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Is she Cyber Elf Alpha

She is the strongest opponent on the Starry Sky Chessboard

Yun Xi looked at the little girl in disbelief.

Anyway he looked at her, she looked even younger than him.

Can such a little girl also join the game on the Starry Sky Chessboard

“Cloud… A Cloud in the Sky…”

“You are close… and distant…”

As Alpha stood on her toes, one circle of light after another circle appeared and rippled around her body.

Her small bare feet emitted an unknown frozen white light.

At the same time, the quantum crystallizations behind her emitted clear sounds of resonance, transmitting the infinite computing power to her as her back support.

Mission: Defeat the opponent.

The name of the opponent: A Cloud in the Sky.

Weakness: none, no known model exists.

Just like the endless sky, he is a new chess player whose style has never been recorded.

The correct rate of his moves is over 95%.

Code name: Cyber Elf Alpha.

The only cyber god in the endless gods domains, who holds the highest computing power throughout history.

The maximum computing power: 3000 times more than any common legend ranked being.

Yes, it was 3000 times but not just 2000 times.

Her actual performance was even stronger than the highest theoretical value.

The Solar Wing Arrays provided extra energy for the Planet Computers, so they could even run in overclock mode.

Everything was for this “battle”.

With the help of the 3000 times legend raked computing power, Alphas correct rate hardly increased from 91% to 92%.

92% was still inferior to 95%.

The gap of 3% blocked her road of victory like a natural moat.

“Reboot the calculator program…” As the first “life” who came to the Starry Sky Chessboard with her true body, Alpha was drunk with the fantastic world of infinite star lights.

Her small hand lightly picked up a chess piece and put it onto the complicated star map.

Finally, she clearly felt that her computing power broke a new threshold again.

Finally, their winning rate became the same.

“Cyber Elf Alpha” vs “A Cloud in the Sky”.

Winning rate: Fifty/fifty!

“This move…” From her move, Yun Xi clearly felt that Alpha was totally different now.

It was an aura that couldnt be described by using any words.

After entering the Starry Sky Chessboard with her true body, her first move instantly changed the orbits of stars on the star map.

It wasnt the best option, neither the worst, however, it made the situation on the chessboard become more complicated.

Comparatively, Alphas chess pieces were “revived” again.

From countless instant changes, she precisely put her chess piece on the place where it could bring her “new life”, but also, in order to find it, the requirement of computing power was extremely high.

So far, it could be called a “god move”, because it totally disorganized the situation on the chessboard again.

This was the road of victory Alpha chose for herself.

At the very least, in her view, it was right, a necessary move to reverse the situation of the game.

“If so…” Yun Xi hesitated, then put his chess piece onto an insignificant place.

The quantum crystallizations behind Alpha lighted up one by one, instantly, they had built over ten thousand mathematical models for Alpha.

Because Yun Xis move didnt fit any formalized series of moves, Alpha had to build mathematical models for his every move from zero, so that she could predict his next move and the changes on the star map.

This time, over 100 Planet Computers judged that Yun Xis move was meaningless.

At the least, it wouldnt cause any change on the chessboard.

If so, its my turn now.

Its time to strike back!

How terrible Alphas move would be after releasing 100% of her computing power

Her every move was attacking.

At first glance, she was copying Orfinas style, but essentially, it was distinctly different.

Orfinas style was “because I want to attack, so I attack”, sometimes, in order to eat her opponents chess piece, she didnt mind sacrificing her own chess pieces.

Alphas style was “because I want to win, so I attack”, her every move was the result of endless calculations, so she wouldnt make any mistake.

Even though it seemed that she was only a step away from being defeated, her terrible computing power could still let her find the only chance to keep from endless despair.

Dont make any mistake and do her best to find her opponents mistake, then overwhelm her opponent using her crushing computing power.

On the chessboard, Alphas attack was more fierce than any wild beast, which was totally in opposition to her appearance.

“Whoa… her attack is powerful…”

Even Yun Xi had to praise her attack.

At any rate, her attack was the most fierce he had ever seen.





After 30 rounds, the light of victory flashed in Alphas eyes.

Current probability of winning: 72%; probability of being defeated: 28%.

I have reversed the situation!

My counterattack plan went rather well!

I have successfully suppressed his chess pieces on the left corner and the right half part on the chessboard, I have divided his chess pieces into two unrelated parts.

His only advantage was tengen.

I havent eaten his chess piece on tengen.

However, it doesnt matter.

I can win.

According to this trend, I can defeat him!

He already has nowhere to flee!


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