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Chapter 416: Mimic Go

Tengen was the center of the Starry Sky Chessboard and the only immovable point on the entire star map.

At the same time, it was also the place that could cause the biggest change.

Why didn’t everyone choose to put their first chess pieces onto tengen Because it required a huge amount of computation to calculate the changes it could bring.

Just like the center of the universe, tengen was the start point and the catch point of all changes.

Theoretically, tengen should be a place contested by all strategies, but no one could withstand the computational cost to launch a war around tengen.

Therefore, people subconsciously avoided putting their chess pieces around tengen to avoid wasting too much effort at the beginning of the game.

Even high star points chess players wouldn’t be sure that they wouldn’t make any mistakes if they launched a battle around tengen on the chessboard.

If they made any mistakes in their calculations, it would be possible for them to be defeated by low star points chess players.

If they put their chess pieces on the corners, the computational cost would be greatly reduced.

Both of the chess players could show their true Star Go strength easily around the corners.

Golden corner, silver edge, and straw center were the terms of Star Go that even newbies knew.

They were considered the invaluable advice of Star Go.

The battle around the corners was called a “formalized series of moves”, it was the crystallization of wisdom of countless Star Go players.

The stronger a chess player was, the more careful he would use his computing power.

“Formalized series of moves” was the best method to save the player’s computing power.

Including Norn the God of Wisdom and Orfina the Ruby Dragon who were also used to starting from the corners.

Even Black Mage didn’t dare put his first chess piece onto tengen but set his traps around the corners.

Unless a player’s computing power was overwhelming, or the player was teaching the other side how to play, no one would do this.

“Did he put his chess piece onto the wrong place” Urd looked at the chess piece.

Black lights rose from her silver hair.


Cyber Elf Alpha also did the same thing.

There must be a reason.” Verdandi shook her head with a serious look.

“I’d hate to put the first chess piece onto tengen.” Skuld pouted.

Black Mage’s “Sea of Chaos” and Orfina’s fierce attack were strong, but they were still in the territory the three goddesses were familiar with.

The real terror was forever “unknown”, just like Cyber Elf Alpha’s incredible computing power, and the inexplicable “tengen”.

Cyber Elf Alpha’s computing power was hundreds of times stronger than any common legend ranked being, however, what was the dependence of “A Cloud in the Sky” He put his first chess pieces onto tengen without hesitation, as if he had repeated this move countless times.

This was also where all the doubt came from for all the Star Go players who met Alpha and Yun Xi before.

The meaning of “putting the first chess piece onto tengen” would undoubtedly become a heated debate amongst all Star Go players.

“Tengen is wrong.” Urd chose to trust the rule summarized by the public.

“It’s not a wise option.” Verdandi was also sure to everyone, that it was inadvisable to put the first chess piece onto tengen, apart from Cyber Elf Alpha.

“How dare he do this Let’s occupy the corners as soon as we can!” Skuld was unhappy.

Maybe Cyber Elf Alpha did gain some unknown advantage because she put her first chess piece onto tengen.

However, she didn’t defeat Norn the God of Wisdom within 130 rounds.

The three goddesses confirmed that “putting the first chess piece onto tengen” wasn’t the main reason they were defeated.

They just ran out of time!

Since “A Cloud in the Sky” defeated Orfina, he must be good at playing tricks on the chessboard.

This may be one of his tricks.

So, we will defeat him using the most straightforward strategy!

We will let him realize, if his computing power isn’t as strong as Cyber Elf Alpha, he was doing a stupid option!

“Hum” Looking at the move of the God of Wisdom, Yun Xi was slightly surprised, because Norn the God of Wisdom just put his chess piece onto the second most stable point on the star map!

In Yun Xi’s eyes, it was the second best choice on the chessboard.

The God of Wisdom just did the most suitable option!

Undoubtedly, Norn the God of Wisdom was the most excellent opponent Yun Xi had ever faced.

After 10 rounds, there were a lot of chess pieces on the chessboard.

The three goddesses kept choosing the most stable points and didn’t leave any loophole for Yun Xi.

On the other side, Yun Xi also put down his chess pieces with pleasure.

No wonder that Norn the God of Wisdom

is a 6 star points chess player! Only the “Ruby Princess” is not inferior to him.

Moreover, compared to the Ruby Princess, the God of Wisdom was more cautious.

Every move of his chess pieces was nearly perfect in Yun Xi’s eyes.

However, Yun Xi felt strange as he kept playing.

Is Norn the God of Wisdom imitating my style

Is it a Mimic Go


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