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God Phoenix.

Its real race, appearance, and birthland were unknown.

Even its name “God Phoenix” was from the people who saw this seven colored fantastic creature flying in the sky.

It didnt inhabit any certain domain, but has been witnessed by many people in different gods domains and showed its incredible god abilities in front of them.

Four basic elements, earth, water, fire, wind.

The opposing two elements, light, and dark.

When the seven colored light curtain falls, all things in the world will be covered by its color.

People connected it with the supreme master of the Western Gods Domain, the master of the seven colored world, the god above all gods, Ionia.

There were too many similarities between them.

With the support of her 12000 times legend ranked computing power, Alpha used her 36 chess pieces, summoning this “miracle” with a 0.0000000001% probability.

Above the Starry Sky Chessboard, yellow, black, green clouds condensed and formed a dramatic tornado, rotating rapidly and released overwhelming winds sweeping the world.

Red, blue and purple lightning jumped and danced amongst the clouds, colorful lights pierced through the distance between reality and fantasy.

Something was coming to this world from a remote place, just like the scene when Alpha came.

The entire star map was surrounded by colorful lights, like a miracle.

The strange thing was that all the lights and lightning stopped on a line, as if it was a line delimited by the god, a wailing wall they could never go over.

The wall located at “tengen”.

Taking tengen as the boundary, one side was a colorful light curtain, and the other side was endless darkness.

It was the embryonic form of the bottomless abyss, it was the deepest darkness, it was the cradle that was breeding the indescribable horror.

As opposed to the God Phoenixs seven colors, it was the simplest and most indefinable “abyss”.

“What… is it” Alpha looked into the darkness.

It seemed that there was nothing there, but she could feel an unprecedentedly terrifying aura coming from it.

“I think… its… annihilation…” Yun Xi answered, but wasnt sure about it.

After he twisted the fates of the stars and activated the sympathetic detonation, something was naturally born from the ruins.

In the Seven Colored World, in the palace of the god above all gods, a seven-colored cocoon emitted one circle of light after another with constant strong sounds of pounding.

At the same time, in the endless darkness, a black gem was also emitting weird waves.

In the Eastern Gods Domain, the homeland of all fantastic creatures, on the Kunlun mountain, West Queen touched her belly and smiled.

“Dont rush, dont rush, you are not prepared.

Stop kicking.”

“God Phoenix, and…”

On the Starry Sky Chessboard.

In the seven colored clouds, the god-type fantastic creature slowly opened its wings and emitted a clear twitter.

Its body was covered by lightning, it was the light that could breed all things.

Flying in the endless gods domains with the six elements, earth, water, fire, wind, light, and dark, she was closer to the nature of the universe than the elves, she was the child of the god above all gods, Ionia.

At the same time, a creature was also waking up in the bottomless abyss.

She was from the residue of the endless annihilation, she was born in the deepest side of the bottommost abyss.

If the God Phoenix was the immortal fantastic creature, then she was the ultimate destructive creature.

She was born from endless disasters, because her mother was the master of chaos, Nyack.

Although they were the children of different mothers, however, they also had another mother, who gestated them all, because she was the mother of all fantastic creatures, West Queen.

West Queen was the highest old god, and also, she was the mother of all fantastic creatures.

Amongst all supreme existences, West Queen was the only god who was known for her achievement of giving birth of all fantastic creatures.

No matter who the fantastic creatures were and where they were from, they must borrow West Queens special ability, coming to this world from her belly.

The God Phoenix and the mysterious, unknown destructive creature were also no exception.

Because of their special properties, their final forms hadnt formed, theoretically, they were still just two concepts that hadnt existed anywhere in the universe.

Even so, their powers were so strong that they could affect reality even before they were born.

This was their special property inherited from their mothers.

The Starry Sky Chessboard could contain all miracles and possibilities, therefore, Cyber Elf Alpha could summon the God Phoenixs projection, and Yun Xi could awaken the unknown destructive creature from the abyss on the chessboard.

At this moment, mysterious whispers were echoing in Yun Xis mind.

“Mo ni ya mi xi… mo ni ya mi xi… mo ni ya mi xi…”

“Stella… stella… stella…”

“Yi sai luo… yi sai luo…”

If any mortal heard the whispers, they would go mad instantly, because it was the sound of the abyss, it was trying to tempt Yun Xi to step into the endless darkness.

Unfortunately, Yun Xi didnt understand what the whispers were saying at all.

“…” After hesitating for a while, the unknown existence in the abyss changed its language.

“Com on… com on… com on…”

“Co me… co me… co me…”

“Mi… mi… mi… go…”

Yun Xi still didnt understand a word.

“Come here… come here… come here…”

“Come to me… let us combine together… become a part of me…”

“It will be a very comfortable thing for …”

“The destination of power… is infinite freedom… do you want power”

Finally, Yun Xi understood what it was saying.

“Sorry, I dont want power.

I want 100 successive victories…” He refused the unknown existence politely, then put down his next chess piece on the chessboard.

There was no way back.

This starfield on the chessboard would come to the end of its life.

It was an inevitable fate.


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