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Yun Xi found that he was in the incredible dream again.

He stood in front of the door of cloud and looked at her.

Today, she was still guarding the door on the golden seashore.

She was the guardian of the door, the last warning line stopping any intruder from getting close to the door.

Three strands of icy blue hair stood upright on her forehead; her slender braided hair was hanging behind her.

Her cuffs were inlaid with steel-blue gems while a double-edged sword sheath with a pendant on it was hanging on her waist; she gave off a very icy-cold and alienated aura.

While she was inserting her huge blue-slanted sword back into its sheath.

That sword made her slender body seem even more slender.

Her blade also seemed to give off a cold silvery-white aura.

Just the sword hilt alone was already over half a meter long.

The hilt of the sword and the edge of the blade seemed to share a single central connection point.

The point seemed to be a circular compass, and in the middle of that compass was a huge keyhole.

Apparently, something was sealed there.

Yun Xi had the same dream again and again and again, and every time, his end was the same.

Every time, he would be killed by her sword.

However, he was never afraid of this dream.


Because this girl in his dream was the first person who touched his heart

This was his deepest secret, even Hua Huo didnt know about it.

First love, no, it was an emotion that was much stronger than that.

Her figure had left in his heart a long time ago.

Hua Huo was his first love in the real world, and she was his first dreamlover in his dream world.

The difference was that Hua Huo was a girl next door, who he could see every day, and she was as unreal as a foam, who he could only find in his dream.

She was his dreamlover.

However, he was just a self-invited soul in her eyes.

Every time she saw him, she would brandish her sword toward him.

Her sword was cold, containing the power that could even freeze your soul.

He didnt even remember how many times he had been killed by her sword.

However, this time, she didnt brandish her sword.

She just stood in front of the door and didnt even take a glance at him.

Hum Isnt her attitude different today Yun Xi couldnt help but stretched out his hand, pinching his face.

“Ouch!” Yun Xi looked at his hands in surprise.

This was the first time he felt “pain” in this dream!

Not only so, everything in this time became a hundred times clearer than the dreams before!

Everything looked the same, but something was changed.

Looking at her, she was still like a silver gem on the golden seashore, sparkling cold lights, lonely and beautiful.

“This is… me” Looking at his own hands, Yun Xi found that he obtained a “real body” in this dream.

Walking to the sea, he saw his reflection in the water.

It wasnt his own body!

Brown skin, slender body, a mask with three golden pupil like patterns, ponytail and bared feet.

Apart from these, there was also a special mark above his head – an hourglass-shaped mark.

This… it was apparently his teacher, Casinas body!

“Is this really a dream” Yun Xi pinched his arms and clearly felt the pain.

However, it wasnt simply a feedback of the body, but a feedback of the soul.

“Ha ha, my cute disciple, dont pinch this body, I will feel embarrassed.” When Yun Xi was making blind and disorderly conjectures, he heard Casinas voice.

“I know you must have a lot of questions, but there is no time to explain them.

This is just a pre-recorded message.”

“I found that your body has some problems, but I dont know how to cure your body.

Therefore, I gave your body my identity, and you can go to the Sky Tower, looking for solutions yourself.”

“Do you see the door Its the door leading to the real Sky Tower.

Dont worry, you are using my identity now, the guardian wont attack you.”

“The real Sky Tower isnt any of the towers in the real world, they are just the projections of the real tower.”

“You… after entering the Sky Tower… use my identity… go to… 100 successive victories… get the Soul Jade… heal your body…” Due to some unknown reason, Casinas voice became blurry and intermittent at this time.

“So… this is the door leading to the real Sky Tower… she… is the guardian of the door…” Yun Xi looked at the familiar and strange figure in the front of the door.

For a long time, he thought that she was just his imagination in his dreams, but now, he understood that she was a real person, the forever guardian of the Sky Tower.

“You are not my dream… you are real…”

In the Water Gods world, his body was possessed by her, announcing the words of sanction to Hydra and Shaya Longnis.

However, when she possessed his body, he couldnt remember everything clearly.

For a long time, he only remembered her absolute will in her cold sword light.

Till now, he finally remembered the whole thing.

She was the last order of the Sky Sword Gods Domain.

Anyone who infringed the order would be penalized by her sharp, cold sword.

Maybe only Casina, who was at the same rank with her, could resist her cold, absolute will.


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