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After 100 rounds, Tao Quan Zi looked at the chessboard with his mouth wide opened.

I was defeated

When did it happen When did all of my chances of winning disappear

Who am I Where am I from?Where will I go

Why was I defeated so suddenly?Even when I played with Norn, the God of Wisdom, the strongest 6 star points chess player, I didnt lose so scandalously.

Look at the chessboard! The “dragon” formed by my chess pieces are trapped by three “ko”, and all of them are green “Sanctuary of Wind”.

Every “ko” was like a big hole in the formation of Tao Quan Zis chess pieces.

Even to Norn the God of Wisdom, it was already a desperate situation.

“Are you really a newbie” Looking at the opponents unknown name, Tao Quan Zi only wanted to cry.

He was from the Sky Tower, just like that “secret weapon” of Buddhism.

Where is this “monster” from Why didnt I hear anything about him before

As the master of the Plough Palace, he didnt believe that he would be defeated so easily!

Star Go wasnt a game that could be practiced alone.

When the Starry Sky Chessboard didnt open, he and other chess players would practice themselves using simulated chessboards.

They used the starry sky as their chessboard, the real stars as their chess pieces.

It was the privilege of the legend rank.

Occasionally, a few talented hero ranked newbies would be guided and supported by them and joined this game.

Although the best imitation till now could only simulate a small part of the real Starry Sky Chessboard, it was better than nothing.

“Yes, Im a newbie.” Yun Xi nodded, looking at Tao Quan Zi with a strange look.

“Why dont he concede” Meier counted the chess pieces on the chessboard.

Even if Tao Quan Zi retracted 10 rounds on the chessboard, he still has no chance to win, he still insisted on fighting to the teeth and refused to concede.

Yes, “never concede” was Tao Quan Zis style of playing Star Go.

Even though the situation was already irreparable, he would hold on till the last moment!

It has nothing to do with the game, its his road of cultivation, his respect and faith.

He would never concede.

However, even though he didnt want to concede… the situation on the chessboard was too terrible!

Tao Quan Zi almost shouted out loud.

How did you find all my tricks and block them all

This round of game was even able to leave a psychological shadow in his heart!

When Tao Quan Zi was thinking, Yun Xi already connected his chess pieces together.

From the beginning till now, this was the most satisfying round of the game.

How to describe his feeling Yun Xi felt that his first opponent, the Sacred Monk Maha Mysterys attack power was the strongest.

He was the only opponent who had eaten three of Yun Xis chess pieces.

Compared to Maha, Tao Quan Zi was more persistent.

Although he actually had no chance to reverse the situation, he still kept playing.

Yun Xi realized that Tao Quan Zi was a real player, even though he was already doomed to be defeated, he was still enjoying every second and minute of playing Star Go.

He was just like robbing Peter to pay Paul, he just refused to give up.

In the face of such a chess player who enjoyed the process of playing Star Go, Yun Xi thought that he could try something different on the chessboard.

Tao Quan Zi suddenly found that he could find a living road on the chessboard.

His “dragon” had been swallowed by Yun Xis three “Sanctuary of Wind”, theoretically, he should concede after that.

But he was really enjoying the process of playing Star Go, so he held on till now, and he really saw a chance of winning.

He didnt expect that the situation suddenly changed after his “dragon” was eaten.

Is this my opportunity

Tao Quan Zi was wild with joy.




Three rounds later, he made a “ko” for himself, eating several Yun Xis chess pieces.

Yun Xi smiled.

Meier covered her mouth, stopping herself from laughing out loud.

Yun Xi leisurely put a chess piece on the corner of the chessboard.

Tao Quan Zi hurriedly ate Yun Xis chess pieces, trying to recover his lost territory.

The 130th round, Tao Quan Zi laughed.

He thought that he had reversed the situation!

What a miracle! I didnt think that I could do this in my life! After this game, my Star Go Strength should be able to raise to 4 star points.

Yes, I can win! I can defeat this monster like newbie!

“Pa!” Yun Xi put down his last chess piece, the miracle of Star Go appeared in front of him.

The “ko” on the chessboard were all connected together, eating all Tao Quan Zis chess pieces at once.

The entire chessboard emitted green lights, sweeping through everything.

“What… this is…” Tao Quan Zis mouth opened wide.

He never expected that this scene would really happen!

All of his chess pieces were eliminated!

Yun Xis chess pieces formed a “ko” that covered the entire chessboard, which was nearly impossible to appear in Star Go.

Tao Quan Zi tried to remember what this meant in the rules of Star Go.

If the chessboard was a real starry sky, then Yun Xis “stars” had just changed the rules of the world, the Disaster of Sky and Earth!


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