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Chapter 374: The Invisible Thread

Casina was also the owner of the Soft Body, however, it didnt mean that the Battle God Genre didnt contain the cultivating techniques of the Rigid Body.

On the contrary, Casinas battle style was never mincing.

Her attack was always as fast as a thunderclap and as violent as an erupting volcano.

Her battle with Shaya Longnis was the best interpretation.

“Rigid Body” and “Soft Body” would become similar when touching their essence.

Even in the endless gods domain world, Casina was one of the few people whose body could transfer between “Softness” and “Rigidness” easily.

However, she probably wouldnt believe that a person could obtain the “Soft Body” and the “Rigid Body” at the same time.

It was a paradox! It violated the rules of the universe!

Casina could change her body from the “Soft Body” to the “Rigid Body”, and then change back easily, however, it wasnt possible for her to maintain the two states at the same time.

Now, Yun Xis body had accomplished this l, which was against the basic rule of the world.

What would he become

“Light and darkness.”

“Water and fire.”

“Pros and cons.”

Can they coexist

“They can, my master.”

“What is rational is actual and what is actual is rational.”

“Light is darkness.”

“Water and fire are just the flows of different manifestations”

“If its you, you can toss the front and back of a coin at the same time.”

“Even if the probability was negligible, as long as it happened, the probability would become 100%!”

Meiers sound roused Yun Xi and pointed out a new road for him.

“Everything real is rational”

“Yes, for example, if you like her and marry her, it will become the truth of the world.

And I suggest you do it.

She is a super genius!” Meier said with a serious look.

In her mind, if her master married the little girl, he would be able to obtain all her talents through her seed!

It was probably the highest ranking seed they had seen.

It would be a great waste if my master doesnt use her seed, and the best solution is to marry her!

“Marry…” Yun Xis eyes became dangerous.

I can obtain stronger power from her, as long as I marry her

I dont think that Mumu will resist me, or rather to say, as a child, she wouldnt know what she would face.

Oh, its really easy to become strong.

I just need to give up a few of my principles as a human!

Dont be ridiculous!

Even though Im not an upright gentleman anymore now, I wont become such a beast!

At the least! At the least! I will wait till she is 18 years old!

“Dont talk nonsense, Meier! How can I become such a bastard” Yun Xi retorted with a straight face.

“Hum But, master, in the past, you…” Meier cocked her head and tried to say something.

“I dont know! I dont want to listen!” Yun Xi quickly stopped her because he had a very bad presentiment!

“Mumu is a good girl, and I like her, but I would never marry her! In fact, she is like a little sister in my heart… to be precise, she is like my daughter in my heart!”

This was his true feeling when he first saw Mumu.

He wanted to protect her, giving her the warmth she missed from her irresponsible father.

“Oh… well… I see.

You can do everything, my master.” Meier shrugged, since it was her masters choice.

“Whoa!” Mumu blushed being looked at by Yun Xis gentle eyes.

She felt that she was swimming in the sea of happiness just now.

Although she didnt have the memory of being hugged, she felt the warmth, as if her father had just come back!

The feeling was so real that she didnt know if it was her delusion or something else.

She looked at the black-haired big sister, as if there was an invisible thread between them.

Every smile and motion could make her face blush and her heart pound faster.

Whats wrong with me Mumu whispered to her closest and dearest friend, White Lotus.

“Oh, Mumu, that feeling is calledlove.

Did you find the prince who deserves your love Have your fingers been tied to the invisible red thread of fate” White Lotus smiled and extended her little finger.

There was an invisible red thread too, which was tying her and her prince tightly.

“Is that so” Mumu looked at White Lotus in confusion.

She didnt understand what love was, but she could feel her happiness from the bottom of her heart.

However, she felt different from what White Lotus said.

It wasnt a feeling called “love”, but a feeling that stood for a stronger emotion.

Compared to White Lotuss red thread that stood for “predestined marriage”, her thread was much more special, sparkling like the light of the starry sky.


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