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“This is… the practice method of Yun Hais Quadrant Sword…” Yun Xi blinked.

He suddenly found that the speech of the old White Lotus Sword Master had finished.

It seemed that it was a memory of Yun Hai the Sword Master, it was a memory about how he created Yun Hais Quadrant Sword.

However, Yun Xi found something familiar in his memory.

The bonfire, the strange world, and the green hippos.

Did Yun Hai enter a trial world of the stars

Maybe only Yun Hai himself knew the answer.

Apparently, he didnt get help from anyone, no one explained the rules to him like what Meier did for Yun Xi, he entered the trial world without any preparation.

The only lucky thing was his enemies were weaker than what Yun Xi faced before.

He could practice his sword skill using the Honeybees, Grass Spirits and Big Grass Spirits.

The unlucky thing was he had only a wooden sword.

Yun Xi had an iron sword and learned the breathing method from Hua Huo before, as for Yun Hai, he literally started from zero.

Fortunately, Yun Hai created the invisible Yun Hais Quadrant Sword due to this experience, which was a god sword skill that wasnt inferior to Hua Huos Sky Flying Sword.

Yun Xi knew the road he had gone through, and now, he could study Yun Hais sword skill from the beginning.

“Nine Chapters on Mathematical Art… and Geometrical Principle…” Yun Xi murmured and decided to read the two books first.

After the speech, the disciples left in small groups.

The next important thing to them was to pick classes.

It wasnt a common thing to listen to “Explain the Tao”.

White Lotus Sword Domain wasnt a prosperous Holy Land of Sword Skill like the Great Xia Sword Domain, there were only a few swordsmen who were entitled to explain the Tao here.

At other times, disciples needed to pick the classes themselves.

Since most disciples were not geniuses who were 100% sure that they could enter the hero rank and become one of the top ten disciples, choosing proper classes and a good tutor were very important to them.

Otherwise, if they couldnt reach the peak of the third rank within five years, they would be driven away and wouldnt even be admitted as a disciple of the Sword Palace.

They would stay in the mortal world forever and could never come back to the sword tip area.

Of course, the geniuses from other sword domains didnt need to worry about this.

Their goals were the projection of the White Lotus Secret Treasure from the beginning.

“Library, where is the library” Yun Xi didnt go to pick classes immediately like other disciples.

He had walked around in the wide yard of the sword palace for a while, but didnt find where the library was.

“The library It doesnt open to new disciples.” Several disciples answered him.

“The library I dont know.

We come here to practice our sword skills.

There are no godly martial arts in the library, why do I need to go there” Most disciples held this view.

Finally, a female disciple who looked very kindly told him the location of the library.

“It… isnt it too small” Compared to other buildings, the library was too small and inconspicuous in a corner of the sword palace.

It was a three-story small wooden house, located beside a lake.

Compared to it, the several female disciples walked beside the lake were more eye-catching.

Bunches of green Virginia creepers grew on the walls, making the small house melt into the environment.

“Sorry, the library doesnt open to new disciples, it only opens to tutors.

If you are looking for common literature, there is a big library in the town nearby, you can go there.” The librarian lazily took a glance at Yun Xi and said.

There were a lot of valuable books in this library, and many of them were the only existing copy in the world.

Only elite disciples and tutors could come here to borrow books.

New disciples were not allowed to borrow materials here.

“Well… I should have the permission to borrow books here.” Yun Xi hesitated for a while, then took out the shell with an hourglass shaped pattern.

Since the shell could let him come and leave the girls dorm freely, it should also work here.

“This… its…” Looking at the shell in Yun Xis hand, the middle-aged librarian froze and rubbed his eyes.

As the librarian, he felt that it looked familiar, but couldnt remember what it was clearly.

He was sure that it wasnt from the White Lotus Sword Palace, but he had a very special impression about it.

Oh, I remember it! Of course, its not a permit of the library or anything from the sword palace itself, how can such a thing be the token of a small library in a lower-level sword domain!

Anyone who held it could even enter the palace of the Great Xia Empire freely, not to mention this library!

“The Battle Gods Token, the token of the sixth Sky Sword…” The librarian murmured.

His legs were shaking.

Compared to the person who could obtain this token, he, an unknown librarian, was as weak as an ant! Even if he was killed, no one would dare to seek revenge for him!

“Of course… you can borrow books here… I will give the authority for you immediately…” The librarian only wanted to cry.

If time could turn back, he wouldnt say a word just now!

“Thank you.” Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief.

It seemed that his cheap teachers reputation was really useful here.


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