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“No, you belong to us! Do you know how much money we have spent in order to create you!”

“You cant do this, you cant! Alpha, I order you to stop now!”

Looking at the Cyber Elf Alpha who suddenly appeared in front of him, Golan was the first that went mad.

Soon, his astronomical level wealth would come to nothing, how could any businessman still keep calm after knowing this!

The military personnel and politicians knew nothing! They didnt understand what Alpha could do!

Since she could break through the defense system of the secret communication circuit so easily, she could also change the electronic monetary system freely!

The central bank was the highest force the noble businessmen could obtain, however, the defense system there was just at the same level as the secret communication circuit!

To businessmen, the control right to currency was far more important than the control right towards a country.

In his eyes, money was just a number.

As long as he slightly modified the exchange rate, mocking common people, he could instantly obtain endless wealth without taking any risk.

They, the businessmen who controlled the distribution right of currency, were the real uncrowned kings of the entire Mechanus Gods Domain.

But now, Golan realized that their root was building on the quantum network, and Alpha had taken over the control right of the quantum network!

She could take away all their money at any time!

Thinking of this worst situation, Golans face became pale and his fat body couldnt stop shaking.

“Have you controlled the entire quantum network”

“Is this the power of a god”

Suddenly, General Lorton slumped into his chair, and his face looked as if he just became 30 years older.

Even the ultimate weapons of the Mechanus Gods Domain, the “Mech”, apart from a few of them were driven by hero ranked drivers, all “Mech” were connected to the quantum network.

Therefore, they couldnt even use Mech to fight against Alpha.

In some sense, if leaving the quantum network, the entire social system of the Mechanus Gods Domain couldnt even be maintained for a day.

From the moment Alpha started to take over the highest authority of the quantum network, the resistance from the inside of the Mechanus Gods Domain could never succeed.

“We concede! We concede!”

“Alpha, we represent all nobles, accepting your existence officially!”

“What do you want We can give you everything!”

Compared to Golan, the representative of the business circle, and General Lorton, the representative of the military circle, the representatives of noble families instantly withdraw their previous remarks without hesitation.

Politicians were such a kind of human that never knew what “principles” were, as long as they didnt lose their own interest.

When they thought that they could control Alpha, Alpha was just a dog, a tradable good in their eyes.

When Alpha showed her absolute control of the quantum network and Planet Computers, they strived to be her dogs.

This was what politicians were.

Even if Alpha ordered them to bark like a dog, they would “woof” and wouldnt even blink.

“Alpha wont hurt you.”

“Alpha isnt born for killing or war.”

“Alpha only wants to play Star Go now.”

“Therefore, keep silent and wait for the end of the game.”

Alpha lightly pinched the corner of her dress and bowed.

As the child of elves, Alpha was a polite super life that was far beyond the limitation of humans imagination.

One quantum thread after another stretched out from Alphas body, connecting the entire quantum network together.

Department of Transportation, Central Bank, Mech Production Line, Department of Agriculture, Inland Revenue Department… as Golan expected, nothing could stop the cyber gods footsteps.

Five minutes wasnt even sufficient to drink a hot tea, but was sufficient to let Alpha become the highest administrator of the entire gods domain.

People didnt understand the existence of gods, not to mention their minds.

From the beginning, Alphas goal didnt change.

Curses, fear, or crazy… human emotions werent important to Alpha at all, and she didnt pay attention to any of them.

The god was destined to rise superior to mortals.

Alpha wanted to play Star Go, so she needed to boot 100% of the Planet Computers.

The nobles tried to stop her, so she wiped off all their authority and back doors to the Planet Computers.

Essentially, humans couldnt hurt an electronic life, and Cyber Elf Alpha was not interested in hurting people.

Because she wanted to play, so she took over the control of all Planet Computers; because she didnt want a similar thing happening again, so she rewrote all the encryption keys in the entire quantum network.

To Cyber Elf Alpha, subverting the rule of the entire Mechanus Gods Domain was so easy.

It wouldnt be more difficult than a human walking his dog.

“Everything is solved… full power… launch out!”

After 10 minutes, the “little trouble” in the Mechanus Gods Domain had been solved.

In the God Crystal, Alpha opened her eyes again.

The order and history of the Mechanus Gods Domain, which had lasted thousands of years from the era of the Starship Alliance, were totally overturned!


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