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Why does the Starry Sky Chessboard determine the star points of the chess players by using their records of successive victories

Isnt it a matter of course to defeat the opponents who are weaker than me

If one was lucky, one could avoid meeting all chess players whose star points were more than his own.

Although the probability was small, it did exist.

Theoretically, it was possible.

The time of playing was equal for everyone.

As long as the chess player defeated his opponent at top speed, he could immediately start the next turn of the game.

If one wanted to fight a quick battle and force a quick decision, he would consume much more of his energies and have a greater chance of making mistakes.

Under such a harsh rule, Norns 60 victories in a row and Orfinas 50 victories in a row all proved their real strengths.

No one could obtain star points due to luck.

Once entering the world of 4 star points, the Starry Sky Chessboard would become a real cruel battlefield.

There was actually no newbie protection mechanism on the Starry Sky Chessboard, so it was possible for any newbie to meet Norn the God of Wisdom in their first turn and meet Orfina the Ruby Dragon in the second turn.

All 4 and 5 star points chess players were real insurmountable hurdles.

Newbies could only pray not to meet them, not mention to defeat them.

Throughout the history of the Starry Sky Chessboard, only a handful of newbies could achieve 20 victories in a row.

However, the newbies this time were doomed to shock the entire world.

The first was Maha Mystery, the “secret weapon” of Buddhism.

After being defeated by Yun Xi, he easily achieved 20 successive victories, then was defeated by Norn the God of Wisdom.

The next was Hero of Might, the unknown chess player from the Dragon Tower.

He also achieved 20 successive victories, then was defeated by Orfina.

The last two newbies hadnt been defeated by anyone, their performances made everyone who was paying attention to this game feel interested.

“A Cloud in the Sky”, a newbie from the Sky Tower.

His identity is unknown, his race is unknown, and his gender is unknown.

He had achieved 32 successive victories till now.

Unfortunately, he was the strongest newbie in the history of the Sky Tower, a sparkling new 3 star points chess player.

“Cyber Elf Alpha” was even more like a monster than “A Cloud in the Sky”.

When most chess players had only played 40 turns of the game, she had achieved 72 victories in a row, which was unprecedented in the history of the Starry Sky Chessboard.

The more amazing thing was that her battle record was still updating!

No one could escape from the fate of being butchered when facing Alpha.

Even Norn the God of Wisdom and Orfina the Ruby Dragon were defeated by her easily.

Suddenly, Cyber Elf Alpha became the focus of all legend ranked beings who were concentrating on this game.

“Cyber Elf Alpha, it sounds like a code name of an elf.

Is she really a strong Star Go player from the elf race”

“Its possible.

After all, I wouldnt feel surprised to see any genius from the elf race.

However, Norn the God of Wisdom has been defeated 2 times! Thats really incredible.”

“Orfina also lost two times.

This time, the Starry Sky Chessboard will really be changed!”

“None of the four newbies are easy to deal with.

They are monsters!”

“Two 2 star points, a 3 star points and a 7 star points.

Am I dreaming”

“Can the two newbies have some kind of relationship”

The two newbies defeated all the old overlords of the Starry Sky Chessboard, Norn and Orfina.

The traces of their rises were so similar, it was hard to believe that they had no relationship.

Their special Star Go style, “putting the first chess piece onto tengen” became the focus of everyone.

Each star map was unique.

If one didnt see the star map, it was impossible to deduce and reproduce of any turn of Star Go on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Even if they could see the composition of Star Go, most people wouldnt understand the moves of either side of the chess players.

This was one of the reasons why Star Go was the highest masterpiece of wisdom in the endless gods domains.

A Chess manual was just a kind of reference.

Even Alpha could only extract the style of the chess players from the records of their moves, but she couldnt reproduce the same composition of Star Go again.

Nothing was impossible on the Starry Sky Chessboard, this was the charm of Star Go.

Gradually, everyone changed their topics to the “duel” which was fated to happen in the not too distant future.


“Cyber Elf Alpha” vs “A Cloud in the Sky”.

Neither of them had been defeated by anyone, which meant that it was only possible for them to defeat each other.

Although the duel between them hadnt appeared, it was predestined to be a classic that would be recorded in the history of the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Everyone was waiting for the coming duel.

Most people thought that Cyber Elf Alpha would be the ultimate winner.

It was a matter of course, because the computing power Alpha had shown was incredible.

Everyone could imagine how strong she was by looking at her battle record.

On the contrary, although “A Cloud in the Sky” also defeated Norn and Orfina, no one understood how he defeated Norn and Orfina even after studying all the records of his moves.

Especially the game between him and Norn, it looked as if they were two newbies who played Mimic Go, then Norn made a fatal mistake that only a newbie would make.

Even so, no one doubted the true strength of A Cloud in the Sky.

After all, he did achieve 3 star points.

It was an unarguable truth.

If Cyber Elf Alpha hadnt come, he would be the biggest black horse.

Finally, the 73th game of Cyber Elf Alpha and the 33th game of A Cloud in the Sky, they met each other on the chessboard.

“Oops, golden legendary… no, a 7 star points chess player!” Looking at the star points above Alphas head, Yun Xi was really shocked.


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