened with the whole race’s hope and future.

Slime didn’t have a gender, they produced offspring by dividing into new individuals.

In order to survive, they could eat anything.

Soil, rotten leaves, dead animals and plants, polluted water, and even scalding magma!

In order to survive, slimes could transform themselves into various forms, so that they could adapt to the environment and produce offspring.

As time went by, the slime race gradually evolved out of all kinds of subspecies and hero units like the golden slime king were born.

As this process repeated over and over again, due to a mutation whose probability of occurrence was even more tiny than the self destruction of a star, a special individual was born into this universe.

At the first, this individual didn’t look any different than common slimes.

It was just a gel like ball.

However, this ball was a perfect sphere, and its surface reflected a green gem like color.

After it was born, it unconsciously swallowed the food around it.

After eating great amounts of soil, it suddenly understood what ability it had.

It could copy and transform into the forms of all beings in this world.

After eating the soil, it understood how to transform into a rock.

After eating a northern wolf who fell on the rock due to hunger, it understood how to transform into a wolf.

After obtaining the wolf body, it quickly adjusted to the new body and learned how to move with four limbs.

After seven days and seven nights, it had walked in a cold ice storm and arrived at the border of the snowland and the mountains.

There, it encountered a strong bear.

Its wolf body was torn open and eaten by the bear.

It doesn’t matter, because the wolf body was just a simulation.

Soon afterwards, it revived inside the bear’s stomach.

It tore open the bear’s belly and ate this bear that was far stronger than the wolf.

After a very long time, it repeated the process.

Eating or being eaten by its prey, it doesn’t matter.

After all, it would always be the winner.

After eating an eagle, it had a pair of wings to fly in the air.

After eating a shark, it could swim in the sea.

After eating the sandworm under the ground, the desert also became its territory.

While eating different creatures, it become stronger and stronger during this process.

It didn’t have an inherently immortal body like the nine headed snake.

It just hunted, ate and absorbed different creatures, then the weakest slime became a nightmare even to gods.

This was Shaya Longnis’, the Sky Sword’s growth process, stepping onto the road of the legend rank by eating countless strong creatures.

Shaya Longnis was an unique individual amongst all slimes.

It had exceeded the limit of the slime race, becoming the strongest predator in the universe.

The last strong creature it ate was a three headed golden dragon.

After that, it lost interest in adding any more creatures into its recipes.

The reason was simple: it didn’t need to absorb any creature who was weaker than the three headed golden dragon.

The dragon’s three heads had different natures.

It could fly through the void with its body, and its combat power was also not inferior to the strongest nine headed snake, Hydra.

The three headed golden dragon had met all the requirements she needed.

For a long time, she didn’t want to eat anything.

Till this moment, she looked at Yun Xi who was releasing Hydra’s power with a lack of restraint.

“Gu…” How long has it been How long since Shaya Longnis felt this strong desire of hunger

It was hungry.

In fact, after reaching the legend rank, Hydra and Shaya Longnis didn’t need to eat, because “eating” was a very inefficient method of obtaining energy for them.

Legend ranked beings had exceeded the limit of flesh and blood.

Even if they ate nothing for a thousand years, they would still be as immortal as the stars.

However, Shaya Longnis’ slime instinct told her that “this food” was different.

He was different to all beings she had eaten.

Just like the butter bread she tasted after just obtaining her human body, this time, another food of temptation appeared in front of her.

He looks yummy.

Shaya Longnis licked her lips.

Countless green threads appeared behind her and weaved braids in the air.

Yun Xi had nine snake tails of Hydra on his mask, therefore, Shaya Longnis weaved nine green braids with her life force.

Let me taste you gently.

Anyway, you had done “that” to me…

Green braids and snake tails intertwined together, emitting a sound that made the whole world tremble.

“Ka! Ka! Ka! Ka!” The two sides could revive themselves over and over again, so no one could gain the upper hand temporarily.

Sometimes, Shaya Longnis’ green braids launched a violent attack towards Yun Xi’s crimson snake tails, sometimes, Yun Xi’s tails of Hydra excreted poison, eroding Shaya’s green braids, making her braids writhe with pain.

However, both of them showed a painful but also pleasant expression on their faces.

Shaya’s face had turned completely red under her mask as her lips emitted tempting gasp and groans.



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