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The game was still ongoing.

Cyber Elf Alphas God Phoenix hadnt totally appeared on the chessboard.

After all, it hadnt been born in the real world, it wasnt possible to descend using its real body.

Similarly, the unknown creature in the collapsed starfield was also a fantasy.

It didnt even have a name.

Marching out of time, they both summoned the gods in the future on the chessboard.

The quantum crystallizations shivered behind Alphas back as if they were crying, several of them had even turned crimson.

Reflected in the Alpha Starfield, the corresponding Planet Quadrant Computers crashed because of the overheating phenomena due to overclocking.

They had to quit the battle this time.

Alphas computing power also started to drop.

She couldnt maintain the peak, 12000 times legend ranked computing power anymore.

Each Planet Computer she lost would become a huge blow to her computing power.

It was the first time she was forced to use her full power.

Stress, excitement, heartbeat, pain… Cyber Elf Alpha had failed to calculate her probability of winning anymore.

“Cyber Elf Alpha” vs “A Cloud in the Sky”.

Probability of winning: unknown.

Probability of drawing: unknown.

Probability of being defeated: unknown.

Before this game, none of her opponents could resist her strong computing power.

She never expected that her 12000 times legend ranked computing power couldnt even figure out the most basic winning probability!

No! Its not happening!

As long as I have sufficient computing power, nothing couldnt be calculated.

No matter whether it was a god, past, present or future!

Update the calculator program!

Give up calculating the winning probability, just tell me, will I win or lose

Alpha decisively corrected her mathematical model, simplifying all data to the limit.

In Alpha Starfield, the Solar Wing Arrays were forced to transmit more energy to the Planet Computers, due to overheating, a part of the energy receivers of the Planet Computers were irreparably destroyed.

At the same time, all Planet Computers in the entire Mechanus Gods Domain closed their back up computing power to any other device, and put all computing power into helping Alpha.

Therefore, the people of Mechanus Gods Domain surprisedly saw that all traffic lights turned off, all cars on the streets were stuck.

In the camp of the military, all electronic devices stopped running, which almost scared countless military officers to death.

They tried to call their subordinates, but found that even the most basic communication device also stopped running.

Apart from the electric power in agricultural factories and a few necessary living facilities, all energies were being used in this battle.

Like the last radiance of the setting sun, several crimson quantum crystallizations burst out bright red lights.

Temporarily, Alphas computing power raised to a new peak!

As countless coolant liquids were being boiled and the entire society in the Mechanus Gods Domain faced an unprecedented big black out, Alphas computing power climbed up to a nearly impossible value.

15000 times legend ranked computing power! Only Cyber Elf Alpha could achieve this magnificent feat throughout the universe!

Then, she saw it.

She figured out the terrible truth.



“Why is this happening”

After inputting all Yun Xis moves into the mathematical model, Alpha froze.

The answer, the truth was so incredible that she didnt believe her eyes.

At this time, Yun Xi reached an agreement with the unknown creature he summoned and launched his final attack.

“Um-hum… you are not bad… not bad… very good…”

“Come to be my family dependant, Im waiting for you…”

“As long as you become a part of me, you can obtain infinite power, becoming the child of the abyss.”

“I like this name… White… White in the Abyss… ha ha…”

“Sister… I win…”

The mysterious existence from the abyss, the girl who was named “White” by Yun Xi turned into endless darkness, starting to cover everything, swallow everything, and destroy everything.

The seven colored fantastic creature Alpha summoned started to self destruct in the endless destruction.

“Probability of being defeated… 100%” This was the future Alpha saw by using her 15000 times legend ranked computing power.

The endless darkness would totally eat the fantastic creature Alpha summoned.

However, it didnt mean that “God Phoenix” was weaker than “White”.

Theoretically, “God Phoenix” obtained her name earlier than “White”, she was actually stronger than “White”.

They werent the determining factors.

The gap between Yun Xis Star Go Strength and Alphas Star Go Strength was the main reason.

“I have lost… I have lost” Alpha looked at the collapsed situation on the chessboard.

Her final miracle just delayed her time of being defeated.

Before Yun Xi launched his attack, before the “Starburst” appeared, the situation was already hopeless.

Dozens of rounds ago, her fate of failure was already destined.

How terrible his attack is! The power that can even let the star river collapse… how great it is!

“I concede…” Once she said those two words, her body slumped.

It wasnt until then, did she find that her body had been soaked with sweat for a long time.


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